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Best Bug Zappers 2022 Top Portable Mosquito Killers [Review]

Bugs like mosquitoes and other insects can often be a huge annoyance since they bite or cause general discomfort. Most people use portable bug zappers to eliminate various types of bugs ranging from mosquitoes and moths to other insects. Besides improving your comfort and safety, bug zappers are easy to install and carry no health risks. Below are the top bug zappers that you can buy today:

Dynatrap DT1050


The first bug zapper on this comprehensive list is the high powered Dynatrap DT1050 that is designed for both outdoor and indoor usage. The DT1050 costs $94 and for that money you get an excellent bug zapper that covers almost 2,000 square meters. It is made using an alloy of structural steel, which makes it highly reliable.

The setup and maintenance process of the DT1050 is quite straightforward as you only need to twist the device either off or on for convenient cleaning. In addition, the system uses silent fans that makes it convenient to use in any space. The only downside of this unit is that it uses a standard electrical outlet. Nevertheless, if you want a high powered device, then you will have to use a power outlet instead of batteries.



The $40 BUZZBGONE zapper has been quite popular online ever since it was launched in 2020. This zapper has plenty of great reviews from satisfied clients. Even though this device doesn’t come with lots of power, its compact frame and design make it highly effective.

This unit attracts mosquitoes with LED light. This light looks like a source of food to mosquitos and they respond by flying towards it. Once the mosquitos touch the coil of BUZZBGONE, it releases an effective zap and they are instantly eliminated. Some of the notable features of BUZZBGONE include rotating fans, collection chamber and a reliable battery power.

Black + Decker Zapper


This bug zapper is designed and created by the renowned Black + Decker brand. Users can expect a well-built device that can prevent various types of space from invading your home or yard. This versatile and flexible unit can work anywhere as it can be mounted on a tree or simply placed on the floor.

Similar to other devices on this list, this bug zapper by Black + Decker also uses UV light to attract bugs. Most bugs will fly towards this unit thinking that they are going to get a quick, easy meal, but they will only run into the powerful electric coils. This device is a safe, effective and quick way of getting rid of insects and mosquitos from your environment. Despite being from a reputable brand, this zapper only goes for $65, thus making it an effective yet affordable option.

Fuze Bug


Another reliable bug zapping unit is the $40 Fuze Bug lamp. This device can be used in your outdoor or indoor space and help to eliminate insects around your property. It is not only highly affordable, but also very effective at eliminating insects just like other more costly brands in this compilation.

Users of the Fuze Bug zapper can expect a reasonably wide coverage of around 350 square feet along with a 20 hour battery life. This device is ideal for different kinds of environments, ranging from camping to regular home use. Similar to other devices on this compilation, this bug zapper also uses the standard purple LED attraction light. Operating a Fuze Bug is also very simple as you only need to turn on the switch to start attracting bugs to the device’s electric coils. There is a two-layered electric system that makes it easier to perform regular cleaning and maintenance tasks as well as preventing the unit from harming any kids or pets who may touch it.

Flowtron BK40D


If you are looking for a well-reviewed bug zapper, then look no further than the innovative Flowtron BK40D. In addition to being a highly popular and best-selling product in most online retail stores, this unit is quite remarkable at eliminating bugs in both your home and backyard.

This unit features a bulky design with a height of 17 inches and a weight of roughly 5 lbs. that back up its effective bug fighting abilities. Buyers also have the option of buying extra attachments for their Flowtron BK40D zapper. Some of the extra attachments include an attractant cartridge, a timer, a bulb and various other options. You can buy this Flowtron zapper for only $68, which is quite reasonable given its size and extra features.



Mosquitron was specifically designed to eliminate mosquitoes over various other insects. This unit uses a mix of light and fan systems to effectively attract and get rid of mosquitos. The most notable feature of the Mosquitron zapper is that it features smart controls.

The Mosquitron is powered by a USB cable and it is relatively user friendly. The unit can attract mosquitoes both outdoors and indoors, while being convenient to clean. Another notable feature of this zapper is that it is highly portable due to its small size. It means you can carry it anywhere if you are traveling or camping outdoors. However, at $89, the Mosquitron is not necessarily the most affordable unit here. If you are looking for better prices, then consider buying multiple units as the manufacturer offers great discounts on bulk orders.



The other mosquito-specific device included here is the Moskinator that goes for only $73. However, unlike Mosquitron that only uses light attraction, this device also has an extra fan to suck in surrounding mosquitoes. Any mosquito that gets near the trap while coming towards the light will be quickly sucked into the trap, thus increasing its efficiency. The trapped mosquitoes fly around inside Moskinator’s trap till they fall and die due to the fan winds.

