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3Chi Delta 8 Review

We invite you to pause what you’re doing, and close your eyes for just a moment. Then, imagine the perfect company. You know… a company that focuses more on producing high quality products, is completely transparent, and values customer satisfaction. Okay, you can open your eyes.

Now, can you think of any company that currently exists that meets the above qualifications? Better yet… Can you think of any company that exists in the cannabis industry that meets those qualifications?

We get it… Profits are essential for any successful brand. But if that’s their only focus, it’s in your best interest to look elsewhere. Nowadays, more and more consumers are checking labels, researching companies’ reputations, and comparing brands before they make the decision to buy. We call that smart shopping. And in order to be a smart shopper, you have to do your research—which is how you likely stumbled upon this article in the first place.

You’re looking for high quality cannabinoid-based products, and you’re wondering if 3Chi is worth your time and hard-earned money. For those reasons, we say “kudos!” to you for doing your research.

So, is 3Chi really worth all the hype? Let’s take a look…

3Chi Background

3Chi got its start back in September of 2019. The founder, a biochemist with over two decades of supplement formulation and research, developed a way to extract pure Delta 8 THC. If you’re unaware of what Delta 8 THC is, not to worry… Delta 8 is a variation of THC. That’s right, there are variations of THC.

We’re all fairly familiar with Delta 9, even if you don’t know it by name. It’s become synonymous with THC from marijuana, and it’s the cannabinoid known for getting its users pretty high. In fact, a lot of people who have tried Delta 9 THC often feel a bit paranoid and not at all calm. But according to studies, Delta 8 is much more subtle.

Yes, it does get you high, but not in the way that Delta 9 THC does. In fact, many Delta 8 users report feeling a subtle euphoric effect that gives them energy, mental focus, and sense of calm all at the same time. There’s just one small issue…

Delta 8 THC is an incredibly rare cannabinoid. In fact, it only naturally occurs in the cannabis plant at 1% volume or less. So when 3Chi developed a way to extract pure Delta 8 THC from hemp, it was like hitting the jackpot. And since no other company in the cannabis industry was extracting, let alone offering, Delta 8 THC products, 3Chi became the very first company to introduce Delta 8 THC in America.

Since then, there has been a huge surge of Delta 8 brands popping up left and right, some of which are pretty shady and dangerous. However, 3Chi remains the leading Delta 8 brand in the entire industry. And here’s why…

Organic Hemp

Thanks to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the cultivation, processing, and selling of hemp and its derivatives are 100% federally legal. That is, of course, as long as the final product contains no more than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC.

But 3Chi took it two steps further: They decided that the only hemp they would utilize in all of their products would be 100% organic, and grown on licensed hemp farms in America. This means all of their products are free from harmful GMOs, pesticides, and other deadly toxins. But that’s not all…

Quality Ingredients

As it turns out, 3Chi really values the use of natural ingredients when formulating their cannabinoid-based products.

For example, their Delta 8 vape cartridges are only made up of two ingredients: Delta 8 distillate and natural terpenes. As for their gummies, they focus on sugar, distilled water, glucose syrup, fruit pectin, citric acid, and sodium citrate.

They also utilize some of the safest and most effective extraction processes: Ethanol and CO2 extraction methods. But what we’re most excited to see from 3Chi is…

Third Party Lab-Tested Products

3Chi doesn’t play around with the safety of their customers. That’s why they are adamant about third party testing.

Before any of their hemp-derived products see the light of day, they are thoroughly tested by an accredited third-party laboratory. This ensures their products are not only accurately labeled, but also safe for people to consume.

In fact, they offer the lab results and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each of their products on their website for customers to view. They even welcome customers to reach out to them if they have any questions regarding their products. Which brings us to…

3Chi’s Products

Before 3Chi came on the scene, the hemp industry was flooded by CBD products. In fact, not a lot of people knew of the lesser-known cannabinoids like CBN, CBC, and CBG. And no one knew about Delta 8 THC. As a matter of fact, a lot of people assumed Delta 8 THC was just a typo for Delta 9. But the truth is, once 3Chi introduced Delta 8 to America, everyone—including CBD advocates—welcomed it with open arms.

