Best Prostate Supplements Reviewed

With passing age come real-world problems, and prostate enlargement is one you shouldn’t be ashamed of. Prostate enlargement is a normal condition many men face when they reach their silver-fox years, and it can be a nuisance to your every day.

Frequent urination and inadequate bowel movements are some of the illness’s side effects, which must cause a whole lot of frustration. Luckily, the world is at a stage where modern medicine can answer frequent issues like prostate enlargement.

Prostate supplements are prostate enlargement aids made of healthy and natural elements, which help men endure the symptoms with ease. The supplements contain vitamins, herbs, extracts, and minerals, all of nature’s goodness for your better health.

Some supplements are better than others, and some can outright cause worsening of the symptoms. We have narrowed down some of the best prostate supplements of 2021 online in this exclusive review. Scan down below to get the help you need!

The Top 12 Prostate Supplements of 2021

All prostate supplements you find online promise you incredible results, but know that not all of them can be trusted. Some can completely change and reshape you, while others might have some significant downsides. Before rushing with your decision, take a look at our list of the best and most effective prostate supplements of 2021.

  • Prostate 911
  • ProstateMD
  • VitalFlow
  • Prostate Plus
  • PX8 PrimalFlow
  • Nuzena Prostate Support +
  • VigRX Prostate Support
  • Gundry MD Pro-Forta Men
  • Prosta Mend
  • ProSam
  • Prosta Stream
  • Super Beta Prostate

Prostate 911


Who are you going to call when your prostate is giving you anguish again? None other than PhytAge Labs’ Prostate 911 supplement. By taking just two capsules a day, you can finally say goodbye to the frequent urination disrupting your nightly schedule.

These supplements act as a provocation to your fight skills, urging your body to battle prostate issues. Prostate 911 can also help you recover from painful ejaculation and have some fun in the bedroom.

The supplement acts as a calming factor to your already fired-up body and sets it in rest mode. No more will you feel ashamed of minor accidents, as the supplement will make you forget you ever had them.

The company behind Prostate 911, PhytAge Labs, has uncovered their miraculous formula, filled with all-natural ingredients. Natural remedies like pygeum, lycopene, pumpkin seeds, uva, and nettle root are vital components.

Some other ingredients that only aid in healing your prostate include quercetin and juniper berry powder. Prostate 911 forms its formula through a proprietary blend, including additional health elements like palmetto berries, green tea extract, and a plant sterol complex.



Prostate MD is a supplement that contains an essential remedy to healing prostate issues. This prostate supplement contains the saw palmetto extract, which is critical in reducing the symptoms.

Prostate MD is known to use a pretty strong dose, which means you will see improvements in a shorter period. Some of the leading soldiers in the fight are the minerals beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, plant sterols, and the valuable palmetto extract.

Just forming a habit of taking Prostate MD every day can cause magnificent results with your urinary schedule. It can also help with proper prostate cell function, which can lessen the pain.

If you want a more reasonable and approachable price, then Prostate MD might just be the answer to your prayers. Unlike many other supplements on our list, ProstateMD shows actual results. They are known to have a real value to their products, and that’s why thousands of men trust them. The man behind it, Dr. Daniel Brison, states that the formula is the number one choice for bettering your entire prostate health.



Prepare to feel alive once more with the prostate butt-kicker VitalFlow. VitalFlow is a little breakfast additive that will show sparkling results in the long run.

Unlike many other supplements on our list, Vital Flow takes your body to an 8 stage revival while the capsules battle every urinary tract infection head-on.

Forget about a disrupted sleep schedule, as this supplement will help you sleep like a baby. Were you thinking about having another child? Well, VitalFlow will also help you with your sex drive.

Just by taking two pills before breakfast every morning, you will become a new man. At $69, VitalFlow will not only help you with your prostate but also with your kidneys and bladder, eliminating any signs of kidney stones. It is everything you need to feel rejuvenated and full of life again, as VitalFlow just destroys the DHT build-up and thus clears up your blood.

VitalFlow helps patients lead a BPH-free life, and it stands behind its formula. Unlike many supplements, this one’s effects are visible within days.

The formula was developed after 144 organic ingredients testing when scientists discovered the healing effects of the mushroom and Graviola Leaf extracts.

