CircadiYin Reviews: Alarming Scam Complaints?

Insomnia is a growing concern in the health sphere although more researchers are increasingly narrowing down to the issue. The condition is characterized by poor sleeping habits, anxiety, exercise inefficiency and depression among other symptoms.

Treating insomnia mainly concerns addressing sleep complications. While many manufacturers may claim to produce completely safe products, these products may have adverse after effects, or be limited to short term usage. Most sleep remedies cause morning drowsiness, which might affect daytime activities. In fact not all solutions work for all patients.

Failure to treat sleep complications in their early stages may lead to more critical conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or cognitive dysfunction.

CircadiYin is an approved circadian rhythm remedy that purportedly has been proven safe for a longer usage period than alternatives.

What is CircadiYin?

CircadiYin is dietary supplement for short term treatment of insomnia in aged individuals, typically 55 and older. It is referred to as a primary treatment for insomnia since insomnia does not have a recognized cause either environmental, mental or medical.

CircadiYin is designed to provide a prolonged moderated release of melatonin from a 2mg tablet. This means that the tablet mimics the body’s natural sleep induction process. Under normal circumstances, melatonin is released naturally by the pineal gland to induce the body to a sleep or wake state.

CircadiYin has a recognizable smell due to the components used to facilitate the gradual release. Before we get into the details of how the CircadiYin Advanced Circadian Solution supplement works, let’s take a step back and fill in the most pressing information about this exciting new formula by exploring all of its main points and then elaborating on each in the product review below to ultimately find out what the customers are saying, if there are any negative side effects or scam complaints.
  • CircadiYin
  • Description:
  • CircadiYin is an 18 ingredient supplement that is formulated as an Advanced Circadian Solution that helps users optimize many vital health functions such as deeper, sounder sleep cycles, metabolism and of course weight loss.
  • Type:
  • oral administration with easy to swallow capsules
  • Creator:
  • CircadiYin
  • Website:
  • CircadiYin.com (CircadiYin Advanced Circadian Solution official website)
  • Purpose:
  • enhance deep sleep patterns for more energy, metabolism and fat burning benefits
  • Ingredients:
  • The Circadian Proprietary Blend contains 905mg per serving and contains all of the following herbs, superfoods and extracts:
  • Ashwagandha (withania somnifera) (root) inositol, Goji (wolfberry) (lycium barbarum) (berry), lemon balm (melissa officinalis) (aerial), St. John’s Wort (hypericum perforatum) (aerial), skullcap (scutellaria baicalensis) (root), 5-HTP (griffonia simplicifolia) (seed), chamomile (matricaria chamomilla flower), L-Taurine, L-tryptophan, L-Theanine, GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid), passion flower (passiflora incarnata) (flower) and Hops (humulus lupulus) (flower)
  • It also adds in Calcium (17 mg) as calcium carbonate and Magnesium (13 mg) as magnesium citrate, along with Vitamin B6 (2 mg) as Pyridoxine HCL and Melatonin (10 mg)
  • Dose:
  • 30 servings per container with a serving size of 2 capsules per day
  • best taken with 6-8 oz of water for optimal results
  • Features:
  • useful for adult women and men who are in their 30s/40s/50s/60s/70s and beyond
  • contains non-GMO ingredients that are all natural, free of sugar and gluten and vegan friendly
  • uses zero binders or fillers, preservatives or antibiotics
  • effectively restores the body’s natural metabolic function and deep sleep cycles
  • Benefits:
  • deeper, sounder sleep for more energy the next day
  • enhances metabolic function for metabolism regeneration
  • suppresses food cravings to reduce appetite
  • accelerates the fat burning weight loss process with daily use
  • Side Effects:
  • the all natural ingredients used in CircadiYin make for high safety profile
  • zero scam complaints about CircadiYin have been reported so far
  • there are no complications or adverse reactions due to CircadiYin side effects
  • make sure to seek professional assistance from a licensed healthcare worker if they arise
  • Results:
  • the advanced circadian solution supplement works best after 90 to 180 days
  • consume 2 capsules per day for the next three to six months for optimal results
  • the most long term noticeable benefits take place after the first few weeks to three months
  • Testing:
  • all CircadiYin pills go through rigorous testing by an independent third party lab to verify purity and potency quality
  • made in an FDA-inspected and audited facility that follows strict cGMP standards for maximum effectiveness
  • Customers:
  • the real CircadiYin reviews of actual customers and users of the product are all done via video testimonials mentioning the product by name
  • the official CircadiYin website alludes to how there are already over 100,000 individuals who have benefitted from this formula
  • Price:
  • The CircadiYin price varies based on the number of bottles one orders, saving big on the 3 and 6 month bottles
  • $69 for 30 day supply (minor shipping fee)
  • $59 for 90 day supply (includes free shipping)
  • $49 for 180 day supply (includes free shipping)
  • all CircadiYin customer purchases guarantee a 60 day money back refund policy
  • Scam Risks:
  • There are serious CircadiYin scam risks to know about, so buyer beware and proceed with caution
  • due to the popularity, there are nefarious third-party platforms and marketplaces trying to dupe consumers
  • never buy CircadiYin pills from Amazon, Ebay or GNC stores (and this avoids the money back guarantee)
  • the only place to buy authentically verified and tested pills are from the official website
  • the official website already has the lowest prices with the biggest savings online
  • Shipping:
  • The three and six month supply purchases of CircadiYin include free shipping and 1 bottles add $9 shipping fees
  • Purchases will be shipped out within 48 business day hours of original purchase date
  • ships worldwide, including the US and Canada, along with the UK/Ireland and Northern Eurpoe, as well as (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, and Iceland) and Southern Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Andorra, Monaco, Vatican City, San Marino, and Malta) can purchase. Even Western Europe (Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland); Australia; New Zealand and more while supplies last
  • Bonus:
  • All orders of the advanced circadian supplement include 3 bonuses at no additional charge:
  • Circadian Priming Protocol eBook: Find real proven methods to prime your Circadian Rhythm easily.
  • Circadian Supercharge Recipes Guide: Burn fat while you sleep using our favorite fat loss friendly recipes.
  • 7 Day Circadian Detox Method: Find real proven methods to prime your Circadian Rhythm easily.
  • Contact:
  • No Questions asked returns
  • customer service team is available 24/7
  • zero hassle refund policy and money back guarantee support
  • Email Address: support@circadiyin.com
  • Phone Number: Not available
  • Where to Order

