Best Online Tarot Reading Sites: Top 5 Most Accurate Online Tarot Readers Picks of 2022 | Get Your Love, Career & More Tarot Cards Reading From The Best Psychic Readers

As the technology evolved, so did the tarot readings. As a result, people have started taking an interest in tarot readings even more. And now they are easily accessible on several sites online across the web.

We have all heard about the tarot from its illustrious history. And it is often shown in movies and TV shows. People get enlightened with a ray of hope. It helps them predict what the future is about to bring. It helps unveil the secrets and the upcoming events.

Unable to concentrate on your routine work? Have you lost all the motivation? We understand that life might seem worthless right now, but hang in there. Life is all about ups and downs. Messed up mental health automatically makes a person fall ill.

Therefore, it is essential to take care of your health both physically and mentally. But not every guide out there is trustworthy. Hence, we have compiled and researched to gather the top 5 best online tarot reading websites. To save your time and guide you in the best way that you deserve.

2022’s Top 5 Best Tarot Card Reading Sites

Below are our finest choices of the top five Binary Options Trading to choose from:

  1. Purple Garden– Overall Best Online Tarot Card Reading Site
  2. Kasamba – Best Tarot Reader For Accurate Readings At Low Prices
  3. Keen – Provides Accurate Tarot Card Readings For Career and Love Relationships
  4. AskNow– Best Online Tarot Card Reader for Mediumship Readings
  5. Oranum – The Most Authentic Online Tarot Readings Site

#1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Online Tarot Card Reading Site


Purple Garden is one of the best online tarot card reading sites in the tarot card industry. For psychic reading advices, Purple Garden has backed #1 position in our list of top 5 online tarot reading sites. Being relatively new to the market, purple garden has considerably performed well in its short tenure of providing psychic reading services.

The website of purple garden is very user friendly, the potential clients can simply search their psychic services online. The website has been voted as the most accurate psychic reading service online by people. The home page shows the top rated psychic readers which filters the search for people as they can find them in the home page itself and they just have to find the right niche according to their needs.


Purple Garden has a variety of online psychic readers apart from the regular kind of psychic readers. Unique tarot card readers such as quantum guidance, intuitive guidance, twin flames, scrying and many more. This gives the clients a choice and chance to explore something other than regular psychic readings as well. They might even claim more than one psychic reader when they are introduced to new horizons. With initial free minutes, one can get an idea of the quality of the service and can easily decide whether to continue or not. The tarot card readers are available via phone, chat and video call.

⇒ Visit the Official Website ofPurple Garden


  • One click away tarot readers
  • Money back guarantee
  • User friendly interface
  • Free initial minutes
  • Variety of tarot card readers available


  • Not all readers are available online

Why We Recommend This

We have put Purple Garden on #1 position and strongly recommend because of their accurate readings and variety of tarot card readers available. They accept payments via all popular modes of payment.

#2. Kasamba: Best Tarot Reader For Accurate Readings At Low Prices


Kasamba made it our first choice. It is not only a trusted platform but also offers accurate tarot readings that attract customers. It gained popularity due to its famous tarot and psychic readings. They have skilled and experienced guides that add to their overall rating in the tarot industry.


Kasamba provides an easy-to-use and simple user interface. The purplish touch adds to the lighter theme, making it easier to navigate through the website. Moreover, they have separate sections for their articles and a manual guide for anyone encountering any issues. Specifically, the ‘How it Works’ part is for the same purpose located on the top right corner of the website.

Kasamba has earned millions of users worldwide in the past few years. They pay great attention to what their customers have to say. You can even view the customers’ feedback right on their official website. Like every successful brand, Kasamba takes care of its users’ needs and wants. That is why their customer service is of top-notch quality and responds promptly.

Another great feature of Kasamba is its variety. From tarot to the zodiac, it has all kinds of psychic readings for which one could ask. This way, you quickly narrow down to the exact results you wish to view. This segment also offers you a choice whether you want to view the newer decks or go with a random one. Therefore, there are several options available, but they may vary with the paid version.

