7 Best Adderall Alternative Supplements for Natural Brain Support

The nootropic supplements are used as alternatives to Adderall, a prescription-strength medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The product increases wakefulness and cognitive control, but it can sometimes be too much since people might develop side effects like headaches or nausea from using these powerful drugs without knowing how they work in your body beforehand.

But, Adderall is not a perfect medication. Many people experience changes to their sex drive or mood while taking the drug, and it can also cause cardiovascular problems and habit-forming effects in some cases. So many turns towards nootropic supplements like racetams explicitly designed for increased cognitive functions, such as cognition boosting capabilities without unwanted side effects – they’re safe alternatives with less risk of addiction too!

The 7 Best Adderall Alternatives of 2021

In 2021, many people were looking for a replacement for Adderall. The most popular alternatives are nootropics like Modafinil or Ritalin, which have gained traction among those who want similar effects without the risks associated with prescription medications such as addiction and tolerance build-up over time (especially in vulnerable populations). We ranked our top Adderall alternative picks based on how closely they replicated what you could expect from taking Dexedrine; scroll down if this sounds interesting!

  • Nootrogen
  • Brain C-13
  • Mind Lab Pro
  • SANE Vitaae
  • NooCube Brain Productivity
  • Modafinil
  • Performance Lab Mind



The world of today is a fast-paced, ever-changing landscape. With so many distractions around us, it’s hard to focus on the task at hand without help from ingredients like Nootrogen, which can support concentration and attention span 8-10.

Nootrogen is a formula that can help support healthy memory and your brain’s natural Synaptic Plasticity. Synaptic Plasticity, also known as “wire-rewiring” in the area of neuroscience, refers to our ability for neural circuits to reroute themselves after being stimulated with various stimuli such as learning new information or adjusting how we respond emotionally based on past experiences.

Cognition is the brain’s internal processing involved in creativity, abstraction, and reasoning.11 It’s responsible for those high-level decisions that take sharp thinking experience like an orchestra playing their parts correctly to produce good music from individual instruments combined into one soundscape across all listener’s ears without any discrepancy between them.

A few ingredients from Nootrogen are known to help with everyday stress, and they’re included for you to get nootropic benefits while under pressure. This could be especially useful during nervousness-related anxiety associated with performances such as public speaking or academic testing.

Brain C-13


Zenith Brain C-13 is formulated to fight the 3 “invisible brain assassins” of stress, lack of oxygen, and essential nutrients, made with all-natural ingredients like ginseng extract that will activate sleepy cells to make you feel alert and mentally sharp!

This device was designed to freshen up your memory and wash away those embarrassing forgetful moments, like losing the thread of what you were saying mid-sentence.

We’ve created a line-up of brain-stimulating elements to help you achieve that—along with faster learning, less mental fatigue, and more creativity.

We already know that Zenith Brain C-13 is the best choice for your brain health because it contains all four essential nutrients. This product was designed to make supporting cognitive function more effective than ever before!

When we began formulating Zenith Brain C-13, our goal was to provide you with every opportunity for brain health. That’s why along with the perfect dosage in each ingredient, including huperzine A choline magnesium Vincopetine 9, more mind-boosting ingredients are added that will support and enhance your results!

Mind Lab Pro


Mind Lab Pro has released the fourth version of it’s all-in-one nootropic formula. The first three versions were good, but this one is far superior to them!

Mind Lab Pro is a rare Adderall alternative on this list to have breached 1 million sales. Supported by thousands of five-star reviews and scientifically proven through independent research, Mindlabpro deserves a place among your nootropic supplements arsenal.

Mind Lab Pro is a product with 11 ingredients, including NutriGenesis vitamins, for maximum absorption. It also includes lion’s mane mushroom extract, which supports nerve growth factor (NGF), and Bacopa monnieri extract to promote blood flow in the brain and memory formation—plus Mind lab provides specific dosages of each listed ingredient!

The top-rated Adderall alternative supplement available today, Mind Lab Pro, has an entire medical advisory board that checks research to determine what makes up this formula. One result is that they’re able to produce one with cognitive boosters, and it’s considered by many as being among some good alternatives out there!

