Folexin Review: Shocking Results or Scam Pills?

Folexin is a daily hair support formula that is used to trigger the regrowth of healthy hair. Professionals make the formula, and it increases both thickness and strength.

What is Folexin?

Hair is an essential feature to many people. A healthy head of hair says a lot, showing that the individual keeps themselves healthy and has a good genetic line. Inherently, having thick and luscious hair can be an appealing quality to any potential partner for these exact reasons. Having good hair is more than a matter of vanity – it reveals the youthful aura that everyone craves to hold onto. Luckily, the use of Folexin can improve it naturally.

Made with a plethora of vitamins and minerals, Folexin aims to help consumers improve the natural growth process. It doesn’t necessarily improve baldness or act as hormone therapy, but it can keep the follicles producing the healthy hair that everyone hopes to keep. Since the hair goes through stages of growth, called the anagen phase, the catagen phase. Finally, the telogen phase, which is the resting phase, could cause the hair follicle to completely release from the scalp, preventing the hair from growing for up to three months before new hair begins. Using healthy nutrients to keep the hair in a constant cycle of new growth, users won’t have to worry about thinning or other damage to the hair.

Though Folexin primarily supports the growth process, it also nourishes the hair that users already have. By keeping healthy hair strong and vibrant, this constant growth becomes substantially easier.


How Does Folexin Help Users?

The main reason this formula is so effective is that it provides users with an incredible 600mcg amount of biotin, a protein that is directly associated with the health of the hair (as well as the skin and nails). Also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H, this nutrient works naturally with the sulfur in the body to help with hair growth.

Along with biotin, Folexin has the support of a nutrient called Fo-Ti. Fo-Ti originated from China, though it has promoted an anti-aging effect for quite some time. Since hair loss is often directly associated with progressing age, this ingredient can help.

Though users will get many vitamins and minerals from the Folexin formula, a proprietary blend makes up 409mg of the formula. It uses many nutrients and extracts to strengthen and stimulate greater thickness and hair growth, including:

  • PABA
  • L-tyrosine
  • Horsetail extract
  • Bamboo extract
  • Nettle root
  • Peony
  • Spirulina
  • Saw palmetto
  • Plant sterols
  • Alfalfa
  • Barley grass

PABA is primarily known for the way that it can treat symptoms of infertility in women. In many cases, it can also create a darker hue in gray hair, reduce the risk of hair loss, and improve the complexion’s youthful appearance.

L-tyrosine is used to support the production of hormones in the thyroid and produce melanin for the complexion. It can also improve mental performance.

Horsetail extract can help users release fluids they retain in their extremities, though it also helps with incontinence and issues impacting the kidneys and bladder. In some studies, horsetail extract can positively improve the healing of wounds.

Bamboo extract is necessary for collagen production, which the skin relies on to keep the suppleness in the skin. It can prevent the hair from thinning with age, and it promotes better hair growth.

Nettle root provides tons of nutrients to the body, but it primarily reduces inflammation. It is often included in hair and skin products to promote the regrowth of hair.

Peony acts as both an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. It has been used as a natural herbal remedy for many problems, including migraines and nerve pain.

Spirulina is considered a superfood, and it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It also supports a healthy immune system.

Saw palmetto could promote increased testosterone levels, which supports the user’s prostate health. However, it is also directly associated with reduced hair loss.

Plant sterols can reduce cholesterol and reduce the user’s risk of heart disease.

Alfalfa helps users to reduce high cholesterol and can ease the fluctuations in blood sugar levels. It delivers vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to users rapidly.

Barley grass is high in vitamins A and C. The use of barley grass can help with the purging of free radicals that can build up as the individual ages.


Purchasing a Bottle of Folexin

With so many different products on the hair care market today, consumers will likely find that the only way to get an authentic bottle of Folexin is through the official website. There are a few different packages available, which include:

  • One bottle for $24.95
  • Two bottles for $44.96
  • Five bottles for $89.92

One bottle is enough of the formula to get through a month of use, so customers should plan accordingly with the amount of time that they want to keep taking Folexin.


Frequently Asked Questions About Folexin

Does the use of Folexin require a prescription?

Not at all. This hair regrowth formula is available without any prior recommendation or prescription from a doctor because it is completely natural.

Who is Folexin for?

This formula is specifically meant for adults. Anyone under age 18 should not use Folexin. Due to how it may impact hormones, pregnant or nursing women should not use Folexin.

How should Folexin be used?

Users will need to take two capsules daily to get the growth that this formula promises. The creators recommend taking the capsules with a meal to promote faster digestion. However, it should not be used within the same hour that the user has to take any medication.

Due to the taste that crushed capsules may leave behind, the creators recommend that users take the capsules as they are.

Why should users avoid taking the Folexin supplement within an hour of using a medication?

This formula has a particular combination of ingredients that could reduce how effective certain medicines are. Anyone who already takes medication should speak with a doctor before making any changes.

How long will users have to take Folexin before they experience the advertised changes?

Though this formula is entirely meant to improve the user’s natural hair growth, lifestyle, and diet (among other factors) can play a role in how quickly this remedy works. Hair grows relatively slow already, typically only amounting to about half an inch each month. Still, it should only take a few weeks to notice improved thickness and strength.

Can Folexin be used by any gender?

Yes. This hair regrowth supplement is meant for unisex use.

For consumers that still want to learn more information about Folexin, the customer service team of Vita Balance can be reached by calling 1-888-455-9995 or by emailing support@vitabalance.net.


Folexin provides users with a way to improve the health of their hair without having to apply an expensive topical shampoo or get surgery that may not last. The supplement safely introduces nourishment with a small capsule that is easy to take daily, and both men and women can use the remedy. With plenty of vitamins and minerals, users will find that the proprietary blend includes incredible botanicals that are helpful to the growth of thick and strong hair.

To learn more about Folexin, visit the official website and exclusively order yours from the official website.


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