Prostate Plus


One of the most budget-friendly but increasingly powerful prostate supplements is none other than Prostate Plus. This latest edition to VitaPost’s remedy menu states that proper nutrition is the best way to heal prostate issues. With only two capsules of Prostate Plus, men can lead happier lives with a healthy prostate.

The capsules help with maintaining a proper urinary flow, which can be a headache for many men. Prostate Plus promises to eliminate all urinary tract problems. Key ingredients that help your prostate include a saw palmetto extract, delicious raspberry juice, a plant sterol complex, and pygeum powder.

The formula also contains a blend of quercetin, pumpkin seeds, juniper berries, and other crucial antioxidants. Prostate Plus is rated among the top prostate supplements compared to rivals, and it only costs $29!

No more will you be rushing to the bathroom in the middle of the night, as Prostate Plus helps you kiss urinary tract issues goodbye!

PX7 Primal Flow


As the name suggests, PX7 PrimalFlow is a prostate supplement that focuses more on helping you maintain a healthy urinary flow.

This means that this supplement battles early infections early on, causing you to have a balanced urinary schedule. PX7 Primal Flow is taken daily and can bring you results in a matter of days.

According to their website, PX7 Primal Flow has helped over 37,000 men keep a healthy urinary flow, eliminating all stinging and itching. Besides helping your urinary tract, PX7 helps with increasing your sex drive and maintaining a strong erection.

Like coffee, it will keep you energized and vital throughout the day, without any minor discomforts.

Like many of the supplements on our list, PX7 Primal Flow shares the same ingredients. With a proper dosage of two capsules before bed, you will notice fascinating results.

Nuzena Prostate Support +


If you want a supplement that will heal your prostate issues and help better your overall health, go for Nuzena Prostate Support +. This super-powered supplement contains over twenty ingredients that help you lessen prostate symptoms. It is one of the top-ranked prostate supplements on our list, with dozens of proven results.

The team behind Nuzena’s Prostate Support is filled with professionals who have tackled this medical issue before. With just daily intake, men have reported no more bladder discomfort or urgent trips to the restroom. The supplement can also control urinary flow and eliminate any pain.

Prostate Support + includes a list of ingredients that helps tackle prostate issues beforehand. Vitamins like palmetto extract are some of the critical components in the formula. With only $35 a bottle, you can heal quickly on a reasonable budget!

VigRX Prostate Support


VigRX Prostate Support promises the support your prostate needs for a better function. This supplement is known to improve your urine flow and reduce the number of times you have to rush to the bathroom. It loosens up your bladder, eliminating discomfort and the need for frequent urination.

Unlike many of the supplements on our list, VigRX contains a stinging nettle as their key ingredient. This component helps with relieving pain areas and maintaining a balanced flow. Even though the bottle comes with a steep price of $50, you will enjoy its numerous benefits. If you are not happy with the product, you can have your refund in just 67 days. You can find multiple discounts if you purchase a few bottles on their website.

Unlike many competitors on our list, VigRX requires patients to take up to three capsules daily for quicker results. This means more active vitamins and minerals fighting to cure your body!

Gundry MD Pro-Forta Men


Gundry Pro-Forta Men has been a company producing remedies for older gentlemen for many years and has built a reputation for the highest quality products. It uses all blending techniques to deliver the best medicine to treat prostate dysfunction.

The supplement is based on a doctor-created formula, involving potent ingredients like Palmetto extract, lycopene, nettle root, and many more. These ingredients are there to breathe force and life back into your body and calm down the prostate.

The medicine is taken every morning, and it can help maintain your focus and energy. It is also proven to help with muscle sores, mental capability, and urinary flow. It is important to note that Pro-Forta will help you keep a steady bathroom schedule. Pro-Forta is recognized to be beneficial not just to your prostate health but overall men’s well-being. It tackles both male physical and cognitive issues.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, Gundry Pro Forta promises 90-day cash back, just enough time to figure out if the supplement works for you after all.

Prosta Mend


If you want to tackle your BPH levels and quit waking up everyone in the middle of the night, you should try Prosta Mend. Besides caring for your prostate health, this supplement helps you fix your BPH and puts a stop to frequent urination.