SANE Vitaae


SANE Vitaae is the newest brain supplement from Sane Laboratories. It targets cognition and focuses differently than competing formulas, while other supplements use vitamins or minerals to support your memory function – like with CoQ10, for example! The ingredient list includes anti-aging molecules such as folate, which can also help prevent heart disease; omega-three fatty acids that improve mental clarity by reducing inflammation ( proven time after time), plus citicoline, so you have all bases covered when trying to stay sharp mentally no matter what’s going on.

Big names include acetyl L carnitine, an antioxidant known worldwide for its ability to boost energy levels and improve mental health benefits.

SANE Vitaae, a supplement from Sane Labs, can purportedly improve mental clarity and concentration as well as boost your mood. This is in addition to other effects, including enhanced brain energy utilization by 13% or 26%. In contrast with other supplements listed here, which don’t appear on top lists like this one, they may offer some benefits that make them worth investigating further before you buy!

SANE Vitaae is a nootropic supplement that may be the ultimate cognitive booster for your unique needs. It helps support healthy aging throughout both mind and body, making it perfect as an anti-aging treatment or just when you want to think more clearly!

NooCube Brain Productivity


NooCube Brain Productivity is a supplement developed by leading neuroscientists which contains vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts instead of shortcuts like caffeine. It can purportedly boost brain functions such as mental energy enhancement or improved concentration skills for those looking to increase their productivity under pressure with increased focus to do better work than before from now on- it’s all about performance-enhancing supplements!

This product has been created to have more time each day without any side effects because just one dose provides everything your body needs when improving cognitive abilities. It’s perfect if we’re talking business-minded individuals here who want top-level thinking capabilities at hand whenever.

The ingredients in NooCube have been carefully selected to provide the best benefits for your brain. It is formulated with Alpha GPC, Huperzine A (an extract from Cat’s claw), Bacopa monnieri, and more!

Some people may be worried about taking Adderall, as they know it can cause addiction and other side effects. NooCube provides an alternative to this drug with a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied!



Modafinil is the only Adderall alternative in this list that’s not a supplement brand. It’s also known as Modalert, and it belongs to an older group of medications called “nootropics.” Doctors might prescribe this for someone who has trouble sleeping, like narcolepsy patients, to stimulate themselves awake; others use Modafinil to get more focused attention while doing tasks at work or school—and even playing games! The medication similarly attracts your complete focus by acting much like caffeine but without some side effects such as jitteriness.

Modafinil, a medication best known for its cognitive enhancing properties and nootropic effects in the brain, can be prescribed to help with narcolepsy. It is also often used by doctors who have difficulty staying awake during long shifts or suffer from depression which leaves them feeling lethargic most days of the week.

A new report conducted by The New York Times found out that 90% of prescriptions were being written off label, including fatigue problems like lack of focus & reduced wakefulness caused due to sleepiness, amongst other things.

There’s a wide variety of nootropics out there that you can buy in bulk, from Modafinil to L-Theanine. Some people take only the former while others mix them with other substances as part of their stack, and high-powered molecules like these stimulate your central nervous system, so be careful when using it!

Performance Lab Mind


The Mind from Performance Lab supplement can help you get everything done and stay focused. It uses safe ingredients like Cognizin, which has been shown in scientific studies to boost brain energy for up to 12 hours after taking it just once!

Performance Lab Mind is a short, simple supplement that uses four core ingredients to support brain function. These include Cognizin citicoline, Sharp-PS phosphatidylserine from citrus vesicles extracted in Ajipure L-tyrosine, and Maritime pine bark extract for its antioxidant benefits on cognition.

Do you feel like your brain is a little too busy to get everything done at once? Is it hard for that one task, in particular, whether it’s schoolwork or making dinner with two kids fighting over the TV remote while trying not to kill each other’s Lego monsters under their beds first? You’re not alone! Performance Lab Mind might help boost cognition through multitasking by helping those who want more than just Adderall alternatives but different results from them as well. Priced around $69 per box (and backed up by our 30-day money-back guarantee), this new supplement could very well suit everyone looking to improve focus without having any adverse side effects—so grab some today before they run out!

How Did We Rank the Best Adderall Alternative Supplements?

In the world of Adderall alternatives, many people are looking to relieve their chronic stress or get more done in less time. Here’s the list of the best and worst supplements available today!

Proven Ingredients

Some nootropics use proven ingredients. Others rely on bizarre, unproven herbal extracts from China, and some have even been shown to be unsafe by the FDA for human consumption, so we prefer supplements with safe GRAS-approved ingredients like those found in our top-rated smart drugs list.

