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9 Best Semen Enhancer Supplements to Increase Volume Production

Increasing semen production helps consumers improve their chances of conceiving with a partner. However, it may seem like a difficult feat to overcome without help. A supplement can increase this production, helping men start the family that they’d hoped to have this year.

Though many supplements online can make a difference, it is hard to know which one is the right choice. Some products help with the volume of semen, while others have unrelated benefits (like improved libido or orgasms). In this guide, men will find a product that suits their particular needs, helping in their family planning.

The Best Semen Enhancer Supplements of 2022

After reviewing what the supplement industry currently offers, this guide considered lab results, customer reviews, and other essential details to see what works. Ultimately, the final rankings came down to the following top semen enhancer products:

  • Semenax
  • Semenoll
  • Fertility Factor 5
  • Volume Pills
  • UltraLoad
  • Max Performer
  • VigRX Plus
  • SemEnhance
  • ProEnhance

Read on below to learn more details about what makes these products effective for men today.



Semenax secures a spot at the top of the list because it is more well-known than any other semen-enhancing formula on the market today. Advertisements are strewn across social media platforms, blogs, and other websites, describing the increased volume, thickness, and quality of semen that users get from their blend of ingredients.

This remedy is unique rather than filling the body with the same ingredients that consumers have expected from sexual health supplements. Instead, consumers get Swedish flower pollen, Epimedium sagittatum, L-arginine, and other notable ingredients to promote effectiveness. As powerful as the remedy is, a 67-day money-back guarantee covers consumers.



Semenoll focuses on more than semen production; the creators specifically state that this remedy aims to improve the likelihood of conception with the user’s partner. This 100% natural formula helps with semen volume and improves sexual performance.

The creators included some of the most popular ingredients known today, like maca root extract and zinc oxide, to make this product effective. The formula also includes pumpkin seed extract, Tribulus Terrestris, and L-arginine, all linked to the production of semen and improved sexual function.

Fertility Factor 5


Fertility Factor 5 is made by VigRX, helping men who want to conceive a baby with their partner by increasing the movement and motility of sperm. It also promotes better sperm count and population while supporting a healthy sperm shape. All of these factors make it easier to conceive.

Though other companies are unclear about how long this process can take, this formula works within the first three months when the user consumes the supplement every day. The creators have put this product through clinical trials to demonstrate the effectiveness of this formula in sperm concentration and the potential for pregnancy. Users that take this formula daily will also increase their libido and improve their erections.

Volume Pills


Volume Pills promotes better semen, which it achieves through increased blood flow and better testosterone levels. The formula purportedly helps consumers improve their semen by up to five times what they typically release.

It also allows users to feel more sexually aroused, ensuring that they get the large erections they want.

Consumers can improve their testosterone production and blood flow with unique ingredients like San Guo Mu and Ku Gua.



UltraLoad improves the strength of orgasms and increases ejaculations, giving the user more satisfying sexual intercourse. It is meant to be used daily, giving users the benefits of ingredients already backed by scientific evidence. As users take this remedy, they’ll benefit from the use of pine bark extract, B vitamins, maca, and L-citrulline (among others), helping users to have better orgasms as well.

Consumers get a 100-day money-back guarantee with their purchase.

Max Performer


Max Performer focuses on helping men achieve a more prominent and firmer erection rather than explicitly dealing with semen production. This improvement correlates with increased libido, better performance, and increased stamina. Ultimately, men who take this remedy could have a much better sex life.

Max Performer’s label shows the exact amount of every dosage, demonstrating high amounts of the main ingredients for a better reaction to ensure consumers know that they can trust this remedy. The formula can be shipped worldwide, though made in the UK and the USA. It already offers many of the most popular ingredients in the sexual health industry, like horny goat weed, red Korean ginseng, cordyceps, zinc, selenium, and others.

VigRX Plus


VigRX Plus is another notable name on our list, featured in many online ads on social media platforms and other websites. It improves the original formula – VigRX – ensuring that users can get even more support for their sexual stamina, the volume of semen, and the strength of their erection. The original remedy has been around since 2007, and over 1.2 million boxes have already been distributed to customers.