Moskinator is a chemical-free, safe bug zapping unit that can get rid of mosquitos from homes, backyards and patios. It can also eliminate any other flying insects in your surroundings. Despite its relatively small size, you can capture multiple mosquitos with the Moskinator, which will enhance your overall comfort in your environment.

Hemiua Bug Zapper


The Hemiua Zapper is designed for people who want an efficient insect elimination device but do not want to break their bank accounts. This bug zapper comes in at $46 and it is backed by close to 20,000 reviews on Amazon where it has received a high rating of 4.6 stars. This 12-inch tall bug zapper uses a powerful 4.200V power grid that is located inside a safe ABS housing that helps in preventing injuries due to accidental contact.

Most of the users of this product were also pleased by the wide coverage range. According to the manufacturer, Hemiua bug zappers can cover nearly 1,500 square feet, which makes the ideal for people with bigger homes, patios, backyards or compounds. Furthermore, this device even comes with a convenient hook that makes it quite straightforward to hang it safely as a lamp. At less than $50, Hemiua is among the best options for buyers looking for low cost bug zappers.

Anysun Bug Zapper


If you are looking for a truly portable bug zapper, then this $40 Anysun is worth checking out. Unlike other products mentioned in this compilation, this zapper uses solar power as its source of energy. That means you won’t have to be tied down to one location using a standard electrical outlet. You can use the Anysun anywhere provided you have adequate exposer to the sun.

Anysun claims to be great at attracting various types of insects like files, gnats and mosquitos among others. It is also a very lightweight bug zapper, which makes it convenient to carry it around while you are camping or doing other outdoor activities. Moreover the nit has three different lighting modes and you can brighten or dim the lights depending on your needs. This product is highly versatile, waterproof, and is ideal for campers and people who spend a significant time away from the standard electrical sources.

MoskiX Band


The other notable mosquito zapping device is the stylish MoskiX Band. This product is typically sold on the internet by Hyperstech, an innovative ecommerce firm. This band works just as a regular smart watch, but it has the additional benefit of being a mosquito repellent. If you are looking for a convenient way of repelling mosquitos at all times, whether you’re walking or running around outdoors, then this MoskiX Band might be the ideal option. You can wear it and move around your back yard or relax at a campsite without having to be irritated by any mosquitos.

Interested buyers can get a MoskiX Band at only $89. Even though it is among the expensive products listed above, this band is quite unique. That is because it works as a strong insect repellent rather than a traditional bug zapper. It uses the advanced power of wireless frequencies and smart technology to ensure that you stay comfortable both outside and inside your home. You can even combine it with other products listed here to maximize your insect fighting results.

Aspectek Insect Killer


While the Aspectek Insect Killer may not be the most attractive bug zapper here, it is among the best performing bug elimination devices. It has bright lights that can attract all bugs within its vicinity. Once the bugs get closer and touch the coils, this device quickly eliminates them.

The Aspectek is priced at around $40, which makes it quite affordable for most households. Additionally, all purchases of this unit come with extra replacement bulbs, which is ideal when you want to run this bug zapper for a long time. This device can attract and get rid of all flying insects like mosquitoes, moths and flies among others.



The $79 MosQuiller attracts and traps flying insects with its bright light. This device is excellent at catching and eliminating various insects like drain flies, fruit flies, mosquitos and gnats. Similar to other products listed above, this device runs quietly and does not make too much noise as it traps and kills dozens of irritating flying insects.

The MosQuiller may not boast of an attractive design, but it is relatively easy to manage and clean. In addition, its small, compact size makes it great for using around your garden, home or even when you go camping. You can safely use the MosQuiller around your kids and pets as the light is designed to only affect the flying insects. MosQuiller goes for $79, but you can get it for up to $45 per device if you opt for bulk orders to cover your entire house.

1TAC Zapper


This camping lantern features a powerful 180-lumen light that not only attracts mosquitoes, but also acts as an excellent source of light for your space. The unit’s small size means that it can be used in smaller backyards and patios. However, despite its moderately small size, the 1TAC Zapper is remarkably resilient with some of its notable features being a 20 hour lantern mode function thanks to its shockproof and reliable 2,000mAh battery.

Most buyers of this product also appreciated the fact that they did not have to spend too much money as 1TAC zapper only costs $30. The lightweight and compact size features along with the low prices makes it possible to purchase several 1TAC zappers that you can hang in several spots in your home. Furthermore, 1TAC uses a genuine UV light rather than the fake purple or blue LED light that is common in other cheaper units.

