22 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers and Likes (High-Quality Cheap)

Are you trying to get more followers and likes on your Instagram account in a time-saving and cost-effective manner to better your presence on the social media platform? Finding the right service seller can be hard work. We bring you a list of thebest sites to buy real Instagram followers and the cheapest Instagram likes in the market.

Our Favorites Services to Buy Instagram Likes and Followers at a Glance

  • SocialBoss – Get genuine followers and likes at unbeatable prices!
  • FollowersID – Shop for high-quality Instagram accounts and engagement!
  • SocialsUp – Reliable and speedy, high-quality service!
  • BuyTopLikes – The perfect spot to shop for top-notch social media promotions!
  • SocialsGrow – Affordable and efficient Instagram growth service!
  • HotDot – Get more Instagram followers and cheap likes with excellent customer service!

Let’s Look Deeper

1. SocialBoss Marketplace


Topping our list is SocialBoss. We recommend them for all their services for the various social networking sites operative today. Speaking of Instagram specifically, the site has some of the most competitively priced packages in the market. 100 actual Instagram followers cost a little over $3! Their IG likes packages are also similarly priced. All paid Instagram followers are delivered in a risk-free drip fashion. Likes, too, are provided naturally. Fulfillment of orders is within minutes of purchasing and can take anywhere between 2 hours to 2 weeks to be completed depending on the size of the package ordered. Buy Instagram followers and likes here. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with what you get, head over to the company’s policy statements to have a complete understanding of their refill/refund options. Contact their excellent customer service team with your questions if you are still unsure. Regardless of which service you choose, SocialBoss never asks for passwords or stores any personal data. The site is well encrypted, and all transactions here are privacy protected. The ordering process is straightforward as well. You will only need to provide the URL/username of the account to which you want the services delivered and an email for all transaction-related correspondence. Besides traditional credit and debit card options, you can choose from Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bitcoins, and Etherium to make your payment. You can email and raise an invoice and tracking request for your order if you need one.

2. FollowersID Marketplace


We recommend FollowersId for not just their followers’ packages. Buy IG likes here in addition to boosts for your follower count. You will be happy you did. Returning customers have vouched that this is an authentic company to buy IG followers and high-quality likes. The site has it written that no fake account is used for any services. Because all the followers and other signals are sourced from pages managed manually by genuine people, sometimes you may experience a drop. It is easily remedied and refilled if you write to customer care. To pay for your order, you have the option of choosing from Visa, Mastercard, Maestro Bitcoins, Ethereum, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. FollowersID does not allow free trials, but packages cater to all budgets and needs. You can easily check their quality and efficiency by buying their smallest available packages. These will cost you a little over a dollar and get naturally delivered within a few hours.

Most packages here need between 1-3 days for a gradual delivery. Bulk orders like 20,000-50,000 fans can take up to a month to ultimately deliver. The site takes great care to make risk-free drip deliveries to mimic natural growth as closely as possible. It helps your account gain real-time engagement and brand awareness, among other benefits. The site has a predetermined non-changeable demographic distribution for sourcing followers. It may not be ideal if you are specifically looking for targeted signals. On the other hand, they often have special packages on offer, making them highly pocket-friendly.

Moreover, the site bears verified and secure encryption, as well as a Norton, Secured seal. It makes them a reliable place to put your money in. Check out their detailed Information and FAQ pages to learn more.

3. SocialsUp Marketplace


Another trusted site to buy followers on IG or any other paid signals like IG Likes is SocialsUp. They are known to provide affordable active Instagram followers and real likes. You can try out their smallest packages of each type of IG service for under a dollar. All their services are certified to be risk-free and authentic. Reviews indicate that the company has updated customer security and privacy protocols. Like most of their competitors, SocialsUp has an AI helper pop-up for easy navigation and shopping experience when you visit their site. They have clearly stated refill or refund terms and conditions for all their services. You could choose between regular and premium services (the latter provides more active options at a higher price). The delivery of both types is done in a drip method to avoid any suspicion arousal about your site’s activity records. If you order followers here, you will get a predetermined demographic distribution that comprises 40% Europeans and American profiles, 40% Arabs and Asian users, and 20% corporate accounts. Like with other trusted sites, you can decide to use any payment mode from various options. These include Apple Pay, Bitcoin, Google Pay, Ethereum and Maestro, Visa, and Mastercard payments. All you need to do is choose the right package, provide the URL for delivery, enter your email and make your payment. You will receive an email confirmation of your order and instructions on how to track the order during and in the aftermath of delivery. All deliveries begin almost instantly. They will complete within hours or days, depending on the size of the package ordered. The customer service here is exceptional and has excellent feedback about them. So regardless of whether you are a small business or mega influencer, you can be assured you will be valued and have a great shopping experience if you choose to buy Instagram likes from this company.