Unlike some of the other products on this list, VigRX Plus comes with the recommendation of Dr. Steven Lamm (the director of NYU’s Center for Men’s Health) and the support of other doctors. The formula can improve the user’s libido and intensify the orgasms they achieve.



SemEnhance helps consumers improve semen quality, but it has one unique feature that none of the other products on this list can boast – improved taste. While there are plenty of other factors to semen quality, like the volume, the ability to improve the flavor is meant for consumers who want something extra for their efforts.

Semen is naturally bitter and alkaline, but this combination of traits won’t taste very fine. This formula is intended to change that taste with natural ingredients, taking only three weeks. The ingredients used to achieve this effect include pineapple and celery, backed by scientific evidence.



ProEnhance helps users improve semen quality, but enhanced sexual performance and stamina are notable benefits. This formula combines herbal extracts and plants, which may provide users with improved erections and arousal.

Instead of being condensed into a capsule, users will absorb the benefits through the skin with a patch. The patches have five layers, including a menthol blend and an herbal blend. This patch purportedly increases an erection by up to an inch within two months. The creators state that there are no side effects associated with ProEnhance and that many doctors recommend it.

How the Top Semen Enhancers Were Ranked

Considering that every semen-enhancing remedy often boasts the same claim, separating the good from the bad is difficult. The following criteria had to be met instead of simply requiring that the formula improve semen volume and quality.

Use of Ingredients and Dosages with Scientific Evidence

While there are many ingredients that supplements can include, the ability to increase semen volume is a benefit that is only boosted by a few ingredients. Vitamin D, vitamin C, maca root, and Tribulus Terrestris are some of the most common elements to promote better fertility.

Proof of Effectiveness with Clinical Trials and Third-party Testing

Even though these remedies make enormous promises to consumers, only a few see the importance of clinical trials. Supplements with a ton of scientific evidence to back up their products were preferred, even if they linked to clinical trials on the individual ingredients.

Money-back Guarantee Offer

Every person reacts differently to the use of semen enhancers. Companies that offered a refund policy for unsatisfied customers were a must, showing that customers don’t have to pay for a remedy that doesn’t work for them.

Honest Benefits in Advertised Content

The Food and Drug Administration has specific rules and requirements for supplements, even though they aren’t technically regulated. Still, no supplement can boast of itself as a treatment, medicine, or cure for any issue. The brands that offer semen enhancement supplements had to provide realistic claims about what they offer.

Accurate Pricing for Value

No matter how much an individual is prepared to spend on their product, the company needs to offer it for a price that matches. Some products come with a $100 price tag, which is quite steep. Remedies with a premium price had to provide premium benefits.

Recommendations from Medical Professionals

When a semen-boosting supplement is excellent, it doesn’t take much to get support from physicians, urologists, and other medical professionals. Some of the products out there even claim to have the approval of professionals.

Positive Manufacturer Reputation

With so many different products in the industry today, it is no surprise that many companies have managed to stick around for years. Even with a new remedy, how the industry sees the company can play a role in its effectiveness for users. Being transparent with the public about what a brand offers can improve the entire experience for users. While the amount of time a company has been around has no bearing on their place on this list, the way they are seen in the industry did.

Customer Reviews

No one knows how good a product is like the customers who have tried it. These reviews show the public how well the formula has worked for other people, suggesting that it works well for the majority of consumers as well.

If the formula could meet all the criteria, it had a much better chance of getting a place in the rankings of this guide.

Scientific Evidence for Semen Enhancers

The use of semen enhancers is supposed to improve both sexual performance and the quality of semen, but does it? This guide will deal with the science behind the semen enhancers on the market today in the section below.

Before diving in, users need to understand that using a semen supplement won’t correct the issue overnight. In total, scientific research shows that producing sperm takes about 74 days, a process called spermatogenesis that requires hormones to trigger it.

