Best Meal Replacement Shakes, Powders & Drinks to Buy (2021)

If you’re on the go, making yourself a meal replacement shake may be a great option. You may be short on time during the day, or you could be looking to cut weight off your body. Whatever your reason for drinking protein shakes, you can keep your health in check by drinking them.

There are many meal replacement powder options to choose from, and it can be overwhelming to decide on one product. Not every drink powder is created equally. Watch for how these products are labeled. Some protein powders and superfood powders are considered meal replacement shakes.

Be sure you are receiving the same nutrients as you would from a full meal. Evaluate the shake powder’s caloric intake, fiber, vitamins, minerals, carbs, protein, and other nutritious compounds. If you are not feeling full after drinking your chosen meal replacement powder, it’s time to switch to a new brand!

We will narrow down the difficulty of choosing a protein shake powder today. Let’s get into the rankings of the top meal replacement drink powders of 2021.

The Top 16 Meal Replacement Shakes in 2021

We conducted thorough research and took careful consideration in ranking these 16 meal replacement drink powders.

Below, you’ll find a list of the top 16 ranked meal replacement drink powders for 2021.

  • PhenQ Meal Shake
  • Earth Echo Golden Superfood Bliss
  • Exante
  • Lanta Flat Belly Shake
  • Organifi Complete Protein
  • Green Regimen Elite Protein
  • Vegan Protein Smoothies
  • 21 Day Smoothie Diet
  • Ladder Plant-Based Nutrition Shake
  • Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal
  • Vega One All-in-One Shake
  • Orgain Organic Meal
  • NatureFuel Keto Meal Replacement
  • Fit & Lean Meal Shake
  • RSP TrueFit
  • Ka’Chava Tribal Superfood

PhenQ Meal Shake


PhenQ is a well-known brand name amongst weight loss supplement products. If you want to lose weight and get healthy while enjoying a delicious and easy-to-prepare shake, try PhenQ!

One serving of PhenQ powder replaces one of your daily meals. InnoSlim is one of the main weight-loss ingredients in the powder that helps you get to your goal weight. After a few uses, you will feel the difference with more abundant energy reserves. You’ll crave less of your favorite fatty foods as well.

Other weight loss powders have dairy in them. However, the PhenQ Complete Meal shake is made from entirely plant-based protein instead of dairy-based whey protein. Plus, it’s a keto-friendly option for those following such a diet.

Besides InnoSlim, other vital ingredients in the PhenQ meal shake powder include protein (16g), 24 adaptogens, minerals, vitamins, and MCT oil that creates healthy fat (13g). Other natural ingredients are included that refine your metabolism to be less hungry, such as AMPK. This ingredient helps fat-burning to be realistic and efficient.

Follow the instructions on the back of the package to enjoy your PhenQ weight loss shake. Mix water or milk with one scoop of the powder based on the mixing directions to get one of your meals replaced for the day. PhenQ is new on the market and becoming known as the #1 meal replacement drink powder option for its performance, taste, and ease to make and enjoy.

Earth Echo Golden Superfood Bliss


You will feel super after drinking Earth Echo Golden Superfood Bliss. There’s a variety of superfoods and turmeric mixed in the powder for an effective weight loss regimen. While it may seem a lot for $50 per pouch, think of it as you can get one of your meals replaced per day for the entire month because there are 30 servings in every bag. Mix one powder serving into your favorite shake or with the suggested amount of water to enjoy your meal replacement. It tastes much like a vanilla latte mixed with ginger.

Some of the superfoods mixed in the Golden Superfood Bliss powder include amla fruit, ginger root, a variety of synergistic mushrooms, ashwagandha, cinnamon bark, turmeric, MCT oil, black pepper, coconut milk, and more. These ingredients combined help to improve your immunity, improve your sleep patterns, and increase your metabolism, amongst other benefits for your overall health.

Danette May is the creator of the Golden Superfood Bliss formula. She has figuratively nailed it when it comes to creating a meal replacement powder that lessens inflammation and stress and thereby improves overall mental stability in its users.

Therefore, this formula is another example of Earth Echo’s super reputable superfood meal replacement options. Golden Superfood Bliss is distinctive because of its ingredient makeup that is unlike any other meal replacement powder. The turmeric in this powder mixture is the key for users to feel reduced inflammation and improved energy. You will not get this same feeling with other weight loss drink powders on the market. You’ll feel fuller and more satisfied throughout the day as you consume the nutritiously dense and tasty Golden Superfood Bliss shake powder.



