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Life Line Screening Reviews: Should You be Tested at Life Line Screening?

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Life line Screening is a prevention and wellness company that finds potential health issues before it causes any problem. As life line screening offers multiple preventive health screenings, it helps to understand the risk of many chronic diseases. Read the life line screening review carefully to get clear of it.

Life Line Screening

When we run for success and wealth, we often neglect the most precious thing, our health. Most people over 40 or 50 can’t lead a healthy life due to many diseases. People age 40 and over can use that preventive health screening to keep them safe and lead a healthy life.

What Is Life Line Screening

Life line screening is a private company that provides multiple affordable preventive health screenings to healthy people. Since 1993 the life line screening helps millions of people to lead a healthy life every year. As they have an expert team of doctors and lab technicians, they can provide the highest preventive quality screening.

According to the research, lots of people die due to different chronic diseases every year. But life line screening is an affordable way to check up symptoms for major cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and osteoarthritis.

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Life line screening detects these chronic health conditions so that you can take preventive action. To keep these services available in every neighborhood network, life line screening has portable vans where they can conduct tests. They use an expert team of doctors and technicians to deliver health reports. So, you can trust their safe and effective report to take prevention.

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How Life Line Screening Works

Every year, life line screening conducted thousands of events in every state all around the US. Generally, these events happened in locations like community centers, public places, business host areas, and local areas. Visit the life line screening official website to get relative information about life line screening locations near you.

On the Life line’s website, you will get multiple preventive health screening packages options to select. Once you get the upcoming event schedule near you, call the life line’s toll-free number to purchase your health screen and fix an appointment. Give all the necessary information during the site visiting to get proper consultation.

The Screening Process

At the fixed date and time, life line doctors and technicians will conduct the health screening according to your packages. If possible to give the result immediately, they will provide it with a report card and further actions but if it’s not possible to give the result immediately, Life line will send it within 2-3 weeks.

These reports will directly give information about health status and provide a further recommendation of test or medical support. As Life Line’s laboratory is certified by the U.S Food and Drug Administration’s CLIA, you can trust these screening results.

Methods of Life Line Screening

There are several preventive screenings available in Life Line screening. These preventive screenings include abdominal ultrasound, blood test, and ECG that give an overall report of your health. These lifeline screens can identify risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, osteoporosis, etc which is helpful for anyone above the age of 40 or 50.

Before purchasing any of Life Line’s packages, you have to clear about these screening methods. It is essential to have enough knowledge to build trust in it. So, let’s have a look at these tests in detail below-


The Ultrasound test is done to take internal images of the body that help to look inside the body. When conducting this test, the patent has to lie on a flat surface. Then, the specialist uses a device to project sound waves that show an image of an organ of the body. The sound waves create a 3D image that helps to localize plaque or narrow formation in vessels.

Ultrasound can detect cholesterol plaque in the blood vessels that helps to reduce the risk of ischemic stroke. As ultrasound is painless and doesn’t produce any radiation, it is much safer and superior to X-ray. Another positivity of the Ultrasound is you don’t have to remove clothes for the test.

Finger Prick Blood Test

Finger Prick Blood test is done with a special lancet and a needle. When the expert pricks the noodle in your finger, the blood withdraws. This blood sample is further used for testing. You may feel a small prick while doing the test.

But, the finger prick blood test is safe and less painful than venous blood collection. It is an easy and convenient test that helps to find out the sugar level of the body. It also helps to detect the particle percentage of the blood.

Limited ECG

The ECG or electrocardiogram test is done to record the electrical signals or simply the condition of the heart. Through the test, technicians use 12 adhesive patches called electrodes to record electrical signals. When the computer recorded those signals, it displayed them as wanes on a monitor.

You may think why ECG? People above 50 are at risk of heart disease because of overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure, or cholesterol. Life Line screening is used to do it to get a proper report of the heart. ECG is a safe and pain-free test and also you don’t have to take off your clothes for the test.

If the Life Line physician finds any issue with ECG, they will perform another test to distinguish plaque in the supply route. These tests are so helpful to detect any type of abnormality in your body.

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Pros and Cons of Life Line Screening

Before spending a healthy amount of bucks, you better know the life line screening pros and cons. This information will help you to get a clear idea about the product and take a quicker decision. So, let’s take a clear look at the benefits or issues of Life Line Screening.

Early detection

When you are on the Life line screening, you have early detection of serious problems. At the age of 50 or above, the body may react suddenly when the condition gets serious. But with the life line screening, you will get early detection of a serious problem. So, it will keep you careful about your health and you will pay extra attention to your body.