Tips for choosing a good bug zapper

Even though all bug zappers claim to be the best at eliminating bugs, only the top products are actually effective. Most zappers aren’t big enough to cover a wide area, while others typically break down after a couple of weeks of daily usage. Nevertheless, there are a few factors to consider that can help you find the best zappers, and they include the following:

Bug attraction ability

Some of the bug zappers available today are not very effective because of using cheap purple or blue LED bulbs that cannot attract bugs. Other products use the recommended UV lights that help to eliminate bugs. It is critical to find a product with a reliable but attraction ability as that will ensure that you can efficiently clear your space of unwanted insects.

Maintenance needs

No one wants to take an hour or more trying to scrap bugs off a zapper’s electric coil. Hence, look for bug zappers that feature extra tools like a brush, which makes it easy to handle various maintenance tasks like cleaning the coil. Other zappers will typically dry the mosquitos within a fan or wind tunnel. Regardless of which zapping system you decide to use, ensure that you understand the necessary maintenance needs to keep it working optimally.

Coverage range

You must get an adequately-sized bug zapper for it to be effective at getting rid of insects. If you get one that is too weak or too small, then it would not effectively cover your entire space, which means that you’d still be irritated by bugs. The key here is to get one with a high-powered device with a large coverage area even if you are in a smaller space as that will give you the best insect-elimination abilities.

Safety features

Bug zappers typically come with safety features to prevent people or pets from being harmed. Some products feature a double-layer power grid that ensures the coil doesn’t zap anyone who brushes against the device. In this case, the bugs will only interact with the electricity once they move into the secondary coil layer. The other notable safety feature is the ability to quickly shut off the device under various situations.

Power outlet or battery

The next important consideration when buying bug zappers is determining the power source. Some batteries can last for up to 20 hours or more while others only last a couple of hours after charging. In contrast, some zappers can use a regular power outlet or solar power. Your choice of power source will depend on how you want to use the device, particularly with regards to convenience and portability.


Many people use their bag zappers outside, like in backyards or when going on camping trips. Reliability and durability are vital in all these different situations. Consider getting products made from strong stainless steel rather than from cheap, breakable plastic.


Discretion also plays a key role when determining which bug zapper to buy. For instance, some cheap products will typically include LED lights that are too bright. Such products will blind you at night or negatively affect the décor of your patio. The ideal electrical zappers are much more discreet in their overall design to prevent the light from damaging your eyes. While this is not a critical selection factor, it is still worth considering when reviewing multiple bug zappers.


There are numerous price options ranging from $20 to $150 for anyone that is interested in buying a bug zapper. The list featured here includes both expensive and reasonably priced electrical zappers.

Should you buy a bug zapper?

Although bug zappers are ideal for anyone who wants to eliminate irritating bugs, there are some people that can greatly benefit from these products, and they include:

  • People who enjoy hiking and camping
  • Anyone who likes to spend time outdoors relaxing in their yard without interruptions from insects and bugs
  • People with bug problems in their region or home
  • People who live near a swamp, creek, lake or various other areas with significant bug issues
  • Anyone looking for a safe, chemical-free option to eliminate bugs
  • People who are worried about insects spreading diseases to their family members.

How it works

There are two primary systems in a bug zapper and they include the attraction mechanism and the elimination system. For instance, some products use a purple UV light as the attraction system, while electrical coils or fan systems can act as the elimination system.

The bugs within that vicinity will get attracted to the light coming from the zapper. Most bugs associate light with food or living creatures. They will fly and try to reach the light thinking that they will get a quick meal. However, before they realize that it isn’t a meal, they are already trapped inside the zapper and die.

Some people opt to enhance the effectiveness of their bug zapper by adding bait. For instance, you can add octenol pads or apply octenol directly to the device to enhance its capacity of attracting mosquitoes. Likewise, you can also use pungent smelling foods like tuna and cat food to attract more flies.

Fans or wind can also be used to kill bugs. In these devices, the fans create suction and that helps to draw the bugs into a trap or container every time they fly near the bug zapper. The insects will dry out inside that container and die. Good quality fan-based devices are highly effective just like the standard electric coil zappers.


Bug zappers and scientific evidence

There have been extensive studies on the best ways of attracting and killing insects. Below is a review of the top studies with regards to bug zappers:

In a recent study, scientists used pulsated LEDS to effectively attract and eliminate mosquitos. The researchers pulsated the lights as a way of significantly reducing the power consumption. Meanwhile, the study showed that the pulsating lights attracted more mosquitos in contrast with the regular LEDs.

Another study on ultraviolet light traps found that they were highly effective in controlling mosquitoes when they were installed in a coastal mosquito-prone part of Thailand. The scientists used different mosquito control strategies and they discovered that the ultraviolet light traps performed better and captured more mosquitos. The research concluded that UV light was a safe, non-invasive and effective mosquito control strategy.