Sufficient Dosages

Sufficient dosages are what we looked for in our search for the best Adderall alternative supplements. Some of those remedies dazzled with a list of ingredients, only to disappoint when it came down to dosage size and frequency that each component would be used during use- although some proprietary formulas hid this information behind locked doors as well.

Backed by Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trials

Placebo-controlled trials are a scientific study in which neither the participant nor researcher knows if they’re getting an actual treatment or placebo. The double-blind design ensures that participants receive genuine Adderall alternatives from top manufacturers who have met rigorous standards for quality and safety tested through.

Transparent Labeling

We have found that Adderall alternatives with transparent labeling and honest ingredients are better than those using proprietary labels to protect their trade secrets. That’s why we rank them higher on our list! Fakes can be just as bad for your health, so make sure you’re getting what’s good by checking out our list!

Advertised Benefits

It is legal to advertise nootropic supplements as a treatment or cure for certain diseases, but not all can do so because of FDA regulations. We preferred companies who were honest about what their product could provide in terms of benefits—even if it weren’t 100% true advertising (as opposed to false advertisement).

Manufacturer Reputation

With our limited research, we found that some nootropic manufacturers are older than others. For decades, those in the business provided high-quality supplements without any concerns about their reputation or manufacturing process, which made them stand out as top candidates to make your supplement purchase with confidence from an established brand name you can trust!

Fair Price & Value

The nootropic supplement is available at a price for you – whether it be $10 or 200 per month. We considered both Fair Price & Value in our rankings, so something here will fit your budget and needs!

Money-back Guarantee

The best nootropic formulas are not for everyone. That’s why we liked Adderall alternative supplements backed by a satisfaction guarantee, as they suggest confidence in their product and that it works as advertised. All top-rated brands have an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee on all products – so you can try before you buy!

Who Should Take an Adderall Alternative Supplement?

Adderall alternative supplements are becoming more popular as users of the original pill have discovered an extensive list of side effects and dangers to taking Adderall. These include increased heart rate, decrease in deep sleep cycles (which can lead to weight loss), damage in cellular membranes, which may increase your risk for diabetes down the line. Many people who would never think about using this drug recreationally or even medically began seeking safer alternatives because they wanted better concentration during schoolwork without any risks attached!

Suppose you’re in a competitive workplace, students or adults who want to support memory and cognition. If you’re an athlete, we have supplements for them too! Want more focus on those daily tasks that seem like they’ll never end? You need something good enough. At least 10 cups of coffee couldn’t do it.

Any Side Effects of Adderall Alternatives?

Many people want to avoid the side effects of Adderall, but you can still experience them with an alternative supplement.

Adderall is a prescription drug associated with critical negative impacts on mental health and well-being in some people who use it recreationally or legally prescribed for ADD/ADHD symptoms. The results aren’t as effective – but neither are these other unwanted consequences! If your healthy adult self has been experiencing zero adverse reactions when taking Adderall alternatives, feel free to try one at home before talking candidly about trying out this new product.

Taking prescription nootropics such as Adderall or Modafinil could hurt your health. Side effects include:

Adderall alternatives supplements have different ingredients and dosages, even when they come with the exact dosage prescribed by a doctor— so there’s always room for error! A common side effect of this kind, in particular, is insomnia; luckily, though, you can do something about it. All we need are some good old-fashioned tips from medical professionals on how best to tackle sleeplessness without medication.

  • Problems with Vision
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Fast Heart Rate
  • Insomnia,
  • Sleep Issues
  • Addiction

Taking Adderall alternative supplements instead of taking medication can reduce the side effects you experience.

Side Effects of Adderall

The Adderall alternative supplements are not linked with significant side effects in most healthy adults when they take it at standard dosages. However, Adderall has considerable adverse consequences for those who abuse the drug over an extended period, such as depression and mood swings, leading to more serious issues like suicide or anxiety disorders.

Some side effects associated with Adderall involve:

  • Irritability
  • Aggression and mood swings
  • Difficulties sleeping
  • Depression
  • Paranoia and hallucinations
  • Lethargy and fatigue
  • Inability to concentration
  • Lack of motivation
  • Anxiety and panic attacks

How Does Adderall Really Work?

We know Adderall works by boosting the brain’s natural ability to produce dopamine and other chemicals involved with motivation or sensation-seeking behavior – which means it could have both positive and negative effects depending on who you are!

