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The liver is a crucial organ that plays a vital role in the body’s overall health. Its main work is to flush out toxins from the body. Since it detoxifies the body, the liver should remain healthy at all times to keep the rest of the body healthy too. Additionally, the liver is the largest organ inside the body, growing to about the size of a football. Its position is on the right side of the abdomen, just below the rib cage. Based on its size and essential role, poor liver health could quickly impact a person’s overall health if it is not working optimally. Many people take nutritional supplements every day to support liver health. The best liver supplement should target several areas of the organ. Some supplements suppress inflammation, while others focus on detoxifying the body. With so many companies making liver supplements, most consumers find it challenging to choose the best products. So, what are the best supplements for liver health available today? Which are the best companies for liver health supplements? This guide provides the answers to these questions and many more. Keep reading to find out.

The Best Liver Health Supplements in 2022

Our editorial team spent hundreds of hours testing different supplements, engaging manufacturers, and analyzing studies and lab reports to develop this comprehensive guide. Consequently, we created this list of the best liver health supplements available today.

Oweli Liver Detox


Oweli’s Liver Detox comes from a reputable brand and supports optimal liver health through gentle and gradual detoxification. It consists of potent natural ingredients that offer safe and natural ways of flushing out toxins from the body. The detox mix is composed of herbal extracts and minerals carefully formulated to make the detoxification process efficient. The modern lifestyle often causes damage to our body that is unknown to us. The liver is the primary filtration system that converts toxins into waste products and cleans the blood. Oweli Liver Detox contains milk thistle as its key ingredient. It helps fight off free radicals so the liver keeps flushing out toxins. Beetroot, artichoke extract, dandelion, chicory root, chanca piedra and yarrow are also added for enhanced antioxidant properties and to resist liver inflammation. There are many liver detox products in the market but Oweli easily makes it to the top picks because of its complete product safety and quality guarantee. Each 30-day supply bottle comes with a 100 day unconditional money back offer. The product is manufactured in an FDA registered and cGMP compliant facility. All these efforts prove Oweli’s Liver Detox as easily one of the most cost efficient liver detox products in the market. Price: $29.99

Organifi Liver Reset


Organifi Liver Reset opens this list of the best liver health supplements. This popular liver health supplement is from one of the most reputable online brands. Currently priced at less than $28 for a one-month supply, Organifi Liver Reset is one of the most affordable supplements on this list. According to its official website, this nutritional supplement comes with liver-boosting superfoods, including milk thistle (250mg), artichoke leaf extract, Triphala (300mg), and dandelion root (300mg)—all of which have been used for centuries to support liver health. Importantly, Organifi reveals all its dosages, making it easy for consumers to compare it with its peer liver health formulas sold online. Besides, the company claims to use all-natural ingredients.

1MD LiverMD


1MD LiverMD could be the most straightforward liver support formula to buy on this list. In addition to its official website, consumers can get this supplement from major retailers. Currently priced at $45 per bottle, LiverMD has clinically proven all-natural ingredients like milk thistle extract. The formula contains NAC (800mg), ALA (100mg), and substantial doses of essential vitamins and minerals such as zinc, vitamin E, and selenium. The company behind this supplement, 1MD, is known for producing a wide range of supplements that target various health and wellness goals. Currently, LiverMD is one of its more popular products available, and is a solid choice for those concerned about their liver health.

Live Conscious LiverWell


LiverWell supplement is a product of Live Conscious, one of the companies in the health and wellness industry. According to the manufacturer, the LiverWell supplement gives users a happy liver and a happy life. The supplement uses natural ingredients to support liver and metabolism. The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules of LiverWell daily to support liver detoxification and protection. Besides, the formula supports healthy immune cell production and healthy metabolism, among other health benefits. Key ingredients in this formula are milk thistle extract, ALA, and NAC, all of which contain liver health-boosting properties. Importantly, Live Conscious LiverWell is one of the most affordable supplements on this list.

Amy Myers MD Liver Support


Amy Myers MD is a popular company in the supplement world. Its liver health support supplement, Liver Support, features a combination of ingredients to help detoxify and make the liver function at its best. Liver Support delivers 200mg of NAC that serves as a precursor to glutathione. Other components include alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), which helps deal with free radicals. According to the manufacturer, users should take one capsule of Liver Support twice daily to provide the body with a potent mix of ingredients to help flush out toxins and optimize the liver.