It is also worth noting that the effectiveness of bug zappers can vary depending on the time of day. For instance, during one study, the researchers discovered that night- and day-biting mosquitoes responded differently to the natural light and dark colors. This research had major effects on the entire insect repellent and bug zapper industries.

A study on UV light showed that humans can be safely exposed to that light without causing any adverse reactions. Despite the fact that UV light is also a form of radiation, this light is safe and doesn’t harm humans or animals even when exposed to massive amounts of ultraviolet lights for a long time. The researchers didn’t find any relationship between UV light and adverse health reactions.

In addition to being significantly annoying, mosquitos are also deadly. There are numerous mosquito-borne health conditions that continue to kill thousands of people annually, including diseases like dengue, malaria, Zika virus and many others. Studies show that people who live in humid places are more at risk of developing various mosquito-borne health conditions.

Generally, there are sufficient studies and publications that support the application of UV lights in bug zappers for attracting and eliminating different types of bugs ranging from flies and mosquitos to gnats and others.

Bug Zapper FAQs

What are bug zappers?

Bug zappers are devices that use electric coils or fans to eliminate small flying insects like flies and mosquitos among others.

How does a bag zapper work?

Bug zappers typically use a mixture of an attraction element and an elimination system. For instance, UV light works as the attraction part, while electric coils can be used for the elimination part. Mosquitos will see the light and start flying towards it as they think that a source of food is located nearby. However, when the mosquitos enter the bug zapper, they are quickly zapped and they die.

How to maintain bug zappers

The Best bug zapper models available today require minimal setup and maintenance. Some models are even self-cleaning, where the dead bugs fall out through the bottom part of the unit. Other brands include a brush in the packaging, which will be used to keep the electric coils neat and clean. In addition, other products use special traps and containers that improve the convenience of eliminating all bugs after every use.

Should you spray insect repellent when using bug zappers?

A common question about bug zappers is whether or not to use them in conjunction with insect repellents. Insect repellents work by repelling insects from your vicinity, which could help boost the effectiveness of bug zappers. Likewise, sprays can also work to eliminate bugs from your immediate environment. Nevertheless, most people today are looking for natural and safe ways of eliminating bugs without having to use chemicals in their home. Bug zappers offer a user-friendly, safe and chemical free bug elimination method and it can complement an insect repellent or spray.

What is the average coverage area for bug zappers?

Different bug zappers will have varying coverage spaces. The top bug zappers, including the various options mentioned above, will cover roughly half an acre. However, other models can cover an average of around 1,000 square feet. The compact size zappers are made for small spaces like bedrooms, apartments and small patios.

What is the top bug zapper you can buy today?

There are numerous options for buyers of bug zappers as shown above in the comprehensive list. The best products generally work great at attracting and getting rid of various bugs. You should also check the reviews to ensure you are buying a product that has already helped thousands of people to get rid of bugs.

Why do bugs fly towards the light?

Most bugs fly towards UV lamps and various other sources of light since they relate food with light. Humans emit an ultraviolet light and all mosquitoes have slowly evolved to relate that light source with food. Furthermore, certain bug zapper models feature extra tools like attractant cartridges to enhance the effect of attracting mosquitos.

Can bug zappers affect your pet’s health?

You can safely use a bug zapper around your pets without any issues. In fact, these products are made to be completely safe around kids and pets. Most consumers nowadays prefer these devices over sprays and pesticides. Dogs, birds and cats don’t typically react are get attracted to bug zappers.

Are electric bug zappers of around 5,000V dangerous?

You can get high power bug zappers with anywhere between 2,000V and 5,000V power grids. However, while that high number seems risky, these grids typically contain very low current. While it may cause a shock that kills the bugs, that shock isn’t enough to harm any person in good health.

Are there ways to increase the bug zapper’s efficiency?

You can improve the effectiveness of your bug zapper by attracting more insects. You can apply octenol, which is a notable compound that mimics human sweat. The mosquitos will gradually move to the octenol pads where they will be promptly eliminated as soon as they touch the coils or fan.

Likewise, you can also add specific bait like sugar or honey to your zapper if you want to attract more flies. Some people spread mincemeat or cat food on the zapper since flies typically love rotting, pungent foods.

Final Verdict

Investing in one of the top bug zappers featured above can significantly enhance your outdoor or indoor space. These products use a mixture of lights, fans and electric coils to get rid of any bugs in your property. These devices are safe to use around your kids and pets without any risk of injury.

The best zappers not only eliminate bugs quickly, but they keep your space comfortable and well protected for a long time. Nevertheless, not all of the bug zappers available on the market work effectively. Some brands use low quality lights that cannot even attract mosquitoes effectively. Hence, it is necessary to read the reviews and check out the features before ordering your bug zapper.

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