Vitamin D is one of the best ways that consumers can increase the quality of their sperm, as there is scientific evidence that directly correlates between the consumption of this vitamin and sperm production. Vitamin D naturally occurs in the body when an individual is in the sunlight, so it is essential to get outside at some point during the day. When outside isn’t an option during colder days, taking a vitamin D supplement is optimal.

According to recent research, a man’s ethnicity can play a role in his sperm count. Statistically, men with a Latino background tend to make more sperm than Caucasian and Chinese men. The underwear that a man wears also plays a role. Allowing their body to be freer with boxers (rather than briefs) can improve sperm count by 17%. However, more research is needed to determine that statistic’s accuracy.

While sperm production may change with age, every man is fertile and is capable of creating sperm. However, as a man gets older, the odds of genetic mutation during conception are much higher.

D-aspartic acid is helpful to promote increased fertility and testosterone production. Most studies on this ingredient support its ability to boost fertility, but other studies are not as optimistic. DAA is already produced in glands near the testicles, but men with lower DAA levels are more likely to suffer from infertility. In a study that required men to take 2.7g of DAA for three months, the participants experienced up to 60% higher sperm count and up to 100% increased motility than placebo users.

Regular exercise is a natural way to promote better semen quality, increased testosterone production, and enhanced fertility. While researchers have shown that exercising too much can help with semen quality, it can reduce testosterone levels. Speak with a medical professional to determine the right amount of exercise to engage in.

Vitamin C is another helpful nutrient for men who want increased fertility. As one of the top antioxidants globally, this vitamin helps eradicate free radicals, which means users deal with less inflammation. Eating a high vitamin C diet is relatively easy because it is found in fruits and vegetables. In a study involving 1,000mg of vitamin C twice daily, sperm motility increased by 92%, while sperm count increased by 1,000%.

Stress is one of the most damaging factors to fertility. With higher cortisol levels, fertility is reduced and testosterone levels. Reducing stress is one of the easiest and most natural ways to adjust fertility, even for women.

Maca root is a common ingredient that consumers get from semen-enhancing supplements. It has helped increase libido for centuries, demonstrating its effectiveness for generations. According to a recent study, taking just 1.5g of maca root daily can increase the libido over three months. Tribulus Terrestris, zinc, and ashwagandha have had similar effects on sexual health.

As beneficial as all of these lifestyle and dietary changes are, there is no guarantee that any of these solutions will help consumers to improve their semen volume or quality. The FDA has yet to approve any of these methods as actual treatments, even though a few major peer-reviewed studies exist to show that there are ways to use herbs and plants to help. The best way to boost semen quality and volume is by engaging in a healthy lifestyle.

Sperm Terms: Things to Know About Semen

Specific terminology is essential to understand the current products on the market today. Here are a few necessary terms that are used in the market today.

Sperm Concentration

Sperm concentration is often referred to as sperm density. It shows how many sperm are found per milliliter of semen. Ultimately, the average person with typical fertility has 15 million sperm in every milliliter of semen.

Sperm Motility

Sperm motility demonstrates the total percentage of sperm moving in a given sample. The term is sometimes used to discuss movement quality. Though moving sperm drops after ejaculation, about 32% of the sperm should still be moving.

Sperm Morphology

The morphology of sperm is used to describe the size, shape, and appearance of the individual’s sperm. Morphology has a significant influence on the odds that a couple will conceive.

Top Ways to Naturally Boost Sperm Count

Making a few lifestyle changes can make a difference in the quality of semen. According to multiple scientific studies, certain drugs can be detrimental to sperm count. Smoking and not getting enough vitamins and minerals each day can also make a difference.

Here are some of the top scientifically proven ways that consumers can improve their sperm count.

  • Don’t drink alcohol anymore.
  • Stop engaging in recreational drug use.
  • Take supplements that help with your levels of zinc, vitamin C, and D.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables daily.
  • Protect the body against sexually transmitted infections.
  • Reduce or avoid stressful circumstances.
  • Don’t use prescription drugs (if possible).
  • Discontinue the use of any anabolic steroids.
  • Avoid chemotherapy and anti-arthritis medications.
  • Don’t use artificial lubricants during intercourse.