Zenith Labs Zenith Detox


Zenith Detox is a product of Zenith Labs, a well-known manufacturer of health and wellness products. This doctor-formulated supplement claims to support liver health using natural and other unique ingredients unavailable in other supplements. Additionally, Zenith Detox supports healthy phases 1 and 2 of detoxification. According to the manufacturer, users should take two capsules daily to supply the body with the necessary ingredients to support liver function, hunt for and eliminate free radicals, among other benefits. Importantly, Zenith Detox is one of the doctor-formulated supplements on this list. As stated by the manufacturer, the formula can boost physical stamina, reduce joint aches, and deliver a more youthful appearance. It contains unique ingredients unavailable in other supplements such as Setria glutathione, Schizandra berry extract, and L-Methionine.

Gundry MD Complete Liver Support


Complete Liver Support from Gundry MD may be the most affordable liver health supplement on this list. Going for less than $20 per bottle, this formula is promoted as a “Swiss Army knife” for the liver. According to the manufacturer, this supplement can help boost nutrient absorption, support the immune system, boost metabolism, and improve the body’s natural defense against external environmental toxins. Complete Liver Support delivers a strong dosage of one ingredient unavailable in other supplements on this list: 1000mg of orange peel extract. It also contains milk thistle and dandelion.

Advanced Bionutritionals Advanced Liver Support


Advanced Liver Support from Advanced Bionutritionals is a liver health support formula that uses natural ingredients to boost liver health. Key elements in this formula include selenium, milk thistle, alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), phosphatidylcholine, glycyrrhizin, and NAC. The manufacturer recommends taking four capsules of the supplement daily to support brain and liver health. Alongside other benefits, the Advanced Liver Support formula helps a healthy inflammation response and protects the liver against oxidative stress. The supplement is made in the USA using globally sourced ingredients.

Pure Health Research Liver Health Formula


Liver Health Formula is a Pure Health Research Company product, a global producer of health and wellness products. Created by a naturopathic doctor (ND), Liver Health Formula claims to “recharge the body’s youth battery” while supplying “unlimited energy, a trim waistline, and sharp thinking,” alongside other benefits. The main ingredients in this formula are ginger, beetroot, and alfalfa. It also contains popular ingredients found in other liver health supplements such as dandelion, turmeric, milk thistle, and artichoke extract.

ActivatedYou Morning Complete


Unlike other supplements on this list, ActivatedYou Morning Complete is not marketed as a liver health supplement. Instead, it’s an all-in-one daily health supplement. This supplement delivers recommended doses of probiotics, fiber, green superfoods, among other ingredients, to improve multiple aspects of the body. According to the manufacturer, Morning Complete is “a powerful daily wellness drink.” Users should take the formula daily to cushion their bodies against oxidative stressors, support healthy blood sugar levels, and promote healthy liver and cell function, among other benefits.

VitaPost Liver Support Plus


Liver Support Plus from VitaPost is one of the most affordable supplements on this list, priced at less than $28. It’s also one of the few supplements on this list, which users can find on other major online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and others. Each bottle of Liver Support Plus contains a blend of natural ingredients such as milk thistle, zinc, artichoke extract, beetroot, and celery seed. The supplement comprises more components at lower dosages than other liver health supplements on this list. It can provide liver health support in a small way at a much affordable price.

Phytage Labs Urgent Liver 911


Made by Phytage Labs, Urgent 911 is a nutritional supplement designed to boost liver health in various ways. Like other supplements on this list, it contains natural ingredients like artichoke, beetroot, milk thistle extract, dandelion, and celery seed. The dosages in this formula are almost identical to the ones in Liver Support Plus. According to the manufacturer, taking this supplement daily can supply the body with 23 ingredients necessary to support overall liver health. The formula delivers ingredients that work together to help the liver eliminate the fat that clogs it and impede its normal functions. It detoxifies the liver and reverses damage, among other benefits.

Bonus Guide: The Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Solution


In addition to the supplements on this list, users should know that liver health support requires more than just supplements. They are also required to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle habits. This bonus guide authored by Julissa Clay of Blue Heron Health News offers other natural strategies to support liver health in various ways. According to Blue Heron Health News, the e-Book is a “solution” to the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which is caused by the accumulation of triglycerides within the liver. In the e-Book, Julissa recommends a treatment plan for NAFLD, which she claims can “make yourself well again” and “melt away that liver fat.”