Frequent urination is a frustrating issue, especially for busy men. With Prosta Mend, you will eliminate those trips and allow you to have a peaceful day. If you have any problems, you can instantly have your money back with their 60-day guarantee. Prosta Mend has a complete list of ingredients, like vitamins and minerals, that help you achieve that BPH balance. A healthy balance means fewer trips and more normal flows.

With only $69 a bottle, you can finally say hello to a good night’s sleep. The team behind Posta Mend claims the supplement has been tested on over 8,000 men, meaning this supplement has gone through the most research. Say goodbye to a painful ejaculation, as Prosta Mend will heal all inconveniences once and for all.



ProSam is a supplement created by a man who battled prostate issues first hand. His circumstances have become so bad that it led to kidney failure. To fix his problem with frequent urination and dysfunction, the man himself focused his life on creating a formula that could normalize prostate issues for all men.

The man behind ProSam gathered all the necessary and provenly-efficient ingredients he could find and blended them all in pills for daily oral intake. Unlike the others on the list, this supplement contains pygeum bark extract, tackling urinary infections. There are also popular ingredients like red raspberry extract and saw palmetto berries, which help with men’s overall well-being and stability.

Even though you won’t need it, the company behind ProSam guarantees you a refund within 60 days if you are not content with the results. ProSam has been popular for a more extended period and has proven to cause practical benefits. That’s why you can find this supplement among the top-ranking ones, and it costs a mere $69. Who to trust better than a man who’s gone through the same issues as you?!

Prosta Stream


Unlike many supplements created by medical scientists and doctors, Prosta Stream was developed by Frank Neal, a man who shared the suffering of most middle-aged men. Prostate issues were a common thing in his everyday life, and he had had enough.

Most prostate supplements include Saw palmetto extract. However, Prosta Stream has another crucial element, and that is the Graviola Leaf. This leaf is known to produce natural healing and calming properties to the patient, and it relieves stress and pain.

Prosta Stream also includes a mushroom extract, which helps maintain healthy stamina. This means that you might get to have some fun in the bedroom.

If you are not satisfied with Prosta Stream, then you are in luck. The product allows a 60-day cash back guarantee, just enough time to decide whether Prosta Stream is suitable for you.

Prosta Stream is best known for properly treating inflammation, so with the supplements, you can finally say goodbye to painful urination and ejaculation!

Super Beta Prostate


If you genuinely want to feel like an alpha male and forget about your ‘secondary’ problems, go for Super Beta Prostate. It is said that this supplement will permanently erase your multiple trips to the bathroom and give you one heck of a good night’s sleep.

Luckily, you can afford this supplement on a budget on sites like Amazon, and most reviews are positive about it. Super Beta Pros directly influence your urinary flow, causing you to have no difficulties emptying your bladder.

The product prides itself on being the most suggested supplement by professional urologists. They recommend the formula, which has some key ingredients not found in other remedies. The reishi mushroom extract and beta-sitosterol treat your kidneys and eliminate the discomfort while using the bathroom. The lycopene maintains proper prostate function, among all the beneficial factors of this supplement.

Super Beta Prostate is also known to carry a more potent dose of ingredients than other supplements. This is for maximum results over a more extended period. They don’t want to offer just a momentary fix but an eternal one. With only $29 for a single bottle, it is one of the most affordable picks on our list.

How We Ranked The top Prostate Health Supplements

Some supplements may promise you shining results, and some may outright disappoint you. It is agreeable that what you see might not always be what you get. Our team of opinionated writers will make it easy for the prospective buyer and rank all the prostate supplements, depending on crucial factors, like scientific proof, dosages, benefits, and downsides.

Their ingredient list might have similarities with other supplements, but that does not mean all work. The following is our verdict on the top 12 Prostate supplements.

Scientifically-proven ingredients

When it comes to the prostate, you should side with science. You can’t trust anyone with your prostate but a professional, so it is understandable why popular supplements prove their ingredients’ efficiency. Scientifically backed up ingredients known to have been helpful in the past must be listed on the bottle. Do not waste your time purchasing supplements that give you empty promises, but look for a medication that has certified doctors behind it.