While these changes don’t guarantee conception, they will improve fertility.

Clinical Trials on Semen Volume Enhancer Pills

Some of the top companies for semen volume enhancement are supported by clinical trials to show how they can increase sperm count, mobility, and volume. Rather than just relying on the scientific evidence behind these remedies, a few brands went through clinical trials for their formulas to ensure that consumers get what they pay for.

VigRX performed such a clinical trial, gathering 75 meant to try out the use of their remedy for a total of 84 days. The only participants in the study were between ages 25 and 50. Everything was performed by a third-party team called Vedic Lifesciences Pvt Ltd. The researchers discovered almost a 50% increase in sex drive, 71% increase in satisfaction after sexual activity, 61% increase in sexual desire, and more than a 22% increase in orgasm quality.

Fertility Factor 5 went through clinical trials, demonstrating sperm count, morphology, motility, spermatogenesis, and volume improvements.

The trial with Semenax is pretty similar, showing that healthcare professionals recorded no side effects. Furthermore, semen volume increased by 20% in most users.

ProEnhance takes a different approach, showing the many consumers who have seen improved erections and semen quality through their testimonials. Customers who have tried this remedy state that they’ve had up to an inch more in length in their erections within two months. By the third month, their sex drive increased exponentially, while their orgasms were noticeably better by the fifth month of use.

Supplement companies don’t take the time to put their remedy through a clinical trial because it can be rather expensive. However, the top products for semen enhancement tend to go through these trials to ensure that consumers get what they need. The tests show the actual results that users can sustain, rather than hoping that users will believe the online advertisements.

Potential Side Effects of Semen Enhancer Supplements

Since most of these products have natural ingredients in safe dosages, semen-enhancing formulas don’t usually have any severe side effects. However, using these formulas precisely the way the label says consistently is essential. Otherwise, unpredictable side effects may take place.

Individuals who experience some side effects may deal with:

  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Indigestion
  • Nausea

Still, most people don’t have any adverse reactions to supplements that increase their semen production.

Semen Enhancer Supplement Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage entirely depends on the particular formula. Some companies state that the best dosage of their remedy is just two capsules; however, the ingredients found in those two capsules vary from one product to the next. To see the full effect of any formula, take the remedy for between one and six months.

Frequently Asked Questions About Semen Enhancer Supplements

Q: How many calories are in semen?

A: Each time a man ejaculates, the total semen is approximately ten calories.

Q: What’s in semen?

A: Most semen’s composition is water, fructose, prostaglandins, and enzymes. It also contains sperm.

Q: What’s the best way to boost semen volume?

A: Drinking enough water each day and taking the right blend of vitamins and minerals can increase semen volume.

Q: How much semen is in each ejaculation?

A: On average, up to 5mL of semen is in every ejaculation.

Q: How much sperm is in each ejaculation?

A: Though sperm is only a tiny percentage of every ejaculation, there are about 15 million released each time.

Q: What everyday things damage sperm?

A: Exposure to excessive heat, regularly smoking, and carrying extra weight are all factors that damage the quality of a man’s sperm.

Q: Do laptops damage sperm?

A: Due to the heat from a laptop’s battery, it is possible for this type of machine to damage sperm. However, more studies are needed to determine if the laptop could be causing damage.

Q: How do I change the taste or smell of semen?

A: Most scientific studies indicate that there’s no way to change the taste or smell of semen conclusively. However, many men believe that celery, kiwi, and pineapple are beneficial.

Q: Does smoking affect semen?

A: Yes. Semen’s taste and smell can change for men who smoke. It also can drastically lower sperm count.

Q: Why does semen have different consistency levels?

A: Hydration is the primary catalyst behind the consistency of semen. Individuals who regularly hydrate are likely to release more when they ejaculate.

Q: Can semen be frozen?