Along with several other features, Kasamba is a trustworthy and reliable online tarot reading website. With a high positive rating and favorable customer feedback, they have a great brand name in the market.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba


Bonus offer of 50%

A money-back guarantee

Prompt customer service

Various forms of psychic readings

User-friendly interface

Reading is available for a free 3-minute trial


● No video calling facility

Why We Recommend This

We highly recommend using Kasamba if you need prompt customer service, a user-friendly website for easy navigation, and various forms of psychic readings from which you can choose. And what’s better is that they accept PayPal.

#3. Keen: Best Tarot Reader for Accurate Tarot Card Readings For Career and Love Relationships


Our second selected option is Keen. It is the most competitive platform when it comes to online tarot and psychic reading. It offers sign-up bonuses for new customers and allows a safe payment method. Keen provides its online tarot card readings in various modes and at affordable rates. Apart from that, they even have personalized daily horoscopes for their clients.


Keen is a pretty economical website. From discounts to daily rewards on subscriptions, you can use it for free if you make good use of these offers. Also, the subscription charges are not too high as compared to other tarot card reading online websites. So, if you are looking for accurate readings and personalized one-on-one tarot reading sessions, the paid version can be helpful.

Due to its increasing popularity, Keen wants 100% satisfaction for its customers. Hence, they offer a money-back guarantee for any newbies who are trying the free tarot reading online or trial versions. This method helps gain the trust of new users and also proves the authenticity of the platform.

The brand makes its mark in the market solely based on experience. Thus, not every website about reading tarot cards makes it to the top chart. Skill matters, and it always has. Keen has a list of top tarot psychic advisors that are experts and skilled in guiding.

A few honorable mentions regarding tarots are ‘Royal Auro,’ ‘Angelina Love,’ and ‘Hyogor.’ Due to the detailed hiring procedure, you do not have to stress the specialization of the tarot guides.

When it comes to Keen, they slim down and make this process easier for you. Only professionals are appointed to positions to maintain the company’s quality and reputation. This method helps get 100% satisfaction from the customer.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen


● Offer a large variety

● Positive feedback

● User-friendly interface

● Affordable prices

● 24/7 availability


● No video sessions

● Recordings are not allowed

Why We Recommend This

Keen is perfect for you if you want a website with various psychic reader and online tarot readers. Keen offers a simple environment and affordable prices for the readings. Moreover, they have highly favorable positive feedback.

#4. AskNow: Best Online Tarot Card Reader for Mediumship Readings


AskNow has been in the market for almost 30 years now. With experienced and well-qualified tarot readers, they have established their mark quite well. Moreover, the platform has a mobile application facility. Specifically for the ease of their users, so they do not have to carry a laptop with them. This compatibility has earned them loyal customers from all over the world.


AskNow is famous for its low-priced readings. However, they do not negotiate on the quality. Even though the readings and guides are skilled and offer accurate guidance, people have never been disappointed in the rate. They get everything they pay for, and that too, with 100% satisfaction.

Another great feature of AskNow is its mobile application compatibility. So, if you do not own a laptop and are on the go, tap the app and start asking the guides. Nothing can stop you from availing yourself of all the great opportunities that your energy holds.

Just like all the powerful platforms out there, AskNow maintains its constraints as well. Quality, accuracy, and economic readings are what their motto is all about. They have a set of skilled and specialized tarot guides that have more than 30 years of experience. You can even view all of the available information related to the tarot card readers right on their blog section.

If you try AskNow for the first time, we have a surprise for you. AskNow offers a bonus reward for new customers. You get to avail yourself of 5 minutes of free tarot card reading on any one of your choices, with any professional tarot card readers guide. It does not just end there. Along with that, they add an introductory package to your account. That will serve as a user guide and help you start your journey with AskNow.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of AskNow


● Most cost-effective platform

● Skilled readers

● Great customer service

● Available as a mobile application


● Free tarot reading sessions are only accessible after the payment verification

Why We Recommend This

AskNow caters to all your problems, whether they are career or money-related or family and love affairs. They have a phone call facility, unlike many other popular websites. Moreover, they offer readings in English and Spanish as well.