Our Mode of Ranking The Best Liver Health Supplements

In coming up with this list, the editorial team considered many factors. While all liver health supplements claim to support the organ differently, not all of them work the same. Some liver health formulas work as advertised, while others do not. The following ranking methods were used to separate the best and the worst liver health supplements.

Proven Ingredients

The first factor to consider in a liver health supplement is the use of proven ingredients. Based on scientific findings, vitamins, and minerals, plants and herbal extracts can affect liver health. The supplements in this guide are those whose elements are scientifically tested and proven.

Clinically effective dosages

Many manufacturers get the right ingredients but fail in the dosages part. Many liver health formulas out there contain very low dosages, which cannot impact the body in any way. The liver health formulas on this list have clinically effective dosages.

Doctor Formulated

Some of the best supplement companies have medical advisory boards composed of medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, and other health experts. These experts use their medical knowledge and experience to deliver the best liver health supplements. Many of the liver health support formulas on this list are doctor-formulated.

Advertised Benefits

Many companies exaggerate the health benefits of their liver health supplements. They claim their supplements can cleanse the body thoroughly and eliminate all toxic waste. Others claim their products can help users shed off fifty pounds, help them look ten years younger, or cure liver disease. All these are exaggerated and unrealistic remarks to lure consumers into spending. The supplements on this list embrace honest advertised health benefit claims.

Manufacturer Reputation and Transparency

Some companies have a longstanding reputation for making effective supplements. Other manufacturers have joined the industry recently and aren’t stable. While some companies are honest with their ingredient sources, manufacturing location, and dosages, others provide false information. This guide contains liver health support supplements from legitimate and reputable companies.

Price and Value

While some consumers would comfortably spend $100 or more on a liver health support supplement, others would only do $20 or even less. This list includes supplements with varying price ranges without compromising good value. This ensures that users always get the right ingredients for every dollar they spend.

Liver Health Support Supplements: Scientific Perspective

Many studies have confirmed using some vitamins, minerals, plants, and herbs for liver health support. According to some studies, some remedies have been used as traditional medicine for thousands of years. For liver health support, the following ingredients provide the best scientific evidence.

Milk Thistle

This ingredient is one of the most widely used in most liver health support supplements. Milk thistle contains an active ingredient known as silymarin, which helps generate liver tissue, supports inflammation, and protects liver cells from damage. It also delivers antioxidant properties. Milk thistle has attracted both positive and negative conclusions regarding its effect on liver health. While some studies discredit it as less effective, others confirm its ability to support liver health. In a 2017 review study, researchers analyzed various samples of milk thistle extracts. They discovered silymarin could affect specific liver enzymes and markers of liver damage in people suffering from liver disease. Similarly, a 2018 Cochrane review linked milk thistle to the alleviation of hepatitis B, Cirrhosis, and Hepatitis C—all of which are associated with the liver.

Artichoke Leaf

This ingredient is another widely used component in many liver health supplements. Like milk thistle, it also delivers antioxidant properties, which can help protect the liver, according to some studies. Some studies have confirmed its ability to help regenerate liver cells. In contrast, others have found that it could reduce markers of liver damage in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Dandelion Root

This ingredient is available in many liver health supplements on this list. Unlike milk thistle extract and artichoke leaf, dandelion has less research behind its ability to support liver health. However, many researchers have studied dandelion for its anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic properties.


Many liver health supplements on this list contain zinc, which is an essential mineral for immune function, DNA synthesis, and cell division, among other benefits. People with chronic liver disease are at a higher risk of developing zinc deficiency. Some studies have shown that taking zinc supplements could help cushion the liver against oxidative damage caused by the hepatitis C virus. However, few major trials and analyses on zinc and liver disease exist outside this study.

Licorice root

This popular natural extract is present in many liver health supplements. Some scientific studies have linked it to a reduction in hepatitis C. Other studies also revealed that licorice root could alleviate alcohol-induced inflammation and fat accumulation in the liver. However, this study was done on rats, and more research is needed to confirm these benefits on humans.


This natural ingredient mainly supports inflammation. Many people take it daily for liver health. Turmeric contains curcumin as an active ingredient, which claims to support liver health in multiple ways. For example, in one study, researchers found that taking 3g of turmeric daily could improve markers of liver health. Specifically, this ingredient could reduce serum alanine transaminase (ALT) levels and aspartate aminotransferase (AST) levels with no adverse reactions. The researchers finally concluded that turmeric could “help improve hepatic disorders.”