A: Yes. However, it should not be frozen at home. Instead, if individuals hope to freeze their semen, they can seek out assistance from a medical professional to use liquid nitrogen in the freezing process.

Q: Can someone be allergic to semen?

A: It is doubtful that anyone would be allergic to semen, but it isn’t impossible. Individuals who have an allergy will experience itching, swelling, and redness on their skin wherever the semen comes in contact. The symptoms are no different from any other allergy.

Q: How many sperm does someone need to get pregnant?

A: Only one sperm is needed, even though a man releases millions when he ejaculates.

Q: How do men improve sperm health?

A: A healthy lifestyle is the best catalyst for healthy sperm. Individuals who smoke, use illicit drugs and constantly contact harmful chemicals are likely to have unhealthy sperm. Making changes to these lifestyle factors can be highly beneficial.

Q: Do men stop making sperm when they get older?

A: No. Men typically can procreate for their entire lives, even though the amount of sperm they produce reduces.

Q: What is sperm morphology?

A: Morphology is the appearance of sperm, accounting for their size and shape.

Q: What is sperm motility?

A: The motility of sperm is the amount of sperm that moves in the sample taken. Within one hour of ejaculating, about one-third of the sperm should still be moving in a straight line, only going forward.

Q: What is sperm concentration or sperm density?

A: This term refers to how many sperm are found in a single milliliter of seme. The typical concentration is about 15 million per milliliter.

Q: What’s the difference between semen and sperm?

A: Most people think that semen and sperm are the same, but they aren’t. Semen is the fluid that men release when they ejaculate, and it is mainly made of water and proteins. Semen contains sperm, which is likely why so many people become confused. Sperm is just one part of semen, and it is necessary to fertilize any egg.

Q: Where does semen come from?

A: Semen is collected from multiple sources in the body, including the testicles, prostate, and vas deferens. The semen is then released through the urethra.

Q: What happens to sperm if the man doesn’t have sex or masturbate?

A: The body naturally deals with unused sperm by either releasing it or absorbing it back into the body.

Q: How does a man improve the quality of sperm?

A: Keeping the testicles cooled off and reducing the consumption of unhealthy foods is the easiest way to improve sperm quality. According to scientific research, the following foods can be highly beneficial: fruits, fish oil, lean beef, asparagus, walnuts, avocado, edamame beans, garlic, and pomegranate.

Q: What’s bad for sperm?

A: Avoid a diet that has a lot of saturated fat. Also, avoid drinking coffee or alcohol, and don’t smoke. According to some scientific studies, marijuana use is also harmful to sperm quality.

Q: Is it bad if semen is lumpy?

A: No. Hydration levels primarily affect the texture of semen, and lumpy semen is nothing to be worried about.

Q: Why do men want to increase semen volume?

A: More semen can increase the likelihood of conception. However, some men simply want to produce more semen when they ejaculate out of pride.

Q: Is semen volume linked to masculinity?

A: Not at all. Hydration is the key to semen volume.

Q: What are the best foods for semen volume?

A: Choose fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene, lutein, and vitamin C.

Q: Are healthy fats good for semen volume?

A: Yes. On the other hand, eating bad fats can reduce semen volume.

Q: What’s the best way to increase sperm naturally?

A: Zinc-rich foods and improved hydration are linked to better semen volume. If the individual has already incorporated these changes and increased exercise, a semen enhancer supplement from the list above might be beneficial.

Q: What’s the best semen enhancer supplement?

A: Any of the options listed above – like Semenax, Semenoll, and Volume Pills – can provide incredible benefits for individuals who want to increase their sperm count and semen volume.

The Best Semen Enhancer Supplements of 2022 Final Thoughts

Semen enhancer formulas help consumers in different ways. The right product can improve the results that users achieve. Finding a reputable brand is the easiest way to improve it safely, no matter what kind of supplement the individual uses – including protein powders, legal steroid alternatives, or testosterone boosters. Look for products with a money-back guarantee to prevent a loss if the remedy doesn’t work out. Try one of the best semen enhancer supplements on our list above today!

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