The Cold Plunge Reviews: Effective At-Home Ice Bath Tub?

The Cold Plunge model was introduced to the market by Plunge who wished to have people experience the wonders of plunging in cold waters and experience the life-changing sensations that such immersions bring. It has been studied for a long time that immersion or plunging into cold waters has physical and psychological benefits.

This is one of the Cold Plunge reviews you will find that has details on the different types of Cold Plunge items, the benefits they deliver, and what you can expect from each of them. You can use your Plunge daily at home to benefit from the health benefits of being submerged in the cold waters.

If you are considering buying Plunge products, check out our review first!
Company NameThe Cold Plunge
Official Websitewww.thecoldplunge.com
  • Regular Plunge (hot’n’cold, cold)
  • Plunge Pro (hot’n’cold, cold)
  • Plunge Pro XL (hot’n’cold, cold)
  • Pricing Range$4990-$7490
    BenefitsMay improve mental health, help get rid of physical soreness, improve recovery of muscles, alleviate mood levels and improve energy level balances.

    Overview Of The Cold Plunge Products

    Cold Plunge is a wellness brand bringing you a selection of cold immersion baths and tubs that can easily be purchased online. You can take regular baths in these tubs to reap the benefits of immersion in cool water.

    Submerging your body in icy water is a better option than you using a trash can or commercial plunge. Get a private Cold Plunge that you can use in the comfort of your homes at great prices that are definitely worth the investment through the website.

    Numerous benefits of cold water immersions have been noted, including mood elevation, improved sleep and immunity and even fat burning. There are multiple benefits to having a private plunge as opposed to a commercial plunge in the long run.

    You get convenient packages that provide you with a variety of added benefits with every purchase that lasts up to six months. These include products that you can use to maintain your Cold Plunge, like filters and PH strips (lasting up to six months easily).

    Cold Plunge is a great addition to your daily wellness schedule. Don’t worry about this being a get-rich money scheme by the company- this wellness brand is reputable and reliable.

    The Cold Plunge was developed with the goal of making cold plunging “as common as coffee,” as its founders put it.

    Plunge Products

    Cold Plunge brings you two flagship products that have gathered the company lots of positive reviews and acclaim by trusted customers. Given the success of the first launched products, the manufacturers gathered the confidence to branch out into more advanced versions that featured cooler additions like underwater lighting, advanced hose filter, and more.

    The original products include the original Plunge and Plunge Pro XL, priced between $4990 and $6990. You can also choose to ditch the conventional chest freezer and ice barrel to purchase Hot & Cold Plunge Pro XL, which gives you the benefits of a Cold Plunge along with the wonders of a hot tub.

    All the Plunge products serve as a great essential recovery tool that can increase blood flow in the body. You can choose between the simpler versions or, the more advanced ones- either way, a great quality experience is guaranteed.

    Cold Plunge

    Cold Plunge, simply known as Plunge, has a number of safeguards in place to ensure that you will always have access to clean, ice-cold water. These systems include cooling, filtration, and sanitation features that are part of the Cold Plunge tub that enhance the experience of your cold immersion therapy.

    Ditch the idea of a chest freezer or ice barrel that is just going to hold you back. Invest in this essential recovery tool instead that is simple to use and offers numerous tangible benefits. The Cold Plunge tub offers a safer and cleaner experience than these alternatives.

    The Cold Plunge is unlike other ice baths as it offers a cold therapy that helps you heal from head to toe. You can benefit from the additional cooling power that it offers as it lasts longer. This is safe to use outdoors and indoors. Fill the plunge with water and set the temperature to the one you want.

    Hot and Cold Plunge

    Why limit yourself to a Cold Plunge when you can have the best of both worlds in a single, magnificent device that completely eliminates the need for multiple gadgets, including your chest freezer, ice barrel, hot tub, etc.

    Hot/Cold Plunge brings you this experience in a unique fashion designed to convert your Cold Plunge tub into a hot bathtub efficiently. This model is your best option if you want a jacuzzi/hot tub to improve your blood flow and also enjoy the benefits of cold immersion therapy.

    The hot/Cold Plunge is a great option for those looking for a diversity of experiences, and it is priced quite reasonable, considering that it is a long-term investment that can benefit you and your loved ones for a long time to come.

    The hot/Cold Plunge has a diverse temperature range that is adjustable easily. Along with the large size of the product, there are also numerous pretty cool associated features that make this Plunge unique and worth the experience.

    It is priced slightly higher than the regular plunge, but you can use it during summers and winters.

    Plunge Pro Products

    Plunge Pro brings forward a range of advanced products that cost more but also offer excellent benefits that make the products definite standouts and worth the price. Both the Cold Plunge as well as Hot n Cold Plunge have pro versions available that you can check out.