The Exante meal replacement shake powder line includes seven flavors to choose from to vary up the taste profile in your daily replacement meals. You can choose to drink one serving of Exante to replace any of the three main meals throughout the day. For every serving you drink of Exante, you will get about 25% of the minerals and vitamins you need for the entire day.

Exante’s caloric intake is not that high, with less than 120 calories for every serving. This brand is one of the cheaper yet still effective options for our top 16 replacement shakes lineup. If you are an Exante customer, you can save throughout the year by enjoying lower prices per unit when you purchase bestsellers bundles. Their website also hosts money-saving sales with the option of receiving sample packages.

Lanta’s Flat Belly Shake


Your purchase of Lanta’s Flat Belly Shake product comes with a one-year refund policy. If you are not satisfied with your results using Lanta’s Flat Belly Shake, you can receive a refund on your purchase up to 365 days after the day you originally bought the powder. No wonder this brand is one of the newer names included in our top lineup.

However, you may not have anything to worry about as long as you regularly use the powder and follow a healthy diet. Scientific research studies support that Lanta’s will boost your energy, improve your metabolism, and shed off the fat from your body by regulating the GLP-1 hormone.

The superfoods in Lanta’s Flat Belly Shake speed up your metabolism to assist with healthy weight loss. Natural ingredients featured are veggies, fruits, and berries. There are mixed herb extracts, such as Panax ginger, ashwagandha, cinnamon bark, and mangosteen. An essential herb extract is ECGC that comes from Asian green tea that assists the efficient restoration of users’ GLP-1 hormone. None of these natural ingredients or herb extracts cause any concerning side effects during your weight loss journey. You will feel the fat burn off your body as you feel yourself able to control those food cravings better. Just like the PhenQ Meal Shake, you will feel the effects of less inflammation using Lanta’s Flat Belly Shake because they both have ginger as an ingredient.

For the best results, the manufacturer’s recommendation is to try Lanta’s for three months to one year during your weight loss journey. You can rest assured that Lanta’s Flat Belly Shake’s ingredient makeup is scientifically proven to shed weight and help improve your overall health.

Organifi Complete Protein


Did you know that Organifi is an all-in-one mix that’s a tasty plant-based formula? Because of its plant-based properties, it’s an authentic protein beverage, and the price is much higher for a canister of 30 servings at $80.

All the ingredients in Organifi’s plant-based powder product are USDA Organic certified. If you are on either a soy-free, keto, gluten-free, or dairy-free diet, you can use Organifi with the peace of mind that you are staying on your specific health regimen.

You’ll receive a whopping 20g of protein as well as other macronutrients, minerals, and vitamins with each scoop of Organifi Complete Protein. You can count on easy digestion because of the product’s blend of digestive enzymes and protein.

This brand of protein powder is one of the denser options on our top 16 list. There’s only 38g of powder per serving of Organifi Complete Protein compared to other drink powders requiring about 60g of powder to make the shake.

If you’re looking for an organic and delicious meal replacement option that’s easy to prepare and good for you, try this brand and see the results for yourself!

Green Regimen Elite Protein


Chocoholics rejoice! There’s a way for you to consume chocolate healthfully on a diet in the form of a meal replacement powder. Green Regimen’s Elite Protein has plant-based ingredients mixed with natural chocolate ingredients, and it costs $52 per canister. You get 25g of organic, plant-based protein per serving, as well. This Green Regimen product is filled with a superfoods ingredient list, much like the other selections on our list.

The distinctive feature of Green Regimen’s Elite Protein is that there are amino acids included in the ingredients to encourage nutritive benefits during the weight loss process. Protein consumption is not the only way to be sure that your body is fully functioning. If you want to cut sugar and other unneeded fillers out of your diet, you’ll be satisfied to hear that the Elite Protein powder does not have any added artificial flavors, sugars, or stevia. You only taste the all-natural ingredients. Another distinctive feature of Elite Protein is its 4g of organic fiber in every serving mixed with digestive enzymes. This means that it will be easier for your body to digest what you consume and go through proper protein breakdown.