Proper Dosage of Every Ingredient

Many of the prostate supplements in our list will list an entire plethora of ingredients, which might seem odd to you. If you feel that it might not be correct, then it’s your gut proving it. Look for ingredients that have an effective dosage of each pivotal ingredient that helps with battling prostate illness. The dosage needs to be determined by a professional so you get the best of the prostate supplement.


You wouldn’t trust just every prostate supplement commercial out there. Many manufactures promise to cure cancer or eliminate painful urination but remember that there’s an inevitable reality. Healing does not happen overnight, so companies that promise instant recovery exaggerate the effects of their product. Always go for honest advertisement, or better yet, read the customer reviews.

Reputation and online scams

Companies behind prostate supplements and their reputation are crucial to their expansion. No company would be able to sell a single pill without having a name behind it. When it comes to medicine, you can’t just purchase anything you find online. The supplement industry is filled with dubious companies who are just waiting to prey on unsuspecting and desperate patients. Choose a company that is transparent about its work and has garnered recognition for good causes.


Health has no price, and no amount of money can ever be enough. Prostate supplements can aid in a man’s everyday difficulty, so it’s understandable for them to cost a lot of money. This list did rate some of the supplements, from cheapest to highest. Prostate Plus takes the crown for the best supplement available on a budget, while Prostate 911 is a bit steeper with $70. Whichever you decide to purchase, search for a certificated background.

Refund Guaranteed

To realize whether a company is being shady or not, investigate whether there is a refund policy. Most reputable companies will offer you a 30 or 90-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product. Not every product can be suitable for every male, so it is imperative to have a refund guarantee.

The Men Behind the Supplements

You should note that not every prostate supplement online is recommended by doctors. Some of the supplements could have been made by a marketing team who knew very little about the prostate illness. You should always rely on companies that have certified medical professionals behind their supplement formula.

Who needs a Prostate Supplement?

Every man that has issues with their prostate can use a prostate supplement. Prostate supplements are beneficial to the overall men’s health and mental well-being. With age, the risk of developing an enlarged prostate becomes higher, so sometimes the only answer is a prostate supplement.

An enlarged prostate has been a source of discomfort for many years now, ranking very high, with every 8 out of 10 men developing it by middle age. The supplements are there to make the process much easier and less painful in the long run.

Older men have even more issues, especially with benign prostate hyperplasia or BPH. Men over 85 have a 90% chance of developing BPH. This causes painful and constant urination, and it occurs in the senior years.

Numerous men have lived their entire lives without discovering they have BPH. Only 30% of men have found their prostate symptoms troublesome and have alerted their doctor. Others did not notice their issues before it was too late.

Signs of Prostate Issues

If you decide to purchase a prostate supplement, discuss this with your doctor beforehand. Make sure you have issues with your prostate, and some of the tell-tell symptoms are listed right here:

  • Urges to use the bathroom multiple times
  • Not being able to empty your bladder fully
  • Weak urinary flow
  • Painful urination
  • Lack of sensations
  • Nocturia
  • Interrupted flow

If you found yourself agreeing with most of the symptoms, you might be struggling with BPH. It has been a leading cause of bladder and kidney damage, so consult your doctor if you have some of these symptoms.

What does the prostate do?

The prostate helps a man maintain a healthy reproductive system. It helps create fluid in the sperm and carries it from the testicles when ejaculating. It is a small gland that sits beneath your bladder, so an inflated bladder is a direct cause of prostate issues. It is also placed in front of your rectum. A healthy prostate is the size of a walnut.

An inflamed prostate can cause excruciating pain, especially when you need to urinate. The prostate encompasses the urethra, which, when inflated, becomes swollen. The urethra carries the urine from your bladder out the top. Whether from BPH or some other problem, the enlarged prostate puts pressure on your urethra, causing you many painful trips to the bathroom.

What is BPH?

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a common condition in men in their later years. It means that the prostate has been enlarged or bloated for a particular reason. This is the most recurrent prostate problem that men complain to their doctors about.

To combat BPH, doctors used various treatment methods. Some cases can be solved with supplements, while others require surgery, medical assistance, drugs, or overall lifestyle changes.

It is alarming to note that over 90% of the male population over 85 years already lives with BPH, while every 8 out of 10 men will develop it through the years.

How do medical professionals heal Prostate Issues?