#5. Oranum: The Most Authentic Online Tarot Readings Site


Oranum is another tarot card reading website that is blooming due to its unique aspects. They offer the most accurate and authentic readings, which makes them stand out from the rest.

Not only that, Oranum has a live access facility for its customers. And their guides belong to various cultures and are skilled in different kinds of readings. That is why they offer multiple language compatibility to facilitate clients from all over the globe.


Oranum provides services to thousands and thousands of customers. Hence, they have responsible and top-notch customer service that deals with users’ issues and problems. And they ensure that they leave them satisfied with the quality of the content.

Furthermore,people belong to several different parts of the world. And most online tarot card reading websites ignore this fact. Rather than sticking to English, Oranum breaks the rule and offers readings in various languages.

This way, if you are not comfortable with understanding English, you can easily filter the results according to your preferences. And it will save you the hassle of using a translator.

Oranum has a wide range of tarot and psychic readers from which you could choose. If not about love, you can check the ones offering life motivation guides. They even have a personalized psychic available for your assistance.

After the success of its vast introductory and user-friendly website, Oranum launched an application. They have dedicated it to clients that do not want to miss a reading due to their busy routine. However, the application lacks a few additional features that are only available on the website.

Oranum offers quite affordable rates and prices compared to others on the list. They have the enforced ceiling option. That is pretty good for the clients as it prevents the guides from charging more. While purchasing a package, Oranum provides various credits to assist you in filling it with your next one.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Oranum


● Live readings are available

● Easy to navigate website

● Readings are available in various languages

● Wide range of psychics and readers


● No calling options

● Individual psychic ratings are not available

Why We Recommend This

Oranum believes in building the customer’s trust through live sessions. That is why they have a video calling option, and this applies to a wide range of psychics. Apart from that, Oranum provides tarot readings in multiple languages. The website is best if you are not a native English speaker.

#6. MysticSense: Best Tarot Readers for Customized Readings


Even though MysticSense falls in 5th place on our chosen list, it does not lack anything comparatively. It is comparatively a newer and more established platform, and it is gaining more and more people with every passing day.

Often, we are completely confused about life. Career, love, mental health, or maybe it is just a minor issue. But we are not sure. That is where MysticSense holds your hand and guides you.


We do not want you to get scammed when searching for a tarot reading for yourself. MysticSense assures a safe and secure reading experience for its genuine clients. They have a detailed interview section for choosing the proper guides for their clients. And perform specific security checks daily to ensure the standards are maintained.

Furthermore, the platform has a wide range of blogs published on their website to entertain their customers in every possible way. You can take the help and also get a hint of how the website works regarding tarots. Moreover, you get to know about the tarot guides and their skillset as well.

In addition, the search feature comes in handy when looking for a particular type of reading material or searching for a guide. Due to its ease of use, MysticSense offers flexibility in searching. So, you can filter and narrow it down to your desired choice quickly.

To assure the satisfaction of its users, they have a refund option. So, if you are not 100% sure about what the experience will be like, do not stress out. They also have it highlighted on their website. Feel free to test it, and if by chance you think you did not get as told, you get a refund of your money.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Mysticsense


● Various tarot and psychic services

● Customized readings

● Offer a refund

● Reliable platform


● Not enough variety in psychics

● No compatibility for mobile application

● Most psychics are only available for chat

Why We Recommend This

Mystic Sense is a reliable and easy-to-use platform. They even offer a money-back guarantee to satisfy their customers’ needs. They have 24/7 working hours and are available for their clients just a click away. Along with that, you get to choose from various guides and also the type of readings. That too, at an affordable rate.

Steps Taken to Make This List Of Top Tarot Readers

Choosing the right tarot guide is difficult in a market that gives you multiple different options. And what’s worse is that they all claim to be tarot experts. It takes experience and several tries to find the right ones, and it is worth giving your time.

