Arteris Plus Reviews – Risky Supplement Side Effects or Safe?

Health is the key to longevity and vitality. Today, the high cost of medical care has led to individuals’ finding ways of protecting their systems from ill-health. Recent reports indicate that humans have evolved and become “weak” due to poor dietary habits, sedentary lifestyles, and inadequate rest, among other factors.

However, most people are now looking for ways of availing essential nutrients into their system for better wellbeing. Dietary supplements like Arteris Plus have become popular as most individuals fail to get adequate vitamins, minerals, and other nourishment from their diets.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is among the top ailments claiming millions of lives globally. Unfortunately, unless you have your blood pressure readings taken regularly, you can suffer full-blown hypertension suddenly, which is very dangerous. There are numerous folks with hypertension without their knowledge, as the condition itself elicits minimal symptoms.

In addition, some of the tell-tale signs of hypertension, such as headaches and fatigue, are manageable with over-the-counter drugs. Thus, individuals mask the hypertension symptoms instead of treating the condition, further aggravating the situation. However, when the high blood pressure reaches dangerous levels, patients usually complain of severe headaches, fatigue, confusion, chest pain, difficulty breathing, blood in urine, and vision problems.

What is Arteris Plus Blood Support Formula?

Arteris Plus is advertised as a dietary formula that can improve blood pressure using botanical ingredients, vitamins, and minerals. As per the maker, John Mayer, Arteris Plus is 100% safe and effective in keeping blood pressure range at ideal levels. In the official sales page video, John claims that he has always been passionate about natural plants and their ability to improve the wellbeing of humans. However, when his wife Jinny got diagnosed with severe high blood pressure, he used his wealth of plant experience to develop a formula that could improve her health.

After completing his research, John Mayer came up with five super ingredients that are scientifically proven to maintain blood pressure at optimal levels. He named it Arteris Plus and defined it as a blend of Marshmallow root powder, passionflower, corydalis, prickly pear, and California poppy seeds in clinically certified dosages. Additionally, Arteris Plus creator claims that this dietary product is easy to consume and can easily fit in your schedule regardless of how busy you are. With a daily dose of two capsules, John claims that you can get a plethora of benefits from Arteris Plus.

What’s Included in Arteris Plus Ingredients List?

Any natural nutritional dietary supplement’s ingredients are critical to examine in order to know its real effectiveness and ability to act as a viable solution to supporting a health problem.

Critical ingredients in Arteris Plus

John Mayers purports that he ensured several conditions were met before turning the various ingredients into a blood pressure supplement. These include:


1. Marshmallow Root Powder – 220mg

The use of marshmallow root powder for medicinal purposes originates in Southeast Asia, where it naturally thrives. According to ancient scholars and modern science, marshmallows are a great anti-inflammatory that can manage various conditions. For example, some users take marshmallow powder to treat upper respiratory infections and inflammations.

Additionally, pure marshmallows can eliminate dry coughing. Equally, marshmallows can improve the gastrointestinal system and improve gut health. Scientific studies show that a dose of marshmallows can heal stomach ulcers, eliminate diarrhea, expel stones from the urinary tract and relieve constipation. Similarly, marshmallows can improve skin conditions by enhancing moisture retention and toning the skin. Its anti-inflammatory property can benefit individuals with rosacea and eczema.

2. Passion Flower Powder – 290mg

Passion Flower powder is a common ingredient in most anti-anxiety and sleep-inducing supplements. Arteris Plus maker claims that high stress levels can lead to erratic blood pressure, the leading cause of most sleep disorders. Passion Flower powder balances stress hormones and gives users a calming experience, thus inhibiting high blood pressure. Arteris Plus creator claims that passionflower can stabilize the heart rhythm leading to optimal blood pressure. However, passionflower is only effective at certain dosages to prevent side effects.

3. Corydalis Lutea – 200mg

Corydalis Lutea is a natural antidepressant that can alleviate stress and anxiety that can at times cause hypertension. Additionally, Arteris Plus creators claim that at certain concentrations, Corydalis Lutea can serve as a tranquilizer, thus enhancing better sleep. The Chinese scholars purport that this ingredient can boost better blood flow. In addition, corydalis Lutea can fight neuropathic pain and eliminate respiratory infections.

4. California Poppy Seed 90mg

California poppy seed is prevalent in most sedatives, and it contains compounds that can induce sleep, making it a perfect regimen for individuals who suffer from sleep disorders. Additionally, Arteris Plus maker claims that this ingredient can manage soreness and help relieve panic and anxiety.