    These products are distinguishable by their additional features. All the additional features have been added to the product keeping in mind the benefit that they will deliver along with enhancing the look and feel of the product.

    When compared to the regular plunge; the pro versions feature an advanced hose filter. You also get other cool features that make your plunge tub a statement piece for your home like underwater lighting.

    Cold Plunge Pro

    There is not much of a size difference between Cold Plunge pro and the regular Cold Plunges. What differentiates Cold Plunge Pro most noticeably is the advanced power of cooling that this Cold Plunge tub has. While the regular has a cooling ability (power) of just 1/4 HP, the Cold Plunge Pro features 1HP.

    This places it among the most powerful products brought to you by the company in terms of cooling prowess. You can use this Cold Plunge tub to have an immersive cold therapy that will help you heal and recover from your day-to-day stress.

    The Cold Plunge Pro cold immersion therapy appears to be more powerful and effective than the regular version on account of the device channeling its energy towards powerful cooling.

    The chiller’s cooling capacity can be increased up to three times with the Pro option’s upgrade. It is recommended that the more powerful chiller be used exclusively outside because of its increased level of noise.

    Hot and Cold Plunge Pro

    Hot n Cold Plunge pro is an amazing product that can be considered as one of the best products brought to the market by Plunge. It is a hot bath tub when you need it to be one and at other times, it brings you a cold immersion therapy like you haven’t experienced before.

    One of the best features of the hot tub/cooling product is that it can be used practically anywhere you like. You cannot use cold tubs by placing them outside your house always because the cooling pipes tend to freeze during winter.

    The hot/Cold Plunge pro can heat up to 109° and cool down all the way to 39°. This hot tub stands out in being uber-cool! It has wonderful underwater illumination, a mobile phone stand and other exotic features that lets you divulge in luxury every time you take a dip.

    It is slightly more expensive than the regular products brought by the company and can cost you up to $6500.

    Plunge Pro XL Products

    Plunge Pro XL products are designed to give you state-of-art cooling experiences while also adding to the space in which you can enjoy them. They have some of the largest tubs on the market that can help you immerse yourself in a world of relaxation. These products bring you the luxury of space along with all the other cool features of the pro products brought to you by the company.

    These are taller than the regular plunges, and also longer. The XL products have been designed keeping in mind the needs of taller people who might not fit comfortably into the regular plunge products. They come with great additional features like underwater lighting and an advanced sanitation system.

    Cold Plunge Pro XL

    Cold Plunge Pro XL is larger in size than the original and pro version and it has an advanced sanitation system that sets it apart. It comes with additional cooling power that can make the water cold in no time at all, ready for you to take the plunge!

    Cold Plunge Pro XL cleans away all the floating debris in no time using the sanitation features. It is the perfect Cold Plunge tub for your cold therapy and you cannot get a better cold immersion therapy if you are a taller person who requires more space in the tub.

    It costs nearly $7000 but we would deem it worth the money because of all the wonderful features that it has.

    Hot and Cold Plunge Pro XL

    Hot/Cold Plunge Pro XL is a rather cool product that features as a hot tub but also brings you all the wonderful features of a cold immersion therapy that can be quite life changing. You can place this inside your home or outside.

    It is capable of heating up the water to high degrees, making this a great hot tub for the winter. The Hot/Cold Plunge Pro XL takes away the stress from you during summers by submerging your body in wonderfully cold temperatures that help you kickback and relax while you soak in all the goodness.

    This product is slightly expensive and may cost you around $7500.


    What Comes With The Plunge – Bonus Products

    Here are the bonus products offered by The Plunge on all tubs and immersion products:

    1 Year Factory Warranty

    The Cold Plunge features a one year factory warranty which comes in very handy in providing you reassurance about the product that you plan on purchasing, as well as ensuring that you get to use the products for the longest time without worry of damage.

    This warranty is applicable to all the products including the standard Cold Plunge along with the pro and XL range of products. In addition, Cold Plunge offers you the option of extending the warranty up to five years to ensure that you have a seamless experience for a larger period of time.

    The warranty is applicable to any product that you purchase from the Cold Plunge lineup. The company pays great attention to quality and detail, so you don’t have to worry about the product being damaged upon delivery.

    Guided Plunge Videos

    One of the best features that you get added along with the standard range of products is the library of guided plunge videos. These come in very handy and providing you different useful information regarding the product and how to best use the Cold Plunge correctly.

    The guided plunge videos provide you with detailed information regarding using the Cold Plunge correctly, the various benefits that it offers, and how to best install the system and maintain it in the long run.