4. BuyTopLikes Marketplace


Here is another company that makes it to our best sites to buy Instagram packages. If you want a safe and secure place to procure high-quality followers and likes, you must check this seller out before making your final purchasing decisions. It is effortless buying social recognition here, and the company has a reputation for little to no drop/unfollow rates (you won’t lose followers). All likes are sourced from users with real profiles. How much you will need to shell out for services here depends on whether you want fans, hearts, or a mix of both. You can choose to make a one-time purchase or invest in subscriptions. Every package has clearly stated specifics about cost, service nature, and estimated delivery time. So be sure to read the description before choosing a package. In addition, customer privacy and payment security are guaranteed by the company. You can’t try them out for free, but the special mini packages are great for one-time purchases and try-outs if you are interested in the services on offer here. Paying for your order is incredibly easy, and you can use A card payment option (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover), e-wallets (Google or Apple Pay), or even cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Ethereum). A different gateway handles each payment type, so BuyTopLikes explicitly mentions that the transaction (and hence delivery time) may vary depending on which payment mode you choose. Reach out to their customer support if you are unhappy with your purchase from BuyTopLikes or have further questions about it. Everything about this company is reliable, reassuring, and safe. Check out all the safety certificates and award recognitions received by the site to verify their authenticity. It has made them a hot favorite among seasoned IG users as well. Moreover, they have a live counter on the homepage, and you can quickly get a glimpse of real-time purchases and customer reviews on the site!

5. SocialsGrow Marketplace

A one-stop for all your social media marketing needs, SocialsGrow can give your Instagram page that extra edge you are trying to get over your competitors. You can navigate the site easily on your own, although they have 24/7 AI service to help you overcome any hitch. If you want to buy followers on IG, a pack of 10 fans will cost you only £0.69. You can try their 5 likes for £0.49 too! Small packages like these are filled almost instantly and, at most, will take half a day to be delivered entirely. The site has all the privacy protection act protocols in place, and payment gateways are all secure. You can choose to use a credit/ debit card payment option to pay by VISA, AmEx, Discover, or Mastercard. You can also use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Google Pay, and Apple Pay for your purchase. All policies regarding warranties, refunds, and refills are clearly stated on the SocialsGrow website, so be sure to read the fine print before placing any orders. The company offers customers an exclusive 2week service guarantee when an order is placed. It effectively means that when you raise a query, your ticket gets priority over general tickets and will be responded to first. Although there is no known bot usage in any packages offered, one thing that may make you hesitant is that there is no explicit mention of where followers are sourced from on the company website. You can quickly remedy this by putting in a direct inquiry to customer services for details of the demographic distribution of followers/ likes you are likely to receive.

6. HotDot

Here’s another site you can trust for your IG needs. This company has been in the business for almost a decade and a half and has built a solid reputation for high-quality services. As veterans in the field, they gain an edge over many new sellers as they know IG through various updates and policy changes and tailor their services accordingly to ensure their customers don’t lose out at any given time. So rest assured that you will not find fake accounts in the delivery of your package when you buy real active Instagram followers. You get to choose where your delivery will be sourced from when you pay for followers on Instagram. The site recommends the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, and Nigeria as preferred audience pools. The company finds it cost-effective and fast to deliver orders from these demographics. Although there are no free trials, HotDot has unique followers and likes packages priced under a dollar, and you can quickly try these out to check the services of the company first-hand. Currently, the company accepts a great variety of payment options, including bit currency and cryptocurrency. Use your Visa, Maestro, or MasterCard to pay for your purchase or complete your transactions using an e-wallet. All routes are secure and reliable. You will never have to worry about giving away sensitive passwords or personal data. The site is popular among its clientele for the frequent discounts and offers on its services.

What’s more, they also have a full refund policy on dissatisfactory deliveries within 30 days of order placement. It, however, has rarely happened. The company’s industry experience alone guarantees that customers are kings for them when it comes to delivering top-notch services. Get in touch with their helpful customer care if you need more information.

Some Other Sellers to Consider for Paid Instagram Followers and Likes


Among our list of best sites is FamousBlast. Invest in their likes or buy Instagram followers. Their quality and timely-delivered products will make you one happy client.

8. iDigic

Boost your Instagram posts and number of followers with this seller’s attractive services that mimic natural IG growth. They have packages for every budget and an excellent client support system that is accessible at all times.