  • Get your Elite Protein from Green Regimen for $52

Vegan Protein Smoothies Program


As if the colorful fruits and smoothie bottles don’t already encourage you to try the Vegan Protein Smoothies book, then the vegan ingredient profile will do the talking! This selection is a little different on our list because it does not feature one actual protein powder product. Instead, you gain access to many vegan smoothie recipes to vary up your meal replacement options daily.

The Vegan Protein Smoothies guide helps users with weight loss, muscle building, and finding a better sense of overall health. With your $34 purchase, you will gain access to 3 ebooks, including a quick guide to get you started, a smoothie recipe book, and a recipe book exclusively for you to make different acai bowls.

No matter the style of vegan smoothies that you desire, you will find what you are looking for in this recipe book. Some vegan protein smoothies have more seeds, nuts, and fiber, while others lean towards superfoods such as berries and other fruits.

21 Day Smoothie Diet


Smoothies are a go-to meal replacement option for individuals on weight loss journeys. Packed with fruits and vegetables, you’ll feel at your healthiest by incorporating more smoothies into your diet. The smoothies in the 21 Day Smoothie Diet are easy to prepare for those who want to lose weight more quickly, boost their energy reserves, and improve overall health.

The 21 Day Smoothie Diet is just as unique as the Vegan Protein Smoothies program in that it does not feature one specific weight loss powder. With your $37 purchase, you get the resources you need to lose weight in 21 days by consuming healthy and nutritious smoothie recipes suggested in the guide. As you go through each day with a new smoothie recipe, you’ll feel more revitalized than you have ever felt before as you go through your transformative weight loss journey.

The goal of the 21 Day Smoothie Diet is to eliminate weight off your body much quicker than other weight loss options you may have tried prior. If you want to slim down and achieve a new you in less than a month, try out the 21 Day Smoothie Diet!

Ladder Plant-Based Nutrition Shake


Ladder Plant-Based Nutrition Shake is an upscale branded meal replacement option. You can purchase a pouch or a box of individual serving packets. The individual serving packets make it easy to make a protein shake on the go while you are at your job or working out at the gym. The Ladder brand is the only one on this list that features their product in individual serving packets, differentiating their product selection from other meal replacement brands on the market.

Benefits of the Ladder shake include no sugar, 26 minerals and vitamins to support your overall health, 7g of fiber, and 20g of protein. This brand helps only the most all-natural ingredients without the fillers that can cause an unhealthy drink powder.

Did you know that Ladder’s Plant-Based Nutrition Shake comes from pea protein? This is the best part of an upscale plant-based meal replacement option. The brand is also NSF Certified for Sport; that means you are consuming a drink powder with ingredients that have not been banned from major sports leagues in the United States.

Some meal replacement options decrease the protein in the formula to highlight other ingredients or flavors. You’ll be consuming one of the best plant-based protein shakes on the market of today just with the 20g each serving of plant-based protein.

Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal


You can find Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal, usually ranking at #1 bestseller for the meal replacement industry on Amazon. This is one of the best options on the market for meal replacement powders.

Garden of Life products are USDA Organic certified, just like this Raw Organic Meal variety which means they are made with 100% all-natural ingredients from plant-based resources. You will get the tasty vegan protein benefit without the bloating that comes with consuming whey protein.

Like other meal replacement options on this list, the Raw Organic Meal has 20g of protein from plant-based protein sources. You get the benefits of probiotics, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, green, and superfoods mixed for a stellar weight loss formula blend. It’s not only the specific vitamins and protein you see in a standard protein shake; it’s that and much more in this formula.

Raw Organic Meal costs about $30 to $40 per canister, which has 20 servings inside. You can choose from Vanilla Chai, Chocolate, and Lightly Sweet Vanilla varieties. Did you know that this product contains 44 superfoods to improve your metabolism and overall health? Don’t forget the 1.5 CFUs of probiotics and 6g of fiber for added nutritional benefit.

Vega One All-in-One Shake


Vega One and Garden of Life are a couple of the most well-known companies that provide vegan supplements to their customers. Vega One’s All-in-One Shake is known as one of their highly successful products with continuous sales. While this formula is more expensive than the Garden of Life product highlighted in #10, you will enjoy its vegan blend of health optimizing minerals and vitamins.

The plant-based protein sources are from sacha inchi, pea, flax, and hemp, which delivers 20g for every Vega One All-in-One Shake serving. Just for one meal replacement shake, you will get 50% of the minerals and vitamins you need for one day. You can enjoy sweet flavors, and savory flavors like spinach, broccoli, and kale support your daily nutrient intake.