5. Prickly Pear 100mg

Prickly pear is rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins and is common in most Arizona and New Mexico street candies. Studies indicate that the prickly pear fruit can directly reduce inflammations and stabilize blood sugar levels. Also, this ingredient lowers blood cholesterol levels, further heightening blood circulation. Also, the Arteris Plus maker asserts that the prickly pear fruit can remove cholesterol plaque that inhibits blood flow. However, overdosing on prickly pear can cause stomach issues, headaches, and nausea.

Other ingredients include magnesium stearate, gelatin, and rice flour.

What is the science behind Arteris Plus?

With just two Arteris Plus capsules daily, John claims you can enjoy optimal blood pressure regardless of your age. The potent ingredients in this blood pressure support supplement dissolve into your cells, thus augmenting blood flow. Additionally, Arteris Plus benefits your system by widening the blood vessels, thus reducing the resistance that causes hypertension.

Moreover, Arteris Plus can reduce harmful blood cholesterol levels (LDL), further heightening blood flow. Arteris Plus creator claims that this supplement can nourish the heart and increase energy levels, thus preventing the heart from overworking. Lastly, Arteris Plus stabilizes cortisol levels, thus advancing your cognitive health.

With technology, it is easy to produce fast-growing plants. However, to achieve this, farmers use numerous chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides that ensure the crop can give them maximum benefits. One major drawback concerning inorganic plants is that they infuse the human system with numerous toxins that can lead to various health conditions and cause gene mutation. John Mayer ensured that all plant extracts were from American farmers who allowed their crops to mature naturally.

Use of effective ingredients

According to John, it is not enough to get natural ingredients, and the effectiveness of these ingredients is dependent on consuming them in clinically approved dosages. Therefore, John ensured that the manufacturer of Arteris Plus follows the scientifically proven dosages for better health.

Third-party verified

John Mayer claims that third-party testing is crucial in ensuring the ingredients are free from toxins, heavy metals, and other chemicals that make the supplement impure.

Made in the US

John guarantees that each Arteris Plus capsule is a product of a US-based facility that upholds strict and precise manufacturing conditions. Additionally, the facility is FDA approved, and GMP certified.

Free from chemicals

Every Arteris Plus bottle contains 30 capsules that are free from GMOs, stimulants, and harmful chemicals. Moreover, customers can be sure that Arteris Plus is not addictive.

What is the right Arteris Plus dosage?

Arteris Plus manufacturer recommends consuming two capsules daily, preferably in the morning, for better blood pressure. Additionally, John Mayer suggests that it is best to make dietary and lifestyle changes to ensure your blood pressure remains at optimal ranges. Also, users should be careful not to overdose. In case you have any questions concerning the dosage, John Mayer recommends consulting your physician.

How do you develop hypertension (high blood pressure)?

Your system has many blood vessels that ensure all the cells get oxygen and nutrients for metabolic processes. Similarly, blood aids in the removal of metabolic waste to prevent the accumulation of toxins. However, certain factors can make the arteries narrow. High blood pressure results from increased resistance due to narrow arteries, and this resistance does not develop overnight; instead, it can take days, weeks, or months to get full-blown hypertension.

In America, statistics indicate that about half the population is at risk of developing hypertension. Even without symptoms, physicians warn that high blood pressure can damage the veins, arteries, and major internal organs such as the eyes, heart, kidney, and brain.

Who can benefit from Arteris Plus Blood Support Supplement?

Arteris Plus is ideal for all men and women above the age of 18. However, medical guidance is recommended if:

  • You are sick and currently on medication
  • You are nursing or pregnant
  • You are allergic to any ingredient in Arteris Plus
  • If you have any doubts about the dosage

Arteris Plus Formula Pricing

Arteris Plus is only available on their official website only. You cannot get this product in any physical store or pharmacy. Additionally, John Mayer is confident about the benefits of this blood pressure support supplement. Therefore, each Arteris Bottle is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Also, free shipping services are available to American residents. For international shipping, customers will have to pay a minimal fee.


Final Thoughts

High blood pressure is not an easy condition to manage, and however, Arteris Plus dietary supplement claims it can keep your blood pressure at a normal range. Additionally, the manufacturer assures customers that Arteris Plus can boost their system’s energy levels, fortify their immunity and promote better blood flow.

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