Many people use Adderall to improve their mental functioning, and it has been shown that this drug impacts neurotransmitters in the brain. These nutrients help focus while reducing impulsivity because norepinephrine or dopamine availability is higher than without taking Adderall.

Adderall Vs. Ritalin

If you’re looking for a way to treat your ADHD without using Adderall or Ritalin, there are many alternatives. Both drugs have their own sets of pros and cons when compared with one another. But some other options in this category include Provigil (modafinil), which has similar effects as amphetamine/dextroamphetamine; Strattera hormone replacement therapy shots that work by releasing ingredients found naturally within our bodies; and Regulatory T-Cells that regulate inflammation levels, so we don’t become too irritable!

Adderall & Ritalin are two of the most common medications used to treat ADHD. However, both drugs have been known for their abuse potential and off-label purposes in other disorders like narcolepsy or depression, where they serve no medical purpose whatsoever.

The difference between Adderall and Ritalin is the way they work. While both drugs are central nervous system stimulants, which means that they increase brain activity by increasing neurotransmitters like dopamine or norepinephrine, one of them also speeds up your thoughts while focusing on a single task at hand (Ampharaine).

There are many different effects and durations when it comes to Adderall. Some find that Ritalin works more quickly, while others experience an immediate drop-off in effectiveness after three hours or less with their medication cocktail mix of both drugs (depending on whom you ask). Those taking the slower acting kind will have a nearly six-hour period before any noticeable side-effects kick in – but this also means there’s time for your brain stimulant effect to wear off entirely if needed! Talk with the doctor first about which option might work out best for YOU.

Scientific Proof for Adderall Alternatives: What Do Clinical Trials Say?

Adderall alternatives are not only safe, but they also work. This article reviews some of the most extensive research on Adderall replacements and their effects in supporting focus, moods & memory.

Adderall is a prescription stimulant that can be safely and effectively used to treat ADHD. Multiple studies have validated its safety, as well as effectiveness in treating this mental illness. For example, researchers investigating the effects of 30mg Adderall on college students found minimal improvements in neurocognition – contrary to what many students believe when they take their medication with little or no side effects!

Bacopa monnieri offers a range of benefits, including the promotion of cognition and memory. It can also help focus to make studying easier for students struggling in school or just needing an edge!

Bacopa Monnier is one such supplement that provides users mental clarity while studying or working on the task at hand – no matter how difficult it may seem at times.

All of the supplements mentioned above have Bacopa monnieri in the 300 mg to 600+mg range per serving, with some even containing bacosides – those are active ingredients found only in this plant!

Huperzine A is a nootropic ingredient that’s largely unknown outside the cognitive community. In this 1999 study, researchers gave participants Huperzine-A. They experienced significant improvements in memory and cognition; additionally, symptoms related to Alzheimer’s disease were reduced by nearly half compared with placebo! Because these results show promise for improving overall health and wellness among those who use huperzine supplements like Adderall XR alternative – it could be worth looking into how you can obtain them too, if needed or desired?

The most popular stack of nootropics is L-theanine and caffeine. Many people take this without thinking about it, while others use the natural ingredient to boost their cognition safely (without adverse side effects).

L-theanine can allow your body to enjoy all of the benefits of caffeine – including its Adderall-like focus and attention – with none of the downsides. So not only will it help prevent Marie Clare syndrome but also make your day even better by helping reduce stress! A 50 mg dose (approximately two cups) has been shown in one study. For example, it promotes alpha brain wave activity associated with cognition and alertness; other research suggests L Thea nullifies unwanted side effects like jitters anxiety discomfort.

Onnit’s Alpha Brain is included in the few Adderall alternatives on the market tested in large clinical trials. The supplement boasts an all-natural formula with no side effects, so you can take it without worrying about any nasty withdrawal symptoms or anything like that!

Caffeine is the most popular psychoactive substance, and scientists have known for some time that it can enhance your cognitive abilities. Multiple studies in recent years have validated this idea, with one study observing how regular caffeine consumption changed brain structure within grey matter regions responsible for attention span or memory function.

Doctors of the past prescribed black cohosh and goldenseal for female hysteria, valerian to help with insomnia. Doctors now prescribe Adderall alternatives in pill or liquid form – these supplements provide similar benefits without any side effects!

