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Best Delta 8 Products Online – Top Brands Reviewed [Buying Guide]

One of the things we’ve noticed in the cannabis industry is that new cannabinoids are always being discovered. It’s amazing!

Just when you think it can’t get any better than CBD’s therapeutic benefits, you hear about the remedial effects of CBG (Cannabigerol) or CBN (Cannabinol).

And then there’s THC. We know, it’s not the cannabinoid of choice for those who hate getting that paranoid feeling, but it’s a cannabinoid that still offers tremendous value for the human body.

But what if there was a version of THC that didn’t necessarily cause paranoia? What if it instead gave a smooth, milder high, along with similar therapeutic properties of other popular cannabinoids?

We are, of course, referring to Delta 8. Haven’t heard of it yet? You’re in for a treat…

Why Delta 8?

As it turns out, the cannabis plant is packed with over 100 cannabinoids, and among those many cannabinoids, Delta 9 THC is the most prominent. But did you know that there are various analogs of THC?

We know, Delta 9 is by far the most popular and widely known analog. But the one we want to focus on here is Delta 8.

Now, this particular cannabinoid sparks endless curiosity for those who’ve never tried it, and here’s why…

Users often report feeling more motivated, incredibly calm, and thoroughly focused after consuming Delta 8. Which is a much different response, for many people, than when Delta 9 THC is consumed.

Honestly, if you could choose between motivation, mental clarity, and energy, vs. being glued to the couch with a touch of paranoia, which would you choose?

Therein lies the reason Delta 8 has gained so much popularity recently. But like anything that reaches high demand, there is a level of “buyer beware”.

Buying Delta 8 products online

Here’s the thing… The cannabis market, which includes hemp and marijuana, is highly unregulated. So what you see isn’t always what you get.

While we’re happy to report that there are a lot of reputable companies in the cannabis industry who truly care about their customers’ well-being when consuming their products, the sad news is that there are also many shady companies who are only looking to turn a profit on your behalf.

It sucks, we know. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel…As it turns out, there are distinct factors that help consumers determine which Delta 8 brands are reputable and which aren’t.

These factors include:

  • Cultivation process
  • Formulation process
  • Third party testing
  • Brand reputation
  • Shopping experience
  • Customer service

The more transparent a company is, the more reputable they become. But we have to warn you… searching for reputable companies can be a lot of work. We’ve had readers say it’s downright overwhelming, and we agree.

Thankfully, we’ve decided to take on the task of researching and vetting the best Delta 8 brands on the market today. And guess what? We were blown away by what we found, and we think it’s only fair to share our results with you.

So if you’ve been on the lookout for where to buy Delta 8 products online, we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of the 5 best Delta 8 products online. And don’t worry, we’ve used the criteria listed above to ensure this list is highly reputable, safe, and effective. Let’s dive in…

Best Delta 8 THC Products

  1. 3Chi – Best vapes (carts & disposables)
  2. Great CBD Shop – Best edibles
  3. Exhale – Best flower
  4. Delta Effex – Best gummies
  5. Urb – Best concentrates

1. 3Chi – Best vapes (carts & disposables)

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First and foremost, we have the company who started it all… 3Chi! Now, if you’re new to Delta 8 THC, we need to let you in on a little secret… 3Chi was the first company to introduce Delta 8 to the US market. We’re not joking. If it weren’t for them, we may not be blessed with the incredible therapeutics of Delta 8. And here’s the best part…

The founder of 3Chi is a biochemist with roughly two decades of cannabinoid formulation experience. In other words, they know what they’re doing! Not only do they utilize American grown, organic hemp, but they ensure that all their final products are thoroughly third-party tested, accurately labeled, and safe for customers to consume.

For years, their main focus has been on minor cannabinoid research. However, since 2019, they’ve honed in on Delta 8 and its amazing properties. Since then, they’ve developed some of the best Delta 8 products online shoppers have ever seen. From Delta 8 gummies to amazing Delta 8 tinctures, 3Chi has truly mastered their Delta 8 craft. But it’s their Delta 8 vapes that really stood out to us.

First of all, they’re incredibly smooth and offer an amazing therapeutic sensation. They contain 95% of hemp-derived Delta 8 and 5% of strain-specific terpenes, giving you the feeling of being alive and calm all at the same time. With a glass CCELL cartridge, a ceramic core, and an easy-to-use mouthpiece, these Delta 8 vapes are designed for an optimal vaping experience. They offer a wide variety of Indica and Sativa strains to choose from, packed with amazing aromas and flavors.

