Vista Clear Reviews – Negative User Complaints?

Vista Clear is a daily supplement that supports the health of the eyes, using 26 different ingredients in a proprietary blend. The remedy is shipped within the United States, though it is inspired by the diet of a certain tribe in Australia.

What is Vista Clear?

Proper vision is necessary to many people, which might be why millions of them use corrective lenses (like glasses or contacts) to see clearly. While it is easy to drop money on a new set of glasses every year, most people don’t consider the ways that they can improve their vision overall. The eyes need nutrients like any other part of the body, and they also need exercise. To improve their nutrition, there’s Vista Clear.

Vista Clear doesn’t elaborate much on what it can do for users. However, it provides users with the support that their eyes need to keep up with the demand. A tribe inspires the formula in Australia. This tribe allegedly has an incredibly sharp vision that exceeds the average American’s eyes’ performance by four times over. Plus, the remedy doesn’t just improve the eye’s health as a whole. Instead, it specifically focuses on different parts of the eye, including the optic nerve, retina, macula, cornea, and lens.

While the formula doesn’t necessarily eliminate the need for glasses, the support for the eyes is enough to keep them in good health. Consumers worried about deteriorating vision will likely still need to visit an optometrist to see the underlying condition. However, with Vista Clear’s help, the eyes still get enough nutrients to trigger the healing process potentially.


How Does Vista Clear Improve Eye Health?

The reason that this formula is so helpful is due to the proprietary blend that makes it up. The blend includes a mixture of vitamins, herbs, minerals, and other important nutrients that greatly benefit the eyes. In total, there are over 26 different ingredients, which include?

Bacopa Monnieri, which provides the body with antioxidants and can reduce blood pressure to subdue the tension on the eyes.

Chamomile, which reduces inflammation and helps with relaxation to keep the pressure of the eyes to reduce.

Lemon Balm to reduce anxiety and improve cognitive function, which may also help with the sleep cycle.

Skullcap, which helps with insomnia and can alleviate nervous tension, though one of the greatest benefits is reducing spasms and high cholesterol.

Hawthorn, which has an incredible amount of antioxidants and can reduce blood pressure.

Saint John’s Wort, which is necessary for healthy eyesight and treating depression (according to testing against a placebo).

Ashwagandha, which helps the neurons in the eyes to effectively function at night while discerning between colors and the distance of any item near them.

Rhodiola, which helps with eye adaption and decreases the amount of stress on the body.

Calcium, which is one of the essential nutrients of the body to keep bones strong and maintain the nerves’ functioning.

Magnesium, which supports the healthy functioning of the eyes and reduces inflammation, though it is linked to hundreds of different processes in the body.

Potassium, which is the mineral in the body, keeps the cornea wet and triggers nerve signals’ healthy regulation.

Lutein, which helps with the function of the retina and lens as it protects the proteins that otherwise cause major stress.

Zinc helps the body better respond to the blue light emitted from screens without causing damage to healthy vision.

Vitamin B complex, which is a collection of B vitamins that can keep the optic nerves healthy and keep strong communication between the brain and eyes.

Valerian, which increases the GABA in the brain and keeps the nervous system activity regulated.

Passion Flower helps the brain calm to reduce anxiety and promote better sleep (though it can also help with pain and ADHD).

Magnolia, which has been linked to improvements indigestion, reduced inflammation, and less stress.

L-theanine, which keeps blood pressure safe within the eyes and promotes improvements in the user’s immunity and stress.

Biotin, a B vitamin that supports the delivery of nutrients throughout the body, regulates blood sugar levels.

Vitamin H to improve blood sugar levels and use certain enzymes for the body’s energy, potentially boosting the health of nerves and eyes.

Mucuna Pruriens, which promotes healthy blood flow as it reduces the risk of nervous disorders and reduces infertility. : helps support the normal eye blood flow.

Griffonia Simplicifolia, which helps with general eye function and triggers the treatment of depression with a chemical called 5-HTP.

Though the company advertises 26 different ingredients, only 22 are listed on the website. To find out about the other ingredients, users will have to check the label of their supplement or speak with customer service.

To get all of the support that this formula offers, users only need one serving a day. There are no directions for use on the website, but the bottle only contains 30 capsules, implying that users only need to take one capsule each day for results.

Purchasing Vista Clear

Since Vista Clear is not available in stores, users will find that they have to order from the website directly. There are a few packages offered, but only the biggest package comes with free shipping. The packages include:

If the user finds that Vista Clear is not the right match for their vision, they have up to 60 days to get a refund.


About the Vista Clear Deluxe Package

In addition to the supplement, consumers who make a purchase will receive a special gift – the Vista Clear Deluxe Package. This kit is valued at $164, but there’s no cost with the order of any bottle of Vista Clear.

The kit include access to audio tracks that help to keep the mind relaxed to reduce blood pressure. This blood pressure can directly impact the ocular nerves. Rather than arriving with the supplement, this extra package is delivered digitally.

The other part of this package is the 1-Day Detox Miracle Guide, which is also a digital product. It explains what users need to do to keep their eyes and the rest of their body healthy.


Frequently Asked Questions About Vista Clear

Does Vista Clear work for everyone?

For the most part, yes. This formula has already worked for many satisfied customers, and the ingredients have a reputation for being highly effective.

What are the possible side effects of Vista Clear?

At this time, there are none! The formula uses natural ingredients. Even though the website doesn’t show the amount of these ingredients, they are all safe for the body.

Why use a proprietary blend?

Proprietary blends allow different brands to create a remedy that is exclusive and difficult to replicate. This particular formula also allows the brand to mix a variety of helpful ingredients that work to improve the user’s eyes.

How should Vista Clear be used?

Users will need to take one capsule each day to get the full effects. The time of day that it is taken shouldn’t influence how effective it is.

How long will Vista Clear take to arrive?

Due to high demands, consumers may have to wait up to 10 days when they deliveries are made within the United States.

What if this formula is not effective for the user?

The company offers a refund policy for the first 60 days after the purchase is made. Users will need to fill out a form on the official website to qualify.

The customer service team is available by sending an email to support@vistaclear2020.com.


Vista Clear helps users to keep their eyes healthy without eye drops or exercises. It delivers nutrients from healthy and reliable sources, though many of the ingredients have other health benefits as well. For instance, the included minerals and antioxidants support reduced inflammation, which is especially helpful if the eyes are damaged and need to heal. Not all of the ingredients are listed online, but users get a rather well-rounded perspective of what goes into the supplement.

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