    Cold Plunge offers this additional benefit at no added cost. The videos are very instructional in nature and can be used by everyone.

    Cell Phone Holder

    You can buy the cell phone holder if you are buying this standard product or you can get it for free with one of the pro products. It comes in very handy when you want to stay connected with the world when you are having your immersive experience.

    Ideally, we would not recommend you entertain any calls or messages while you take the plunge but in case of any emergencies or just for your peace of mind, you can use the cell phone holder to place your device close by.

    Additionally, you can use this feature that Cold Plunge offers if you are someone whose idea of relaxation involves watching a couple of videos or a show when you are submerged in the waters. Only the regular products of the Cold Plunge lineup do not have the holder within the product itself.

    Hose Filter

    The carbon hose filter is extremely effective in cleaning your product and maintaining it clean for a long period of time. Because you will be using the Cold Plunge regularly, it makes sense to clean it every once in a while using a powerful filter.

    The carbon hose filter can easily be attached to any product from the Cold Plunge lineup and be used effectively to remove all kinds of waste from the water making it clean and comfortable for your use. The carbon hose filter is not like your regular garden hose.

    Cold Plunge offers maintenance kits that you can buy additionally that let you handle all the maintenance of the tub by yourself up to a period of six months. You can buy this filter for just $28 on the company website.

    Insulated Spa Cover

    The insulated spa cover is a wonderful additional product that you can avail along with the plunge. The insulated cover is helpful in maintaining the quality of the Cold Plunge products and it helps in keeping unwanted debris away.

    This is one of the best additions that the Cold Plunge features because you can use it whether you place your tub outside or indoors. The insulated spa cover offers protection against debris that is floating around and might get settled in the tub, taking away from the seamless experience that Cold Plunge offers you.

    When buying any product from the Cold Plunge lineup, you can use this cover to protect it and maintain its integrity.

    Skimmer Net

    A skimmer net works as a manual filter that you can use to remove any kind of debris that is floating around in your Cold Plunge tub. It comes as part of the package and you can use it easily by dipping it into the tub and collecting all the debris.

    You can take comfortable and reliable Cold Plunges knowing that you have cleaned out your tub effectively using the skimmer net to clean out the tub thoroughly.

    The skimmer net cannot be purchased additionally through the website but it is part of your initial purchase of the product. There are instructions in the videos that can help you use the product more efficiently.


    What Are The Top Benefits Of Cold Plunge?

    There are numerous benefits of taking cold showers that have been studied by science for ages. Since as long ago as 3500 BC, people have been using cold therapy effectively to experience improved overall health and wellness- both mental and physical.

    Successful people often talk about how they take their early morning showers in freezing waters. People believe that this is effective in improving structure in a persons life and introducing a lot of discipline.

    Taking a plunge in the morning instead of depending on coffee to wake you up can be magical and might just change your life around.

    Improves Physical Recovery Muscle Soreness

    You might have heard your favourite athlete or bodybuilder talk about their cold showers after a long day at the gym. Sore muscles occur as a result of buildup of lactic acid due to too much activity in them.

    Sometimes your muscles get inflamed and after a session that involves plenty of exertion, there might be swelling as well. just like how you would apply an ice pack on a sore muscle, cold immersion therapy can help you reduce muscle soreness.

    Muscle recovery is an important aspect of working out and taking a Cold Plunge regularly can help promote the same while reducing muscle soreness and providing a variety of other health benefits that you can only get from ice baths.

    Supports Immune Function

    Our Cold Plunge review would not be complete if we did not mention this particular benefit of cold water therapy that often raises an eyebrow or two. While you definitely must not indulge in an ice bath the next time you get a cold, you can consider this as a preventive measure against illnesses in the future.

    A cold immersion therapy can stimulate the lymphatic system and help produce more white blood cells which are the building blocks of your immune systems. Due to the activation of the white blood cells in your body, the ability of your body to fight against infections even in freezing weather conditions will be improved significantly.

    You may enjoy fewer incidences of the cold and flu to begin with.

    Builds Mental Resilience and Toughness

    If you are apprehensive about jumping into a cold water immersion tub, you are perfectly normal and not at all alone. It takes a lot of determination and mental strength to commit yourself to the idea of submerging yourself in freezing water.

    Regular Cold Plunges can be very helpful into toughening you up and bringing a great level of discipline into your life. You will have the confidence that if you can take up some thing as challenging as cold water therapy, everything else is within your reach.

    Hot water is all about relaxation but that is not the case with icy cold fluids. This is one of the most important benefits that we had to mention in our Cold Plunge review to make you get an idea of what you are getting yourself into.