Before a doctor diagnoses you with BPH, they will run a series of tests on you. The medical professionals will treat your prostate issue depending on your physiology. They will narrow down all factors, including age and the source of your pain, and only then should they give you treatment.

Yearly Evaluation and Observation

If you experience even minor difficulties like those mentioned before, it may be time to visit the doctor. It is best to combat it early on and go through the process as painlessly as possible. If you don’t urge your doctor, he might advise you to wait. If you recognize some dire symptoms, it is best not to stall.

Lifestyle Revolution

Some lifestyle decisions can have a terrible influence on your prostate. Some changes in nutrition can come a long way. Medical scientists advise men to reduce their alcohol consumption and cut down on coffee. To eliminate those numerous pesky trips to the bathroom, reduce the amount of liquid you drink before nighttime.


Medical professionals usually prescribe alpha-blockers of 5-alpha inhibitors for prostate issues. This medication helps reduce the swelling of the prostate and thus diminishes the pain. Most men have been prescribed both drugs to help treat their prostate.

Medical Surgery

If no supplement or drug can help ease your pain, then your doctor may suggest surgery. If done by professionals, the operation can go smoothly, and you will have only short-term discomfort for a long-term solution.

Other medicine

Some common prostate issues might not be tied to BPH but to prostatitis. Prostatitis is different from BPH in that it also causes fevers, chills, and impotence. This issue is an infection of the prostate, which also causes difficulty emptying the bladder. Prostatitis is most often treated with antibiotics which your doctor can prescribe once a diagnosis has been made.

Examination and Testing the Prostate

If you wonder how doctors determine prostatitis or BPH, you need to recognize that they need to do a series of analyses and tests. The most common way to determine an inflamed prostate is through a digital rectal exam where doctors evaluate whether your prostate is firm and search for lumps. The lumps determine the issue, and some doctors require an additional prostate-specific antigen test. This test shows whether you have the protein PSA, which is produced by the prostate. Some may even need a prostate biopsy to make sure the diagnosis is correct.

Is there any proof to Prostate Supplements?

To choose the best prostate supplement, you need to research the scientific evidence behind it. Some ingredients featured in a single bottle of the prostate supplement have been proven to treat prostate issues. The right combo with the correct dosage means appropriate treatment for your prostate.

In a study not long ago, scientists experimented with the saw palmetto extract and gave it to 85 men over their 40th year. These men ingested 160mg of the saw palmetto extract daily for half a year. Thanks to the saw palmetto extract, many of the tested men had lesser urinary problems. Their flow was back to normal, and the midnight trips were reduced drastically.

A funny thing happened in 2012 when 5,600+ men were tested using the saw palmetto extract. In a review, researchers examined 32 trials using the saw palmetto extract. The strange thing was that scientists did not find a greater connection between the extract and the urinary flow. This means that saw palmetto does not correlate with healing an enlarged prostate or other discomfort provoked by BPH. All in all, the saw palmetto extract did not help much for the overall prostate health.

As you might have noticed by now, some of the highest-ranked supplements contain the saw palmetto extract. They include 200mg of the extract per single ingestion.

Even though different studies showed different results, it is agreeable that most supplements use it in their formula. Time could tell that the extract is helpful, but according to WebMD, the saw palmetto extract has been helping men with an enlarged prostate in Europe and the United States for decades.

In a later study conducted in 2014, scientists tested over 200+ people with a combination of the popular saw palmetto extract, selenium, and lycopene. The examined patients showed significant improvement with their prostate issues. The subject then showed drastic improvement in their urinary flow. They took the recipe for over a year. Doctors later concluded that this combination is the most beneficial and effective for long-term prostate issues.

Similar research was repeated in 2018 when more than 400+ men followed a particular prostate treatment plan. Half of the examined patients had to take a combo of the saw palmetto extract, lycopene, and selenium, while the rest took tadalafil. Tadalafil is a popular drug in the States used for treating BPH. The study’s conclusion showed that the group who took the combination experienced similar benefits to the actual drug. They even recorded fewer side effects in those who took the combo rather than tadalafil.