Shop 3Chi Delta 8 Vapes

2. Great CBD Shop – Best edibles

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Next on our list, we have the Great CBD Shop.

Now, we know their name might be misleading, as they offer more than CBD products. In fact, the Great CBD Shop is actually a one-stop-shop for all of your cannabinoid-based needs, and that includes Delta 8 THC. Here’s why we love the Great CBD Shop…

Great CBD Shop has incredibly high standards. Every single product that they feature on their site is thoroughly lab tested for purity and safety. They also focus on educating their customers. Because the more knowledge you have in cannabinoid research, the better equipped you are in finding the best cannabinoid that meets your needs.

They also believe that everyone should have access to the healing properties of cannabinoids, which include CBD and of course Delta 8. This means cannabinoid-based products should be affordable.

With all that said, they’ve researched and vetted each and every brand on their website. Think of it like this…Our list of the 5 best Delta 8 products online is just a drop in the ocean compared to their list of brands. But here’s the main reason we love the Great CBD Shop… They feature some of the best Delta 8 edibles we’ve ever had.

Seriously, the Great CBD Shop was the only place we found Delta 8 milk chocolate. This bar is packs a solid dose 25mg of Delta 8 and it truly melts in your mouth. The best part? They start at only $4! If chocolate isn’t your thing, then head over to the Great CBD Shop now and check out the rest of their Delta 8 edibles.

Shop Great CBD Shop Delta 8 Edibles

3. Exhale – Best flower

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Third on our list is a company that believes “Nature holds the key to wellness.” There aren’t many Delta 8 brands on the market that actually focus on organic practices. But Exhale certainly does.

In fact, their products have set some pretty amazing standards in the industry, like:

  • Vegan, organic ingredients
  • Superfood benefits
  • Products are free from artificial colors, flavors, dairy, gluten, and harmful GMOs

Exhale offers a crazy amount of unique Delta 8 products. But the ones we love and cherish the most are their amazing Delta 8 flowers. With a name like Exhale, you better believe that their Delta 8 flower is going to be top notch.

First of all, their Delta 8 is sourced from the nutrient-rich soils of Colorado and is free from pesticides, herbicides, and harmful chemical fertilizers. Each of their strains are specially bred for maximum Delta 8 content—which means their flower is potent and highly effective.

They offer several strains to choose from, but their Delta-8 hemp flower OG Kush is truly a favorite of ours and the Exhale community. Its super smooth smoke allows you to exhale all the worries and pains of a stressful day.

If you’re looking for high quality Delta 8 flower, then check out Exhale. You’ll be glad you did.

Shop Exhale Delta 8 Flower

4. Delta Effex – Best gummies

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There’s a lot to be said about Delta Effex.

First of all, they’re revered as one of the most trusted Delta 8 brands in the entire industry. In part, this is thanks to the fact that they focus on real life reviews, third party lab tests, and additional high-quality ingredients. In fact, they only use minimal additives (if any at all) when formulating their Delta 8 products.

Secondly, they have a rich experience in researching cannabinoids, which explains why they remain one of the leading brands in the market.

Now we know that Delta Effex offers a ton of unique Delta 8 products, but we really want to point out their Rainbow Pack of Delta 8 gummies. We’ve had our fair share of medicine-tasting gummies, and let us just say, Delta Effex does not fall into that category.

Popping just one Delta Effex gummy in your mouth will leave your body feeling relaxed and lifted. Their rainbow pack is filled with various flavors like green apple, mango, blue razz, strawberry, and mystery.

If you’re looking for a Delta 8 product that’s discreet, easy to dose, and fun to eat, you can’t go wrong with Delta Effex colorful Delta 8 gummies.

Shop Delta Effex Delta 8 Gummies

5. Urb – Best concentrates

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Last, but certainly not least, we have a Delta 8 brand that has made it their mission to better the health of their customers. We’re referring to Urb. We know it’s kind of a strange name, but they have some amazing Delta 8 products.

Like the other brands listed above, Urb also focuses on high quality sourced hemp. Not only do they thoroughly test each of their products before they hit the market, but they’re also featured on the highly revered online marketplace: Great CBD Shop.

Yes, as you may have guessed, Urb offers their own set of Delta 8 products. And as much as we want to dive into each of those products with you, we only have time to highlight one of Urb’s categories: Delta 8 concentrates.