It costs $50 to enjoy the 20 servings of the Vega One drink powder, so it’s not the most cost-effective solution on the market. Despite this, you will receive only the best quality of a vegan meal replacement drink powder. Try one of the nine flavors in the product line, such as unsweetened, chocolate mint, berry, and coconut almond.

Orgain Organic Meal


Here’s the third vegan meal replacement drink powder featured on our ranked list: Orgain Organic Meal. Like Vega One and Garden of Life vegan powder blends, Orgain Organic Meal is made from healthy minerals, vitamins, and nutrients combined with plant-based resources.

The 20g of plant-based protein originates from the chia seeds, pea, and rice included in the ingredient list. The 8g of fiber helps with regularity in your digestion functions.

Just like other notable vegan protein drink powders, Orgain’s formula is USDA Organic certified. No extra colors, artificial flavors, or preservatives are included in the formula for an all-natural drink experience. You will enjoy the natural plant and fruit extracts, including kale, oat grass, sprouts, bananas, beets, blueberries, and garbanzo beans. Rather than extra white sugar additives, organic amla fruit extract and stevia are included in the Orgain formula for more natural sweetening rather than additional white sugar additives.

The Orgain formula is cheaper yet still high-quality than the Garden of Life and Vega One formulas. It costs $31 per canister to enjoy 16 servings of its vegan goodness.

NatureFuel Keto Meal Replacement


If you’re on a keto diet, you’ll enjoy the NatureFuel Keto Meal Replacement. Even though this brand is not as widely known as other drink powder options, its ingredients make the formula healthy and tasty with its macronutrients included, not to mention the value of purchase. You get 14 servings of the powder for $23. While NatureFuel has 15g of fat for every serving you consume (more fat per serving in a drink powder than other options on the market), you will still receive about 10% to 90% of almost all the micronutrients your body needs for the day.

NatureFuel contains a lower protein intake per serving at 8g. It’s a lower protein intake than other protein drink powders in the industry. If you want to increase your protein intake for fat burning, you may try another powder. However, if you’re going to lower your protein intake but increase your fat intake, this will be great for those on a keto diet.

To add incentive for keto dieters to try out NatureFuel, there’s only 9g of carbohydrates in every serving.

To make your chocolate NatureFuel experience creamier, whey protein concentrate and isolate are included in the formula. The collagen peptides help to break down collagen protein into tinier strains to aid in easier digestion. Fat-burning ingredients include the MCT oil blend that is made from grass-fed butter, palm, and coconut.

Fit & Lean Meal Shake


Many meal replacement drink powders are marketed more for their protein ingredient to develop leaner muscles while cutting fat. However, Fat & Lean takes the marketing differently by showcasing their powder formula as a meal replacement that burns fat rather than a protein shake meal placement.

Every serving includes 20g of protein originating from micellar casein, sodium caseinate, milk protein isolate, pea protein isolate, and whey protein isolate. For added digestive and health benefits, Fit & Lean provides a variety of minerals and vitamins, digestive enzymes, fat, and fiber. Vegetable and fruit extracts and probiotics are included in this formula, much like the other drink powders listed earlier in the list.

Hence, how does this Fit & Lean fat-burning drink powder work? Three essential extracts make this formula a fat-burning supplement, including garcinia green tea leaf extract, Cambogia fruit extract, and coffee bean extract. There’s a slight caffeine kick for the midday slump at work or after a workout at the gym. You also receive other benefits that help you to burn fat, such as EGCG and polyphenols quickly.

While the cost is low at $22 per canister, you only get ten servings in one purchase. Hence, the cost per serving is much higher than other options on this list. Keep in mind that the formula gets its sweetness from sucralose, and there are artificial flavors mixed with natural ones.

RSP TrueFit


You may look at the RSP TrueFit packaging and wonder if it’s an upscale product just by its professional packaging. However, you are only looking at a reasonably priced product with a more premium look.

At only $37 for a canister of 20 servings, its cost per serving is not as high as some other drink powders on the bottom of our list. It’s low in fat, only at 3.5g for every serving. You will receive a reasonable amount of prebiotic fiber at 8g for each serving. The 12 vegetables and fruits and probiotics of 1 billion CFUs in every serving enhance the health benefits of this powder formula.