Other crucial ingredients in every prostate supplement include herbs and plant sterols. Beta-sitosterol is one of the most commonly found ingredients that relieves some of the inconveniences caused by BPH. Beta-sitosterol has been known to help to treat cancer and lower cholesterol levels.

In older research concluded in the 2000s, researchers analyzed the influence of beta-sitosterol in dozens of patients to ensure it helps with prostate health. They found that beta-sitosterol does help improve the urinary flow and eases symptoms of BHP.

Most of the supplements on our list contain the natural ingredient lycopene, commonly found in tomatoes. Lycopene is known to produce antioxidant effects that help treat prostate issues. A study done in 2014 showed that lycopene helps to maintain a healthy inflammation within your body.

Another key ingredient in almost every prostate supplement is zinc, crucial for the overall men’s well-being. Zinc is a necessary component, especially for your prostate. The prostate is known to carry a more significant zinc concentration than the rest of your soft tissue organs. However, ingesting a higher dosage of zinc over a more extended period could double the chance of prostate cancer. Taking only the recommended dosage is known to be harmless.

Pumpkin seed extracts are also some of the common ingredients found in prostate supplements. They have become increasingly popular over the years and are known to be beneficial to the prostate. The component is filled with zinc, and it influences your prostate in healthy ways. A study conducted in 2015 showed that men who took pumpkin seeds extracts had significant improvement with their prostate issues compared to the subjects who were given a placebo.

The pygeum powder, also known as the bark extract, is a common substitute for every prostate supplement’s formula. The extract has been shown to lower the risks of prostate cancer and BPH problems. Testing subjects with the pygeum powder turned effective, as many patients reported feeling better with their urinary dysfunction.

Changing the type of lifestyle can be a crucial step towards bettering your health. What you consume during the day directly impacts every organ within your body, and the prostate is no exception. Some studies have shown that an unhealthy diet can lead to developing gut microbiota. If your diet consists of fatty and heavily saturated grub, you are exposed to a greater risk of prostate trouble. This inflammation is caused by all kinds of not-so-beneficial but delicious food. So what you eat definitely can influence the prostate and even cause cancer. Maintaining a healthy and balanced, low-fat diet will do wonders for your prostate.

Out of all the ingredients, nothing else is proven more potent than the antioxidants. Some of the main foods like quercetin, the famous green tea extract, and the delicious red raspberry are potent antioxidants! Their job is to target radicals swirling in your body and calm them down. All this is accompanied by the much-needed vitamin C. Antioxidants are included in prostate supplements because they maintain your psychological and physical health.

Research done in 2014 determined that antioxidants are helpful to your prostate, but only very little. There was almost no proof of the correlation between the antioxidants and the prostate. Vitamin C and beta carrot do aid, but with overall health and not just the prostate. There was also evidence that lycopene is not associated with any kind of prostate cancer or issue.

If you have come searching for an answer, then the best choice for a medical issue is the one that has scientific proof behind it. You won’t dabble with just any kind of supplement, but one backed up by a team of professionals.

FAQs Concerning Prostate Supplements

To help you make a wiser and reasonable decision, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about prostate supplements and health.

Q: What’s a prostate?

A: The prostate is a small-sized gland that helps men reproduce.

Q: Where is the prostate located?

A: The prostate is in front of the rectum, beneath the bladder.

Q: How does an enlarged prostate affect the way I urinate?

A: The prostate surrounds your urethra, and when inflamed, it gets swollen. The swollen prostate puts pressure on the urinary tract.

Q: Are enlarged prostates common?

A: It is perfectly normal to develop prostate issues with time. Every 8 out of 10 men has developed an enlarged prostate due to age.

Q: What causes BPH?

A: Benign prostatic hyperplasia is caused by old age, inadequate diet, and little to no exercise. It causes the prostate to swell.

Q: Can an enlarged prostate be life-threatening?

A: Prostate enlargement is a normal part of getting older and has proven not entirely dangerous. Doctors will give you an explanation if there is a more significant problem.

Q: How is an enlarged prostate treated?

A: Medical professionals usually treat an enlarged prostate with changes in the diet, quitting alcohol and smoking, drugs, supplements, or surgery.

Q: What’s prostatitis?

A: Unlike BPH, prostatitis can be either an inflammation or infection of the prostate gland. It causes sexual dysfunction and problems with urinating.