Now, 3Chi offers a huge range of products. From highly effective concentrates and isolates, to smooth vapes and some of the best edibles you’ve ever put in your mouth, there is literally something for everyone. Let’s take a look…

3Chi Delta 8 Carts Review


What’s the first thing you look for in a vape cartridge? Is it the equipment? Or how about the smoothness? Well, one of things we first noticed about 3Chi’s Delta 8 carts is that they are designed for the user’s experience. The e-liquid comes in a glass CCELL cartridge, and is outfitted with a ceramic core and a mouthpiece that’s incredibly easy to use.

Their original are packed with 95% of Delta 8 oil and 5% of therapeutic terpenes. These vape carts are broad-spectrum, so they are completely free of Delta 9 THC. 3Chi even offers a wide variety of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains to choose from. So you can enjoy a nice hit of Delta 8, no matter what time of day it is.

What’s more, 3Chi offers Delta 8 disposable vape carts as well. So if you’re still on the fence about trying their Delta carts, you can try their disposable vapes to see how you do.

Note: If you’re new to Delta 8 carts, it’s important to start slow by taking one hit at a time and then waiting a bit to feel the effects. You can always increase the frequency as time goes on.

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3Chi Delta 8 Gummies Review


We’re no stranger to cannabinoid-based gummies. And we’ve noticed that many of them have weird textures, a strange aftertaste, and to be frank, they don’t really work too well. But 3Chi has surprised us.

First of all, their Delta 8 gummies come in packs of 8 and 16. Each gummy is pre-dosed with a broad-spectrum of 25mg of Delta 8 THC and flavored with either watermelon or black raspberry. What we love most about 3Chi’s Delta 8 THC gummies is that they’re vegan and gluten free, and they taste like real gummies from the candy store. You can’t taste the Delta 8 at all.

As with any gummy, it’s best that you store these Delta 8 gummies away from the direct sunlight and heat, as they can melt pretty quickly. Other than that, these gummies are incredibly convenient to use and fun to eat. You can honestly take these gummies anywhere.

Just remember that everyone’s metabolism and body is different, so be sure to give your body plenty of time to respond to these Delta 8 gummies.

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3Chi Delta 8 Edibles Review


3Chi has honed in on making some incredibly tasty Delta 8 edibles. Their cookies, brownies, and cereal treats are baked fresh and vacuum sealed to maintain their freshness and potency. We’re not joking when we say they are irresistible!

But if baked goods and gummies aren’t your treat of choice, you’re in luck. 3Chi also carries Delta 8 candy balls to help you re-experience your childhood days.

Just be sure to read the label to ensure you don’t go overboard with how much you eat. We only say this because of how tasty their Delta 8 edibles are.

Note: If you’re new to Delta 8, give your body plenty of time to digest and respond to 3Chi’s Delta 8 edibles before you decide to eat more.

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3Chi Delta 8 Tinctures Review


Cannabinoid-based tincture oils have been growing in popularity over the last few years. They’re incredibly versatile, easy-to-use, and fast acting. And 3Chi’s Delta 8 tinctures are no different.

Like most other cannabinoid-based tinctures, 3Chi also uses coconut-derived MCT oil as their carrier base in all their Delta 8 tinctures. This helps increase their bioavailability and flavor. That said, if you don’t like the taste of coconut oil or the natural flavors of hemp, we definitely recommend 3Chi’s Delta 8 gummies and edibles. Nevertheless, 3Chi’s Delta 8 tinctures are amazing!

They contain a broad-spectrum of hemp extract that’s rich in Delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids like CBD, CBC, CBN, CBG, etc. Now, these tinctures are quite potent, so we advise that you start with a low dosage, and slowly increase over time. These Delta 8 tinctures are equipped with an easy-to-dose 1mL dropper with a metered pipette, so you can measure exactly how much Delta 8 oil you want to consume.

What’s really cool about 3Chi’s Delta 8 tinctures is that they are extremely versatile. You can pour the oil directly under your tongue or add a few drops to a smoothie, salad dressing, or even in baked goods.

Note: This product is not compatible with vaporizers or their vape devices.

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Lastly, we want to explore two product lines unique to 3Chi.

Comfortably Numb Review


As its name suggests, 3Chi’s Comfortably Numb product line is based on the combination of Delta 8 and CBN.

Here’s the thing about Cannabidiol, or CBN for short: When THC is heated or exposed to CO2 (oxygen), it slowly transforms into CBN. Pretty cool, right?