Enjoy RSP TrueFit in flavors such as cinnamon, vanilla, coffee, and chocolate. No preservatives, artificial ingredients, or gluten-based ingredients are included in the formula. If you are looking for a great quality meal replacement, whether vegan or not, try RSP TrueFit!

Ka’Chava Tribal Superfood


Tribal Superfood is the name of Ka’Chava’s meal replacement drink powder. You can get an all-inclusive meal with wholesome vitamins and nutrients to help you function healthfully every day.

Ka’Chava Tribal Superfood has plant extracts, minerals, vitamins, fiber, probiotics, protein, and other health benefits, much like the different meal replacement powders on this list.

What sets Ka’Chava Tribal Superfood apart from other drink powders is that it contains omega-3 fatty acids originating from flax and chia ingredients. Instead of 8-12 fruits and vegetables like different blends, Ka’Chava’s blend comprises 17 vegetables and greens and fruit extracts that provide healthy antioxidants. The 1,000 mg of adaptogens aid in handling stress, whether chemically, physically, or biologically in your body. While there are about 240 calories per serving versus other low-calorie drink powder options, you will still receive 25g of protein and 9g of fiber in every serving.

The only reason Ka’Chava’s blend is priced higher per serving is due to the 70 plus superfoods and nutrients in every pouch. Sometimes investing in your health is better done at a premium for higher quality results.

Which People Should Drink a Meal Replacement Shake?

A person’s reason for drinking a meal replacement will be unique to only them. Some individuals use these drink powders to cut weight and optimize their health profile. Other individuals may just be too busy to enjoy a traditional meal and reach for a meal replacement shake instead to get the nutrients they need to function each day.

If you are consuming meal replacement shakes for weight loss, you can rest assured that it’s highly potent for the goal. Your caloric intake will decrease as you incorporate more meal replacement options into your diet. For example, rather than consuming a 500-800 calorie lunch, you may only intake about 120-200 calories by drinking a meal replacement shake of your choice. While you may get the same nutrients in both the regular meal and replacement shake in the example, using a meal replacement shake will keep calories low to encourage weight loss.

Weight loss inhibitors in some of these meal replacements include green tea extract and caffeine. Other drink powder options contain more ingredients such as fiber that will limit your appetite and cut cravings to encourage weight loss because you will be consuming less food with the benefits of these strategically mixed ingredients in the shake.

If you consume meal replacement shakes due to a busy schedule, you can enjoy a nutritious dense meal just by drinking a meal replacement drink powder. It keeps your energy reserves higher, and you will not crash from the fatigue of being too hungry throughout the day. Plus, there’s less meal preparation that you will have to do by making a meal replacement shake versus a traditional meal.

You may run out the door without breakfast, but you can carry a protein shake bottle with your meal replacement powder inside and then add your water to drink it when you’re hungry and busy during the day. Many active individuals enjoy meal replacement options when they are on the go.

If you are on a keto diet, you can receive your nutrients best via meal replacement options. Since these shakes have low carbohydrates, you can better track the macronutrients to keep up with your diet. Keep your options open as a keto dieter as many meal replacement options are specialized for you. There’s a higher fat content and lower dose of protein and carbohydrates in keto meal replacement powders.

Recall that athletes usually like to consume a meal replacement shake when they are done workouts to recover the nutrients they lost during their rigorous training. Most athletes need more meals per day to recover the calories burned, and nutrients lost when they physically train. Most athletes and bodybuilders like to use meal replacement shakes as the 4th meal between their other three big meals.

For older people, such as the elderly, who may not cook as often, meal replacements allow them to intake the proper nutritional benefits without undergoing so much meal preparation to achieve that goal.

Some individuals are more money-conscious and use meal replacements to save money. You can make a meal replacement shake for about $2 on average for every serving, which is more cost-effective than spending $5-$10 on a meal eating out or cooking it up at home.

How We Ranked The Top Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal replacement drink powders have one thing in common: they make the same claims of giving you the nutritional benefits of a traditional drink, except in the form of a shake. We considered the following variables when we ranked these top 16 meal replacement drink powders:

Origin of Protein

While we do not support strictly vegan protein sources or animal protein sources, we support only the best protein origins for a healthier diet. We ranked USDA Organic certified plant-based shakes higher than other options, and we also appreciated different quality protein origins such as grass-fed protein.