    Helps Improves Mental Health

    One of the most important benefits of cold plunging that we had to mention in our Cold Plunge review is the positivity that it channels towards the health of your mind and brain. Of course, you’ll have to work hard to persuade yourself, but if you stick to your plan and push through your pain, you could find it easier to develop self-control.

    By getting into the cold immersion tubs and taking that ice bath, you may stimulate your sympathetic nervous system which in turn can release hormones that may help improve your cognitive functioning and enhance your focus levels. .

    Improves Energy and Alleviates Mood

    Cold Plunging and cold water therapy can be very effective in improving energy levels. You notice that your energy levels are improved throughout the day by taking a dip in the cold immersion tub just once in the morning. Your nervous system is stimulated and because of the norepinephrine that it produces, your energy levels are maintained high.

    Another important benefit of cold water therapy, which can be considered as one of the most important health benefits of cold plunging is that it helps to stabilize mood levels and elevate mood.

    You will notice that you are more relaxed throughout the day and more energetic but in a positive way just after you get out of your ice bath. Cold therapy can be very useful in maintaining your mental wellness and taking away the stress of your daily life.

    Improves Physical Recovery

    Cold Plunges have a lot of benefits to offer, but the most noticeable one among them is the effect that it has on physical recovery. Taking cold showers or immersing in an ice bath can help constrict blood vessels and stimulate more blood to flow through them. This is one of the most important health benefits of cold plunging as you might get rid of long-standing pain.

    Helps Build Discipline

    Because of the sheer determination that it takes to get into the cold water immersion tub, you will find it quite difficult to do it every day.

    But if you make cold plunging a habit, you will notice that you are bringing about a lot of structure and discipline into your life. Cold Plunges and cold water therapy act the same as cold showers- they help bring a lot of discipline to your life and help you regain your sense of self-control.

    Helps You Destress and Sleep Well

    Cold plunging is wonderful when it comes to sleep. This is one of the most important health benefits that you derive from cold water therapy. Generally, you associate relaxation with hot water but this is not the case. Getting into the cold water immersion tub will keep you active throughout the day such that you will be able to get a good night of rest later on.

    Cold Plunging – The Science Behind The Benefits

    A cold bath is recommended over a hot one by many experts. Just dipping yourself in cold and clean water at the end of a long day or starting your day by doing so can offer numerous benefits. Here are all the reasons why experts recommend that you draw those ice baths and sink into the cold tub today.

    Trains The Nervous System

    Cold Plunging proves to be extremely beneficial when you consider the fact that it can stimulate your vagus nerve. Cold Water therapy can help you improve the functioning of the sympathetic nervous system.

    You may notice an increase in your focus levels as a result of the stimulation of your sympathetic nervous system owing to the cold water immersion therapy. By bathing in cold, stress levels are managed better as well.

    Helps You Lose Weight

    Some studies suggest that cold plunging and frequent sessions of cold water immersion therapy might help reduce fat content in the body. Cold water therapy stimulates increased metabolism which might help in burning away more calories from the body from areas where there is stored fat.

    Taking cold baths could be a great way to recover from your session at the gym as well. Cold temperatures reduce inflammation in the body and cold showers may promote increased metabolism of fat cells.

    Boosts The Immune Function

    People recommend cold plunging and cold water therapy because it could help in boosting the functioning of the immune system. The cold temperatures that your body experiences during cold water immersion and cold baths help constrict lymph vessels. Thus a simple cold bath or an ice bath can release more WBCs and enhance your immune system.

    Increase Endorphins To Keep You Happy

    Cold plunging and cold water therapy can boost endorphin levels and as a result of cold water immersion, you experience enhanced mood levels throughout the day. Taking a cold bath in cold temperatures is generally not recommended but it can help you stay cheery.

    Raises Mind Clarity and Mental Energy

    There are many mental health benefits of cold plunging including improvement in clarity and mental energy which you experience after every cold water therapy or cold water immersion session. A cold bath can help stimulate your nervous system and improve mental energy as well.

    Improves Energy Levels

    You noticed that you have improved energy levels, physically and mentally as a result of the different health benefits of cold plunging and cold water therapy. Cold water immersion can improve your physical and mental energy levels and make sure that you complete your workout session even if an intense workout pushes you outside your comfort zone.

    Final Verdict – Should You Invest In The Plunge?

    Our research and editorial team have concluded that the Cold Plunge line of products are legit and they appear to be safe for general use. If you are apprehensive about using the product or feel that you need sound medical advice, please reach out to a professional before purchasing or using the product because nothing even remotely substitutes the same.

    To enjoy the benefits of The Cold Plunge, click here to place your order now! >>>


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