Delta 8 dabs are amazing products. They’re highly potent, incredibly effective, and most of all, they’re one of the purest methods to experience the properties of Delta 8.

Amazingly, Urb offers three different Delta 8 concentrations, but the one we really want to hone in on is their Delta 8 sauce, which is 94% of Delta 8 and 6% of therapeutic terpenes.

If you’re a Delta 8 veteran and you’re looking for something with a little more kick, we encourage you to explore Urb’s highly therapeutic Delta 8 concentrates.

Shop Urb Delta 8 Dabs

Delta-8 THC FAQs

As much as we’d like to mention more reputable Delta 8 brands, we understand that you might have a few more questions about this particular cannabinoid, especially if you’re relatively new to Delta 8. That’s why we answered some of the most common Delta 8 questions below.

If you’re well aware of Delta 8, then please revisit our list above to find which Delta 8 products best meet your personal needs. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new Delta 8 favorite. Now, without further ado, here are some popular Q&As…

What is Delta 8?

As we mentioned earlier, Delta 8 is an analog, or variation, of THC. From what we know, there are several variations of THC, including Delta 9, Delta 8, and even Delta 10.

Delta 9 is by far the most prominent and widely known, but Delta 8 is an incredibly rare cannabinoid. In fact, it naturally occurs in the hemp plant at no more than 1%.

So consider yourself lucky when you discover a truly high quality hemp-derived Delta 8 product.

What are the benefits of Delta 8?

One study found that when compared to morphine, Delta 8 was significantly more effective at reducing pain. While we can’t state that Delta 8 is a powerful tool in treating pain, we can say that scientists are moving forward in researching Delta 8’s therapeutic properties based on the results of this study.

But the study we found to be incredibly moving is one that involved pediatric oncology patients. These children suffered from relentless bouts of severe nausea and vomiting. While some medications helped, nothing seemed to really relieve their symptoms until they consumed Delta 8 THC.

In fact, this study actually stated that Delta 8 was 100% effective at reducing severe nausea and vomiting. Again, we’re not saying Delta 8 can cure your upset stomach. But it’s pretty amazing that more studies are underway based on the results of this study.

Can Delta 8 help you sleep?

There are no specific studies that explore Delta 8’s effects on sleep. However, there is one study that stated:

“It is becoming increasingly evident that endocannabinoids play a prominent role in sleep and sleep neurophysiology, and cannabinoid drugs alter these processes.”

While this doesn’t necessarily confirm nor deny if cannabinoids like Delta 8 can help with sleep, we recommend you explore what people actually have to say about Delta 8’s effects on sleep.

What are the best Delta 8 brands?

We are happy to report that there are several amazing Delta 8 brands to choose from. While our list above only includes 5 amazing brands, we encourage you to research others on your own.

We know, searching for the best Delta 8 is a lot of work, but it’s absolutely necessary if you want to ensure you’re getting a product that doesn’t make you sick in the long run.

Are there any Delta 8 brands to avoid?

Answer: YES!

We hate to say it, but as amazing as the hemp industry has become, there are people taking advantage of the lucrative Delta 8 market.

That’s why it’s hard to overemphasize the importance of researching a brand’s Certificate of Analysis (COA), customer feedback, and overall transparency. Use our criteria above as a reference when looking for reputable Delta 8 brands.

Can Delta-8 get you stoned?

Delta 8 will get you high, but the high is much more subtle and not nearly as intense as Delta 9. Many users report feeling incredibly calm yet still focused after consuming Delta 8. They also report not feeling paranoid after consuming a Delta 8 product form a reputable company.

If you’re new to Delta 8, just take it slowly and start with a low dose (as one should do when trying any new substance).

Pro Tip: Also if the high ever gets to be too much, we recommend smoking CBD flower as it doesn’t get you high and will help negate the negative stoned effects.

Can Delta-8 make you fail a drug test?

Unfortunately, yes!

The truth is, most standard drug tests cannot tell the difference between Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC. So please use caution and speak with your employer or drug tester about your options regarding Delta 8 consumption.

Delta 8 bottom line

Delta 8 is a natural cannabinoid and it holds tremendous therapeutic properties. We understand the search for high quality Delta 8 can be overwhelming, but we assure you that it’s not impossible.

If you’re looking for highly effective and truly safe Delta 8 products online, revisit our list above. There’s something for everyone.

We also encourage you to never stop educating yourself on Delta 8 THC. the more you know the better off you are at finding a Delta 8 product that truly works best for your needs.

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