Buy Instagram likes and followers worry-free here. An explicit money-back guarantee and refill policy make it easier for first-time buyers to explore and try their packages. They also have attractive discounts on their services most of the year.


Boost your Instagram page with this company for overall growth. Whether you get likes or pay for followers on Instagram, purchasing here is seamless and easy.

11. Famup

Bookmark them to buy IG likes or fans. Their returning clients are happy to report everything is genuine and is delivered as per mentioned deadlines.


You can buy the cheapest Instagram followers here without worrying about the quality. Their packages are pretty competitive too. All signals are coming from genuine social media pages.

13. SocialPlus

Buying IG follower packages is fast, simple, and easy here. You can even bundle fans and likes if you wish for a comprehensive organic growth deal.


Rave reviews by a loyal client base put this company on our best sites to buy Instagram services. Consider purchasing a small package to check their service quality for yourself.


For targeted social media marketing needs, buy Instagram followers and likes here. Track your orders and watch your account grow on the explore page.


Stop by here to buy real followers on Instagram. They do not provide bot likes, comments, or shares either; and have a secure payment gateway. So, the online engagement on your Instagram profile is guaranteed.


Investing in their services will help you attract more organic followers besides improving your IG engagement metrics. Consider them for boosting your visibility and search rankings.


Despite their name, this place deals with quality likes too. You can try them out for most Instagram signals apart from buying cheap Instagram followers packages.

19. FriendlyLikes

It is a great site to buy cheap Instagram likes and raise your follower count with real Instagram profiles. Social media growth and solid internet presence are no longer your concern. New followers and active users will fill your page.


A company that caters to all social media platforms has great deals and excellent customer care. Buy real followers on Instagram here. They also sell genuine likes.

21. InstaPalace

Order a likes package or purchase Instagram followers. Here’s another company that only ships quality products and all profiles used are verifiable here.

22. Venium

Another very easy-to-navigate site, you can be assured of high-quality followers and genuine likes when you invest your money here. Secure payments and social growth are guaranteed.

Things You Need to Consider When Buying IG Followers and Likes for Your Account

A great Instagram marketing strategy is about knowing which marketing tools to use, how, and when. Whether you choose to use the paid path extensively or focus on a natural route towards building a strong social media presence, being clear about the following will help you reach your goals more efficiently.

Bot Signals or Genuine Ones? Know the Difference:

The Instagram algorithm is quick to discern bot activity. Whether likes or followers, you must ensure you are not indulging in fake parameters.

  • Fake followers are easily identifiable. They have dubious profiles and little to no account activities.
  • Real followers have genuine and verifiable IG profiles and organic activity on their social media accounts. When you consider using paid Instagram followers or likes, you must ensure your package explicitly states you will be given real Instagram users.

A general increase in fan count does not necessarily translate to having a better engagement rate on social media platforms. You need to have followers from a specific target audience who will organically interact with your content because they are interested in what you post. It is valid for Instagram too. Targeted Followers belong to this category, and they are the ideal type of fans to have for business growth and brand-building.

How to Attract the Right Followers and Get More Likes on Your Content?

Now that you know you need to increase targeted fans and work towards getting more engagement like IG likes, what should you incorporate in your Instagram marketing techniques? If you are planning to use paid social media services for buying followers, double-check to ensure you choose cost effective websites that only give you real and active users. Likewise, only purchase genuine Instagram likes, which will be sourced from authentic social media users.

The ideal way to grow your IG presence is to use organic development strategies. These include:

  • Planning your posts and publishing high-quality content.
  • Using Instagram insights to determine the best time to put up new posts.
  • Communicating and establishing professional relationships rather than simply advertising your business.
  • Cross-posting on other social media platforms.
  • Staying up-to-date with new developments in IG and using them to your advantage.

Want to Purchase Instagram Followers and Likes? Here’s What You Must Keep in Mind:

Buying Instagram Followers and Likes Is Only Legit When They Are Real

The good side of buying Instagram followers:

  • Consumer psychology of other users is mounded in your favor. You get social proof
  • Active addition to your fan count increases your overall engagement rate and brings you better visibility on the site and its search rankings. You are more likely to get featured on the IG explorers page if you have a significant number of interacting followers.
  • Growing credibility and brand influence reaches easier

The not so good side of buying Instagram followers:

  • No guarantee increased follower interactions will also accompany an increase in followers on your content.
  • Your jump invisibility may be a temporary thing, and your ROI may return to what it was before.
  • It can be a costly investment if you make it a routine part of your marketing tactics.