Keeping that in mind, we decided to explore and cut down the burden for you. After thorough research, we decided to narrow down the chosen sites even more. We got the perfect picks of the best five options of tarot readings online you could choose from by concentrating on the below factors.

  • Popularity

With digitalization taking place, tarot readings have evolved too and are now widespread on websites. But due to countless different guides out there, it is never easy to find the right and reliable one. Thus, we aimed for the ones that most people choose.

  • Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are one of the most critical factors. They help us eliminate quite a couple of options. Because when customers are not satisfied, it is useless to visit and waste time on that site. So, never disregard what people have to say as they speak through their experiences.

  • Offers and Bonuses

Several sites are pretty reliable and famous. Some even have good customer reviews, but these are not the only aspects to judge. Not everyone can afford the rates they offer. Hence, we have also listed whether the site offers free or paid tarot readings. If not, a few do offer bonuses and offers that can earn you a few readings free of cost.

  • Modes of Communication

Lastly, we focused on the ways they provide for communicating their tarot services. Some offer a one-on-one live session. In comparison, others have a call or video tarot card reading session for their customers. A few communicate the readings through emails or messages. Hence, there are different modes each website adopts.

Beginner Guide — How to Choose an Online Tarot Reading Site

Now that you are familiar with each site’s benefits and weaknesses, you have to decide on one for yourself. And being a beginner, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the right tarot guide for yourself. No matter what difficulties we are facing in the present time, our spirits never lie. But it guides us to the correct pathways.

Life can be very unpredictable at times. We all need guidance at some point in our life. We get duped when we least expect it. It can be unfair to some, while some win because of their luck.

However, you do not have to wait for that carnival as tarot reading guides are now available online. So, no need to leave your comfy bed when you are just one click away. The guide below lists some of the most valuable points when choosing a tarot reading website.

  • Positive Reviews

Positive customer feedback is necessary. Whenever buying something, it is common to check what others have to say about the product. And experience always holds greater priority no matter what the situation is. A website with positive feedback is better to gain new customers along with returning buyers.

Hence, if you wish to check the services and the quality a website provides, always look for its reviews. This method works best when you want to get hints on whether the people using it are satisfied or not. And you can make up your mind consequently.

  • User-Friendly

A user-friendly website is a win-win when it comes to using an online service. The more straightforward it is to navigate a website, the better you will make use of it. On the other hand, a complicated platform would leave you with several complications.

Several tarot reading websites even have a mobile application facility for their users. So, you will not lose track of any reading with an app installed on your smartphone. Just like scrolling Facebook and Instagram, scrolling tarot readings are just as easy.

  • Accuracy

The quality of services provided by the website is visible in the accuracy of the content. Out of all the websites of tarot readings, authenticity is what makes them stand out from the rest. A tarot card reading is valuable and worth the money if and only if it is accurate. If not, there is no reason to spend your time reading the guides when you are not getting the correct answers.

A genuine website offers quality readings. And most of all, they have loyal customers. The positive the feedback, the more accurate the website is. The best way to check for the sign of accuracy is by viewing the customer review section. It will help you stay away from getting scammed.

  • Discounts And Offers

Several websites offer discounts when signing up. Some offer free trial versions, while others give bonus readings. Some give free minutes so the clients can get an idea of the services that they provide. Most authentic websites do offer bonuses one way or another to gain the trust of new customers.

  • Availability

One of the crucial aspects to check before making the final choice is checking the tarot reading sites that provide services 24/7. As it is an online platform, several people will face different time zone problems. This issue would lead to a communication gap due to residency.

And we might have to go with an alternative mode of communication such as email. Hence, if a website offers services 24/7, you will not have to worry about all this stuff. The readers will be available 24/7 no matter to which area you belong.

Online vs. Offline Card Readings Services

People are usually reluctant when trying something online, especially regarding their data privacy and money. But online tarot readings have proven to be more beneficial than offline ones.

