Octomoves Flow Rope Review: Ottermode Body Type – What to Know

Take a closer look at the elusive Ottermode Body Type, what it is, and how you can achieve it. We’re delving deep into everything you need to know.

The Ottermode Body Type – what is it? And how can you achieve it? We’ll be answering these questions and more throughout this comprehensive guide. Body types are exciting things. They’re designed to help us get to know our bodies better and better understand how they work. But they aren’t always inclusive enough. Sometimes, we feel like we fit into more than one body type.

However, you likely fit more accurately into one body type than another. This article will look at the unique Ottermode Body Type, which has gained some popularity over the years. We’ll discuss how you can achieve it and maintain this body type.

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Body Types in General

Before we delve deeper into the body type, let’s look at some more commonly-known body types to give you some context.

Research has shown that genetics significantly influences your body type, especially when it comes to mesomorphy and ectomorph. This is quite important, as it helps explain individual differences in athletic performance and physique that lifestyle factors cannot explain.

For instance, having a higher degree of mesomorphy is associated with more incredible strength performance, while mesomorphic bodies are often those of sprinters. Endurance athletes tend to become more ectomorphic the longer their distance.

It’s important to remember that most of us do not fit perfectly within one of the three main body type classifications. Instead, we often have characteristics of at least two of them. Experts believe most people are a combination of body types, such as endo-mesomorphs or Ecto-mesomorphs.

These examples are mainly like the mesomorph body type but have traits from the ectomorph (a thin waist or small joints) or traits from the endomorph (a tendency to gain fat).

As such, in your attempt to achieve the Ottermode Body Type, you may keep traits from your current body type that persist, so don’t fret if you cannot reach the perfect upper body with six-pack abs.

Now we’ll discuss the different body types in more detail:


Endomorphic body types have metabolisms that are slower and more unforgiving. They have a greater tendency to store fat than the other body types and thus gain weight more quickly.

Endomorph body types tend to have a more significant body fat percentage, with fat being distributed relatively evenly throughout the entire body.

Because of this, endomorphs are more likely to be overweight with difficulty losing weight. Finally, endomorph bodies have medium to large frames and broad shoulders and are often quite shapely.


Mesomorphs have a reasonably easy time building muscle mass and muscle definition. They are strong, athletic, powerful, and fast and tend to have fast-twitch muscle fibers.

You’ll find that people with the mesomorph body type excel at sports that require speed and power and find it easy to burn fat and lose weight. Mesomorphs have a square body type with a medium frame, without broad shoulders.

The mesomorphic body type is common amongst professional athletes and weightlifters and is one of the more challenging body types to achieve and maintain. It is characterized by a strong upper body and good muscle tone.


Lastly, there is the ectomorph. They contrast with the other body types in that they have a low body fat percentage and also low muscle mass. You won’t see an ecomorph with a muscular body or toned muscle since they tend to have long limbs and a relatively small frame.

Ectomorphic people are lightly muscled, slender, and have a more linear shape. Their metabolisms are fast and more resistant to muscle and fat weight gain. Interestingly, ectomorphs can look slim but still carry an unhealthy level of body fat.

The Ottermode Body Type

The Ottermode Body Type is rare and is often called the swimmer’s physique and is characterized by a combination of lean muscles, low body fat, a well-defined abdomen, and broad shoulders.

This body type is often found on swimmers, combining broad shoulders with a V-shaped torso and low body fat.

When trying to achieve the Ottermode Body Type, your primary goal is to have as low of a body fat percentage as possible.

People with this body type have 12% body fat or less, depending on their muscle definition and muscle mass. Furthermore, your percentages will largely depend on your weight and height.

How to Achieve the Ottermode Body

Let’s take a closer look at how you can achieve the Ottermode Body Type. It takes a lot of dedication and effort, but it is well within reach if you can follow an exercise program and diet routine.


One of the essential characteristics of the ottermode physique is having a high muscle mass with clearly toned muscles. If you want to be able to achieve this, then you are going to need to burn fat through resistance training and weight training.

Resistance training helps you build your strength and burn body fat by getting your muscles to work hard against some weight or force. It often takes the form of bodyweight exercising and working out with weights is the key to the ottermode physique.

Cardio is another fat-burning essential that will not only help you achieve low body fat but will also help achieve toned muscles. High-intensity interval training is the most beneficial cardio routine out there.

Each HIIT routine varies slightly, but most involve around 30 to 40 seconds of high-intensity movement followed by a short break.

This routine is repeated for about 15 minutes and is proven to help you build toned muscles and burn body fat faster than other cardio workouts.


Octomoves Flow Rope is another workout program that is highly beneficial when trying to achieve the Ottermode Body Type. It involves using unique flow ropes specially designed for exercise and acts as a form of weight and resistance training that also helps improve your hand-eye coordination.

Flow ropes activate whole body muscles, even the smallest ones, during exercise. Octomoves Flow Rope is designed to help you achieve a lean physique.

You can use it as a perfect tool for hardcore cardio days when you want to sweat, as well as an additional tool for exercising on the days when you want to lift.

Consume Macronutrients

In any fitness journey, including the one to achieve the ottermode body, working out can only get you so far. That’s why it is so important to eat healthy and clean ingredients.

As you keep an eye on your macronutrients, you’ll want to ensure that you keep them at maintenance or a slight calorie deficit.

A great way to get to the ottermode body is to keep your nutrients in a caloric deficit when you first start, then in maintenance as you get deeper into your exercise routine and diet.

This will help you achieve the muscles you’re looking for that are characteristic of the ottermode body.

Lowering Your Body Fat

A meager body fat percentage defines the Ottermode Body Type. So, to achieve the proper ottermode physique, you need to lower your body fat to 12%.

This sounds like a very challenging task, and while it’s certainly not easy, it can be done with diligence and effort.

Getting down to this body fat percentage will result in a very lean physique. However, it should happen as you continue to track your macros, eat clean, and work out regularly.

The best way to lower your body fat is to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. You don’t have to be highly restrictive with your diet, especially if you are working out consistently.

Purchasing Octomoves Flow Rope

Octomoves Flow Rope is available on the official website. They come in four designs:

  • Black Swan: $69.99
  • Phoenix: $69.99
  • Flowzilla: $74.99
  • Funky Zen: $64.99

All orders over $65.00 ship for free. A 30-day money-back guarantee backs Octomoves Flow Rope. For more information, contact customer service via:

  • Email: hey@octomoves.com

Ottermode Body Type Conclusion

The Ottermode Body Type, while notoriously challenging to achieve, is an attractive body type that is certainly worth aiming for if you are passionate about your physique and want to live your healthiest life.

It’s common amongst swimmers, aesthetic bodybuilders, and male models. While it might take some time and dedication to achieve, with the help of a good diet and workout routine like Octomoves Flow Rope, it is well within reach.


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