Yellow dock root

This ingredient is little known among others, even though studies connect it to liver health support in various ways. Yellow dock root is often available in Essiac tea, a traditional blood-cleansing formula that has been used for thousands of years. While some researchers claim it delivers detoxification effects, other studies also link yellow dock root to diuretic effects. The ingredient increases the frequency of urination, which helps in flushing out waste from the body. Additionally, it could stimulate peristalsis and support the secretion of mucus and water in the colon, thereby improving the rate of bowel evacuation. Importantly, yellow dock root contains anthraquinones, which makes it an adequate liver health support. Other ingredients include choline, molybdenum, ginger, beetroot, selenium, and alpha-lipoic acid (ALA). These ingredients have also been linked to liver health by several studies. Many supplements deliver a combination of all these ingredients, while others provide potent dosages with fewer ingredients.

Signs of Early Liver Problems

Liver problems can be so underlying that the person affected doesn’t know it. As the largest organ inside the body, the liver plays a crucial role in regulating how one feels and performs. If a person has poor liver health, it can affect several areas of overall health and wellness. The following are early symptoms associated with liver malfunction:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Fatigue, weakness, and tiredness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Dark yellow urine
  • Gray stools
  • Stiffness, discomfort, and pain in the upper part of the abdomen, just below the rib cage

People with advanced liver problems can witness more severe symptoms. Such symptoms may include bleeding and bruising easily, confusion and cognitive issues, personality and mood swings, jaundice, memory loss, and fluid retention in the abdomen. Liver damage is treatable when discovered early.

Top 7 Ways to Support Liver Health

A good liver health supplement could help support liver health. However, other factors play a more significant role, such as diet and lifestyle. A change of diet and lifestyle habits could help one keep their liver in optimal condition. The following are some of the best, science-backed ways to support liver health:

Fat reduction

Too much fat intake can cause liver damage, especially when one consumes saturated fat. Blood with high triglycerides and cholesterol levels can easily create fat deposits around the liver and impede its functions. At worst, this can lead to NAFLD, a condition associated with long-term liver damage.

Taking liver a health supplement

Any of the liver health supplements could support liver health in multiple ways. Some supplements suppress inflammation, while others are meant to help cleanse the body.

Reduced alcohol use

Alcohol is a poison, and when the liver metabolizes it, it produces toxic chemicals like acetaldehyde. Consuming too much alcohol can also lead to liver damage when fat droplets gather inside liver cells. Reducing alcohol intake could help improve liver health.

Reduced smoking

Tobacco or any other kind of smoke delivers toxins to the body. As the liver filters the harmful substances from the body, it creates inflammation and other liver problems.

Reduced exposure to illegal drugs

Harmful substances are everywhere. The air, food, and water that people consume and the cleaning agents people use contain toxins. The liver must filter all these substances. Limiting exposure to toxins could help support liver health.

Avoiding illegal drugs

Illegal substances such as heroin and cocaine are directly associated with liver inflammation and damage. Avoiding such drugs could help improve liver health.

Avoiding overusing medications

When people abuse prescription medications or over-the-counter medications, they take more than their recommended dosage. Several popular drugs could cause liver damage if abused, including liver health supplements. It’s always good to follow the doctor’s treatment protocol with all these drugs.

Comparing Liver Products At a Glance

Oweli Liver Detox
  • Best Value for Results
  • Excellent Money Back Guarantee
  • Organifi Liver Reset
  • Diverse Ingredient Formulation
  • Well-Established Consumer Reputation
  • 1MD LiverMD
  • Medical Doctor-Formulated
  • High Potency Botanicals
  • Live Conscious LiverWell
  • Attractive Pricing
  • Good Customer Feedback
  • Amy Myers MD Liver Support
  • Comprehensive Ingredients and Potency
  • Made in USA
  • The Best Liver Health Supplements in 2022:Final Word

    Many studies reveal that ingredients like milk thistle, zinc, artichoke extract, and others could help boost liver health in multiple ways. These ingredients have been proven to eliminate inflammation within the liver and help it cleanse itself, among other benefits. Taking a liver supplement every day could make a difference in the health of the organ. The best liver health supplements on this list could help users support liver health, detoxification, and cleansing in several ways.

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