They offer free online sessions, which are usually general ones. People take advantage of it to try the tarot reader. This way, they can decide whether the guide is worth the shot or not. And if satisfied, they go for paid sessions. It serves as a trial, and several platforms offer it to gain the trust of their clients.

Also, several websites have chosen expert readers. They usually have a fixed time and schedule. And most of them are not available 24/7. Moreover, if you wish to consult one of them, you might have to book an appointment. Or you may reserve a slot beforehand. Since paid sessions are considerably longer and more personalized, they charge for them.

Hence, it saves you the hassle of searching the guides in your area, visiting the tarot reading, and then waiting for an appointment. The online readings allow you to get everything with just the tap of your finger.

FAQs About Online Tarot Reading Sites

You might stumble upon various doubts while stepping into the magical world of tarot. And it can be expected, as tarot readings are not that easy to interpret. And only experts can help us understand what the spirits are trying to say. This article guide aims to answer all the most frequently asked questions that someone might have regarding tarot readings, as listed below:

Q1. What exactly is a tarot card reading?

Tarot Card Reading is the most practiced form of cartomancy today. It just gives an understanding of the energies that are revolving around you at that very moment. A deck consisting of 78 divine cards has a few major and a few minor ones but never confuses or misinterprets the exact or definite predictions for the future. They fall into four main decks: pentacles, swords, wands, and cups.

First, the person chooses a card depending upon the feeling of intuition. The chosen card matches the energies of the person with the soul. Then, the expert guides interpret the meaning using the cards and the zodiac signs. That helps establish a connection. Hence, it is not always the same even if two different readers are interpreting the same card.

Q2. When should I get a tarot reading?

This question is as important as researching tarot readings. But the answer lies within you. The significant steps or paths you might come across include when you are going through hardship, when you are confused and struggling to make a decision, stuck in a relationship, when the perspective is not clear, want to get confirmation about something, or when you lose motivation in life.

These questions will help you choose whether tarot reading is needed or not. It could be anything related to your career, love life, future goals, family, mental health, etc. But there is no perfect time to embrace it.

That is why it is crucial to make up your mind. Try to stay as calm as possible. After you decide, let your spirits convey the messages they are holding. This method would help relax your energy.

Let your mind focus on what you want. And it is essential to relax your brain. You can try breathing exercises too. This way, you would be accepting the energies that surround you. The main point is being as attentive as possible. This, however, applies not only to your mind but also to your soul.

Q3. How accurate is tarot reading?

The accuracy of tarot readings varies. That depends on the reader guide you choose to get your guidance from. The more experienced the tarot card reader is, the accurate the readings will be. Hence, it is vital to choose your guide wisely.

Q4. Why is it so that two psychics will reveal two different interpretations of the same card?

Variations are common. It is obvious that we will find different things wherever we go. No two artists will ever draw a picture the same way. They both have their unique skill set, and talent adds to it. The same is true for the tarot card readings. No matter how many psychics you bring for the interpretation, it will always come out to be different and unique.

Q5. Are tarot readings and the zodiac related?

If you have dug deeper into tarot card readings, the chances are that you have studied zodiacs too. Indeed, there exists a relationship between the two. As a result, for each zodiac sign, there is a corresponding tarot card. This base makes them dependent on one another. Similarly, every tarot card is related to the zodiac signs with the rising stars and planets.

Concluding Your Guide For Finding The Best Online Tarot Reading Site!

Tarot readings have always been the most popular attention getters for several centuries. It is hard to choose which guidance is authentic and reliable. But online reading tarot sites have gained immense admiration in the last few years. With the flooded market, each day, a new website launches.

People need guidance no matter what part of life they are in currently. It can be related to their daily life, health, finances, family, or friends. We all go through tough times and look for guidance. Hence, this guide focused on the top 5 most trusted tarot reading websites worth trying while Kasamba is highly recommended by the Editor.

We have come up with why each of the sites deserves to be in our top picks. The pros and cons each hold true. And the frequently asked questions about tarot that often go unanswered. So, if you have not already, give them a try and find out what message your spirit guides want to convey to you. You might be missing out on grand openings. Who knows!

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