The good side of buying Instagram likes:

  • They do not inversely affect your engagement rate (like a mere increase in follower count does), so you get a definite positive push for visibility and reach. It makes you more likely to reach your niche and target audience organically.
  • They rouse consumer curiosity about your profile and content, thus increasing inbound traffic and conversion possibilities.
  • They add social value to your content and bring your brand easy recognition.

The not so good side of buying Instagram likes:

  • You may earn yourself a bad reputation and get shadowbanned as with any paid signals. It means although you are not doing anything illegal, a sudden increase in any type of engagement can cause your competitors to report you for possible suspicious activity.
  • Without excellent quality content, a rise in getting likes may turn away organic followers from interacting with your content even if they are more visible now because real users may not find anything worthy of their time and engagement.
  • You cannot get likes to drop from your end, so if you get serviced with likes from bot accounts, you will be stuck with them unless you delete the post altogether.

Buying Real Instagram Followers and Likes Is Possible Only When the Seller is Legit

Here’s what you need to check for to make sure you are not duped by the site you buy your IG services from:

  1. The seller’s SSL security system

A vital trust sign is whether the site’s URL starts with an “HTTPS” or not. In addition to this, an SSL secured site will have other safety indicators like domain validation certificates and a green lock symbol in the URL.

  1. TLD or top-level domain name

A legit site has TLD endings like .com, .org .io, and so on. Spam sites have suspicious domain endings.

  1. Secure payment portals

A safe and trustworthy seller will have encryption on payment gateways even when using third-party payment processing options.

  1. An easy-to-find terms and conditions page or sections. It includes:
  • Clear money-back/refill policies.
  • Consumer safety and rights information.
  • Additional warranties and site disclaimers.
  1. An easy-to-find About Us/ Contact Us section. It includes the ability to locate:
  • Company details like registration information, physical address, and headquarter location.
  • Sister affiliates.
  • The contact information like phone number, postal address, emails.
  • Contact persons or company founder information.
  1. Great customer support

Responsive and ever-available support for customers is a must.

  1. Reviews and testimonials in independent places like magazines, other social media websites, client domains, and so on. They may even showcase these in the form of embedded reviews and testimonials.
  2. Real-time trackers

A trusted site makes it easy to track and follow up on your order. They may even have display tickers about their site usage to see what others purchase or leave feedback about.


How can people find out if I buy Instagram followers or likes?

An authentic seller will have proper privacy protection measures in place. It ensures no one can track what you buy, and people will only know of your purchases if you make it public knowledge yourself.

Will Instagram delete my account if I buy followers?

No, Instagram will not do anything to your account if your legit buy followers. You only risk getting suspended or banned from IG if you are using fake signals and fans to push the Instagram algorithm in your favor.

How many followers do you need before people buy from your Instagram shop?

If you have a business account, you can set up shop soon as you fulfill specific requirements like providing country-specific tax IDs and so on. It has nothing to do with the number of followers you have, and you can sell the minute your shop is all set up. That said, the more followers you have, the more likely it is for your shop to get discovered and visited on Instagram.

How many Instagram followers and likes can I buy without arousing suspicion?

It is a question that Instagram influencers often ask. There is no absolute number, and it depends on how many followers you already have, what your usual engagement rate is like, and how your natural growth rate on the platform is. For instance, an account that has 5 followers only may arouse suspicion if it were to get 5000 followers overnight suddenly. On the other hand, this type of growth may not be that suspicious for an account that already has 50000 or more active followers. The same can be said for signals like Instagram likes.

Do businesses buy Instagram followers and likes?

Yes, most IG accounts that buy Instagram followers and likes are business pages. After all, occasional investment in paid followers and likes makes social media promotion easier for their brand.

Should I worry about the app Terms and Policy while buying Instagram likes and followers?

To ensure you are always at the top of your game, you must be aware of any changes or updates made to Instagram Terms and Policy at all times. It will help you keep on the right side of the social media laws when you decide to buy Instagram likes and followers.

Is buying Instagram likes and followers secure and safe?

Buying IG followers and likes is secure and safe as long as you only accept real ones. To avoid purchasing bots, always buy from a trusted site.

The Key Takeaway

You can significantly enhance your Instagram presence following innovative marketing principles. You will not do anything wrong if you choose to buy Instagram followers or any other signals. You have nothing to worry about as long as you do not use fake accounts and concentrate on increasing organic followers. So go ahead and buy followers for Instagram if you wish to form a reliable place. Cheap does not mean low in quality, and you will find plenty of budget-friendly honest sellers out there for your needs.

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