Prevent Diseases to Expand

We all know that prevention is better than cure but we don’t care about our health until we get sick. If you know about the disease earlier with Life Line Screening, you may take steps to prevent the diseases from expanding. It helps to take the doctor’s advice so that you can prevent disease progression and get rid of it.

Early Treatment

As soon as the patient knows about the diseases, he may start treatment of diseases. The life Line screening is a simple and effective way to get early knowledge about the diseases. So, the doctor can start early treatment of diseases so that the patient can get a better result.

Strict Quality Control

All the reports a patient got from Life Line Screening are verified by a certified physician. The Life Line Screening includes laboratories that are certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s CLIA authorities. So, the results are precious and a patient can trust them.

Affordable Price

The Life Line screening comes with lots of services with tests but it costs lower than clinics or hospitals. So, you can get a health report at an affordable price and it is worth the money.

Availability & Insurance

The Life line screening is only available in the USA. So, you may have the package but you are not in the USA, you can’t get their services. The Life Line screening is not covered by private insurance or medicare. So, these screening documents may not be valid for some insurance companies.

Life Line Screening

Where Can I Get Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening services are available at the official site of Life Line Screening. But you may register through another site. It is wise to use the official site as it has discounts and offers. So, visit the official site to get life line screening locations and dates in your area.

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How Much Life Line Screening Cost?

There are different packages available on the official site of Life Line Screening including-

  • 5 Health screenings including one test for osteoporosis; Cost: $149
  • 5 Health screenings including one test for osteoporosis + comprehensive health assessment; Cost: $228
  • Life Line Screening’s Wellness Gold Membership; Cost: $19.95/ Month.

Wellness Gold Membership Facilities

The Life Line Screening’s Wellness Gold Membership has lots of facilities. It includes six standard health screenings annually with any necessary vascular screenings by Life Line specialists. It also includes One-on-one nurse consultation with laboratory analysis of up to $100 annually. With this membership, you will get VIP status and priority customer services.

Life Line Screening Customer Support

The Life Line customer care is available all the days of a week by telephone. From Monday to Friday, customer support is available 7:30 am to 10 pm. On weekends, customer support is available from 9 am to 5:30 pm. If you want to know more information about screening, payment, billing, etc, you can visit the official website of Life Line Screening.

Is Life Line Screening A Legitimate Company?

The Life Line Screening helps millions of people to lead a healthy life every year since 1993. According to the life line screening patient reviews, it is 100% legit and a better place to invest for your health. As Better Business gave it an A+ rating, you can trust the results of the tests.

The Life Line Screening can help you to detect the disease early so that you can prevent it from expanding with treatments. It provides lots of services with tests but it costs lower than clinics or hospitals. To build trust on their services, read the life line screening customer review on the official site.

Life Line Screening Reviews- Final Thoughts

That’s all we have for you in this article about the Life Line Screening. We provide all the detailed information about their services. So, you know every detail about the screening with the pros and cons of it. Now, you can easily decide if the Life Line screening is the best option to invest in for better health.

Now, when you are spending some bucks to purchase any package in health issues, you most assuredly need the best place to get a proper test result. There may be other companies that can deal with screening but life line screening is the best legitimate option for you. Hope this Life Line Screening review helps you to make a quicker decision.

Life Line Screening

The FAQs About Life Line Screening of America

1) How Much Detailed Result Life Line Screening Provides?

Life Line Screening test is all about your health condition. It lets you know about the condition but can’t determine the fact of being severe. So, you have to consult a doctor if the results are not in the normal range.

2) Is Life Line Screening Reputable?

Since 1993 the life line screening helps millions of people to lead a healthy life every year. As it helps people for more than 25 years, it is a reputable and a better place to invest for your health.

3) How Long Life Line Screening Takes to Give a Final Report?

Usually, Life Line screening gives a final report within 3-4 days. But, if your report has anything abnormal, then it may take time for a review. The maximum duration for a report is 2 weeks.

4) Is Life Line Screening Any Good to Do?

Of course. Life Line Screening detects chronic health conditions so that you can take preventive action. They use an expert team of doctors and technicians to deliver health reports. So, it is a trustworthy way to know about your health condition.

5) Is Life Line Screening Worth it?

The Life Line Screening takes the health facilities to another level with a highly affordable price. As it can detect chronic health conditions and helps you to take prevention, it is worth your every cent.

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