Frequently Asked Questions About Adderall Supplements

There are many misconceptions about Adderall and how it works. We get plenty of questions about this drug, but not enough people ask us what they need to know before taking something like this! To help answer some frequently asked ones:

Q: What is Adderall?

A: A combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, Adderall, can be used to treat symptoms in people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Q: What does Adderall do?

A: Adderall is the drug that boosts focus and reduces impulsivity by increasing dopamine levels in your brain.

Q: Is Adderall declared legal?

A: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Adderall for use as a legal drug. It’s considered to have some abuse potential, but it’s still in the category of Schedule II stimulants by both agencies- which means you can get a prescription from your doctor!

Q: How does Adderall work?

A: With Adderall, you’ll be able to focus on one thing at a time. No more juggling between work or other responsibilities because of your impulsivity!

Q: Can you get Adderall without a prescription?

A: Adderall is unavailable without a prescription in the US.

Q: Can you take Adderall as an adult?

A: Some people with ADHD may be prescribed Adderall to help them stay focused and concentrated.

Q: What are the side effects of Adderall?

A: Prolonged use can lead to health concerns and more intense symptoms, making it difficult for you to function properly at work or school and social interactions with family members.

Q: How can you tell if Adderall is working?

A: ADD/ADHD won’t go away with just Adderall. However, you may feel like your symptoms are lessened when it is easier to focus and complete tasks because of this medication.

Q: What are nootropics for?

A: Nootropics work in diverse ways to boost brainpower. Many target memory while others focus on attention or executive functioning, but few nootropic substances will help you remember everything!

Q: What is Adderall used to treat?

A: Adderall is a powerful drug that helps people with ADHD overcome their symptoms. Doctors may prescribe it to children and adults. Still, its use in these patient groups should be closely monitored – especially adolescents who often abuse the medication for non-medical reasons due to its stimulant properties (elevated mood & energy).

Q: What is the change between Adderall and Ritalin?

A: Adderall and Ritalin are two of the most common medications used to treat ADHD. Adderall has fewer side effects as it wears off. A dose typically lasts longer than what would be provided by one tablet or capsule of Ritalin; however, individuals react differently, so results may vary between patients who take this medicine.

Q: How long does Adderall last?

A: You can count on Adderall XR to last seven or twelve hours, depending on your unique physiology. But if you take the shorter-lasting IR form of this medication – it will only provide four solid doses before running out!

Q: Is Adderall a schedule II drug?

A: With an addictive potential that is considered high, Adderall has been categorized as a Schedule II stimulant by the Drug Enforcement Agency. Most ADHD drugs in this category have similar effects and side effects, making them very dangerous if not used appropriately or with care, because they may lead to addiction over time due to their potency levels.

Q: Is Adderall addictive?

A: If you habit taking Adderall, talk to your doctor about addiction issues linked with this drug.

Q: Do Adderall addiction have any signs?

A: Addicts of Adderall struggle with the idea that they can’t be without their medication. They may take more than before to feel normal and experience withdrawal symptoms when trying to cut back on it or stop entirely.

Q: Do Adderall help with creativity?

A: Some people take Adderall to improve their creative abilities, but it can impair your performance. One study of young adults who performed a series of tasks before and after taking the drug (without telling researchers) participants showed reduced creativity on several functions- with some getting worse than others!

The 7 Best Adderall Alternatives of 2021 Conclusion

Adderall alternatives are popular for people who don’t like the side effects or have an Adderall prescription but want to experience attention-boosting benefits.

You know that feeling when you look for a natural Adderall alternative and can’t seem to find one? Well, luckily, we’ve compiled this list of the best OTC nootropic brain boosters with proven ingredients. After reviewing each supplement on our list, be sure to pick which will work best based on what your needs are now and which direction is more likely going down in the future if it becomes necessary or desired!

With so many Adderall alternatives available, you can enjoy the cognitive benefits of this powerful drug without any of its side effects. Although none are as strong or effective in terms of providing an instant boost to your brainpower as Adderall does, they do provide some improvement when taken regularly over time- which is why we recommend adding one (or more) supplements listed above into your daily routine!

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Please note that any guidelines or advice published here are not even remotely a replacement for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Ensure to consult with a professional doctor before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary as the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the statements made regarding these products. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Affiliate Disclosure

Links contained in this product review may result in a small commission if you purchase the recommended product at no additional cost. This goes towards supporting our research and editorial team, and please know we only recommend high-quality products.

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