Q: What is benign prostatic hyperplasia?

A: Benign prostatic hyperplasia is the medical name given to patients who have an enlarged prostate.

Q: What are the common signs of BPH?

A: Frequent and difficult urination, nighttime rushes to the bathroom, stinging, or discomfort are signs you should discuss with your doctor.

Q: What are the common signs of an enlarged prostate?

A: Enlarged prostate and BPH cause the same symptoms. They both cause frequent, painful urination and trouble maintaining a healthy flow.

Q: When should you visit a doctor?

A: You should rush to the doctor’s office once you start realizing that you have symptoms of prostate issues. If you have trouble completing mere tasks during the day due to discomfort, you should immediately seek help.

Q: What causes an enlarged prostate?

A: An enlarged prostate can be caused by old age, genetics, diabetes, lifestyle, and cardiovascular diseases.

Q: What are some of the side effects caused by an enlarged prostate?

A: Kidney failure, bladder damage, stones, and urinary infections are the crucial complications that could arise from an enlarged prostate.

Q: Does BPH cause prostate cancer?

A: BPH is not proven to influence the cause of prostate cancer directly. They have similar symptoms, but your doctor will determine which.

Q: What are prostate supplements?

A: Prostate supplements ease the discomfort caused by an inflamed prostate. They use extracts, minerals, and vitamins to treat prostate symptoms.

Q: How do prostate supplements affect the body?

A: The natural ingredients within the supplement will help you reduce the swelling of your prostate. It eases and decreases the flow.

Q: What are the best prostate supplements online?

A: Our research has ranked Prostate 911, Vital Flow, and ProstateMD as the top deliverers of prostate supplements. They have a scientifically proven formula.

Q: Do prostate supplements influence testosterone?

A: The prostate supplements support the testosterone build-up in your body.

Q: Do prostate supplements cause your hair to fall out?

A: Prostate supplements are known to cause increased hair growth and a boost in testosterone.

Q: Do prostate supplements really help?

A: Yes. Prostate supplements can help you with maintaining proper prostate health and overall well-being. The supplements which have been tested are known to work. Check for certification.

Q: How many people encounter prostate cancer?

A: Prostate cancer has been ranked among the top most common cancers in men. Every 1 of 8 males in the States can be diagnosed with this type of cancer.

Q: Are men of color more prone to prostate cancer?

A: According to studies, males of color are 75% more prone to prostate issues and cancer than Caucasians.

Q: Does riding a bike impact the prostate?

A: No. Riding a bike is perfectly safe, and it does not cause prostate enlargement.

Q: What do I need to change to help my prostate?

A: Medical professionals will recommend a healthy diet and medicine if necessary to treat your prostate. Vegetables, cereals, and fish are common suggestions.

Q: What does lycopene do?

A: Lycopene is an antioxidant that is proven to help with prostate issues. It’s a mineral used for treating cancer.

Q: How can antioxidants heal the prostate?

A: Antioxidants are known to protect prostate cells and calm inflammation.

Q: Which vitamins help the prostate?

A: Supplements that include vitamin C, D, and E help with prostate issues.

Q: Does smoking cause prostate cancer?

A: Smoking causes damage to all organs, including the prostate. Smoking helps tumors multiply.

Q: What diet is needed for better prostate health?

A: Professionals state that low-fat and low-carb diets are crucial to healing prostate problems. Vegetables and fruits are also welcomed.

Q: Do you need to exercise to treat the prostate?

A: Doctors say that regular exercise is beneficial to your prostate and overall health.

Q: What is the prostate gland’s job?

A: The prostate gland helps men with their reproductive system. It helps build fluid in the semen.

The Top 12 Prostate Supplements of 2021 Final Verdict

A proper prostate supplement will not only ease your discomfort but help you forget about prostate issues for good. Some of the best picks will have instant results, while others are more long-term. Nevertheless, your choice should rely on your condition and needs.

The best supplements might not be the cheapest, but they can be most beneficial to your future. Thinking about purchasing a prostate supplement is the first step towards better health. The second step requires you to do your research and consultations with a professional. After these steps, you can search for the best supplements online. However, as an individual male, you have your preferences. So, you should always go for the one that best suits your needs.

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