Now, CBN does offer a mild, and we do mean mild, psychoactive effect. But most people don’t ever notice any psychoactive response after consuming CBN on its own. However, when combined with Delta 8 THC, that changes. Both therapeutic cannabinoids help to calm the body and mind, leaving its users feeling pretty relaxed.

In fact, in a 1975 study, male participants felt drowsy when CBN and THC were combined, concluding that CBN may actually enhance the therapeutic effects of THC. Which means, if you long for more sleep, you may want to check out 3Chi’s Comfortably Numb collection.

3Chi offers this combination in the following products:

These four products are excellent ways to experience Delta 8 THC and CBN’s unbeatable therapeutic effects. Lastly, we have…

Focused Blends Review


3Chi’s Focused Blends are specially made by combining multiple cannabinoids. Now, we know what you may be thinking: “Don’t all full spectrum or broad spectrum products contain other cannabinoids?” Yes, but here’s where 3Chi’s Focused Blends stand out…

The formulators at 3Chi have designed four seamless blends that specifically target the following sensations:

  • Calm
  • Focus
  • Happy
  • Soothe

In the Calm blend, 3Chi focuses on relaxation. That’s why this particular blend is packed with 70% of Delta 8 THC and 25% of equal amounts of CBT, CBC, CBN, and CBD. The calming sensation primarily comes from CBN, Delta 8 THC, and cannabis-derived terpenes.

In their Focus blend, 3Chi wanted to achieve a sensation of energy and revitalization. That’s why this blend is packed with 70% of Delta 8 THC, and the blend THCv, Delta 8 THCv, CBG, and CBD. Believe it or not, THCv is what helps deliver a nice focused experience in this unique blend.

Their Happy blend was designed to elevate your mood. Which is why this blend contains 70% of Delta 8 THC and 25% of CBC, CBT, CBG, and CBD. The “happy” feeling is boosted by the mixture of CBD, CBC, and Delta 8 THC. So if you’re looking to put a smile on your face, give this Happy blend a try.

Finally, we have their Soothe blend, which was designed to comfort the body and mind. This particular blend contains a full range of CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG, CBT, CBDv, and of course, Delta 8 THC—because you need a little bit of everything to achieve that desired soothing sensation.

3Chi’s Focused Blends come in the following products:

By customizing each of these four blends, 3Chi explains that the natural synergy of each cannabinoid can help produce different sensations, which is why this particular product line has quickly gained a ton of popularity among 3Chi fans.

Now, we understand you may still have a few questions regarding 3Chi’s products. That’s why we’ve answered some of the most common questions below.

What other products does 3Chi sell?

While 3Chi is primarily known for their Delta 8 THC products, they also carry an array of other cannabinoid-based products. In fact, they’re one of the few companies in the cannabis industry that focuses on rare cannabinoids.

They’re also an excellent source for raw Delta 8 distillate, CBN, CBG, CBD and CBC, which come in handy if you like making homemade products.

Are 3Chi products safe/trustworthy?

Yes! As we mentioned earlier in this article, 3Chi is a stickler for safety and label accuracy. Which is why they insist on having each and every one of their products meticulously tested by an accredited third-party laboratory.

Afterwards, they publish their test results on their websites for customers like you to view anytime, day or night. They even invite their customers to directly email or call them for any further questions or concerns.

In addition to their extensive safety practices, 3Chi is also frequently referred to as the leading Delta 8 brand by top news sites such as SF Weekly, The Daily Herald and the Kirkland Reporter.

Is Delta THC legal?

Federally speaking, yes, Delta 8 THC is legal as long as it’s hemp-derived and contains no more than 0.3% Delta 9. But not every state has legalized Delta 8. The following states have deemed Delta 8 THC illegal:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah

If you live in one of the states listed above, 3Chi will not process or ship any Delta 8 THC products to you. They stick to the law!

3Chi Takeaways

With thousands of positive reviews, 3Chi is by far one of the most reputable hemp companies we’ve ever tried.

With safety, effectiveness, and quality as their primary concerns, 3Chi truly provides superior products that stand head-and-shoulders above the competition. That’s why they remain the leading Delta 8 brand in America.

That said, there’s no better way to find out whether a hemp brand will work for you, other than trying it for yourself. So we encourage you to give 3Chi a try! You may be really glad you did.

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