How Much Protein Per Serving

Some protein dosages were 8g each serving for some meal replacement shakes, while others contained anywhere between 15g to 25g for every serving. We ranked based on what we thought to be a great protein dosage in the shake.

How Much Fiber Per Serving

If the meal replacement shake of your choice has less than 4g of fiber, it is usually not the best option. Better meal replacement shakes range from 4g to 9g of fiber to help control your cravings and improve your body’s functionality and regularity.

The Balanced Macronutrients

An outstanding balance of macronutrients including protein, fats, carbohydrates, and calories is beneficial to deliver a healthy meal replacement drink experience. If the shake powder contains high carbs and calories with too little protein and fat, it would not be as effective as other powders with more balance.

All-Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients scored more brownie points in our ranking than drink powders, including artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. We preferred varieties with more USDA Organic sweeteners without any preservatives.

Ease of Mixing Plus Texture and Taste

Some drink powders are clumpier when you mix them versus other varieties. They ranked higher on our list if they tasted great and did not clump as easily when shaking. We wanted to deliver our readers the best mix of delicious taste, mouthfeel, and ease of mixing.

Additional Active Ingredients

These drink powders contain active ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, fruit and plant extracts, digestive enzymes, and probiotics. The meal replacement shakes we selected all contain active ingredients to increase weight loss and fat-burning capabilities.

The Benefits of Consuming Meal Replacements

Scientific studies have proven that meal replacement shakes effectively get the nutrients you need with minimal meal prep.

A 2020 study showed that meal replacement shakes help get people the minerals and vitamins needed to function daily and deliver improved energy and thinking. With some shake powders fortified with antioxidants, you will get polyphenols that will provide a healthier version of inflammation that lowers the oxidative stress in your body when you are engaging in rigorous exercise.

Meal replacement options have been proven to add in cutting weight as long as they are higher in protein and lower in carbs. These options help you to keep your calories low to encourage weight loss.

Most meal replacement options are great for vegans as the proteins are plant-based and still offer the exact high dosages of about 20g to 25g for every serving.

Keto dieters may prefer these meal replacement options to track their macronutrients more strictly. You can stick to your keto diet better by controlling one meal a day at the very least.

If you are drinking protein powders, you will not get any fiber intake. Be sure to find a meal replacement option with at least a good amount of fiber to better digestive function and cut weight.

FAQs for Meal Replacement Shakes

Q: What are meal replacement shakes?

A: Meal replacement shakes help you get the standard vitamins, nutrients, and calories as you would in a traditional meal. A meal replacement contains more fiber, calories, and active ingredients than protein powders.

Q: What are the ingredients featured in a meal replacement drink powder?

A: An animal-based protein (such as whey protein) or a plant-based protein (such as chia or flax) is one of the base ingredients in a meal replacement drink powder. Other ingredients include probiotics, amino acids, digestive enzymes, minerals, vitamins, plant extract, and more.

Q: Can I strictly drink meal replacements every day to survive?

A: If you use a meal replacement option, consider that most formulas only replace one meal each day. If you are taking a meal replacement that says “complete” on the packing, you can use that to replace more than one meal.

Q: Can I lose weight while drinking meal replacement powders?

A: Yes, meal replacement powders are great for weight loss because they help maintain a lower caloric intake. You’ll lose weight by opting for a 150-calorie meal replacement shake versus eating a lunch that ranges from 500-800 calories. Ingredients such as protein or fiber help to encourage better fat-burning capabilities.

Q: Which people should drink meal replacement powders?

A: Anyone can enjoy a meal replacement powder from athletes to busy individuals to those on a lower budget.

Q: Can I enjoy a meal replacement option as a lactose-intolerant individual?

A: You can find many vegan-friendly options that do not contain whey protein made from dairy. Just be sure to read the ingredients list!

Q: How do I make a meal replacement beverage?

A: Mix the meal replacement powder of your choice into cold milk or water, or any beverage to get its nutritional benefits.

The Top 16 Meal Replacement Shakes in 2021 Conclusion

Everyone has a reason for consuming meal replacement drinks. Whether they want to cut costs during mealtime, have a more convenient meal preparation experience, cut weight, or increase their muscles, there are many reasons why you may be trying a meal replacement shake.

Try one of these brands today to jumpstart to a healthier you!

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Affiliate Disclosure:

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Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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