  • Click Here
  • How does CircadiYin Work?

    Naturally, melatonin is produced by the pineal glands in the brain. It then spreads to the sleep-wake regulatory cells, to induce sleep when needed. However, melatonin production decreases as people get older, leading to higher risks of insomnia. This disrupts the body’s ability to stimulate melatonin production in the onset of darkness or reaching the peak during the middle of the night.

    Unlike most melatonin remedies, CircadiYin imitates the body’s natural adjustment of melatonin levels, by gradually releasing it to the bloodstream. This also prevents the drug from affecting the body’s natural production of melatonin. Most users have been able to regain a normal sleep-wake pattern after dosing with CircadiYin.

    Causes of Sleep Deprivation

    Besides CircadiYin, people also opt for alternatives such as melatonin supplements with sleeping promoting goals. Lack of sleep may also be caused by environmental factors and activities such as long flights which lead to jet lag. It may also result from a disrupted sleep pattern such as working overnight.

    In most cases, lack of sleep is caused by stress resulting from trauma, sickness and other thought-stimulating events.

    Environmental Changes to Increase Melatonin Production

    While medication remains the fastest way to recover from insomnia, you could stimulate recovery by adjusting some daily habits. The human body is naturally designed to increase melatonin production about two hours before sleep.

    To promote this process, you should first ensure the environment lighting is kept low, preferably off. You should also keep distance with electronics’ screens, such as smart phones and television. The blue light from such gadgets causes an anti-sleep effect. To increase your body’s melatonin production, stay in well aerated environments during the day, or take outdoor walks regularly. You should also increase your exposure to the sun, during the early and late day hours.


    How to Use CircadiYin

    A single tablet of CircadiYin contains the clinical recommendation of 2mg daily dosage. The dose should be taken within two hours before going to sleep. It is also paramount that you swallow the tablet whole rather than crushing it, to maintain its moderated release ability. It should also be taken after meals to increase the release moderation.

    According to clinical studies, melatonin consumption is only considered safe in the short term. The prolonged usage of typically beyond 3 weeks may lead to withdrawal effects and impaired daytime alertness. But according to CircadiYin’s official site, the formula has been tested and approved for a 13 weeks usage period.

    Is CircadiYin Legal?

    Yes it is. Some reports say that CircadiYin is still under evaluation in the US, but this does not appear to be the case. However, it has been legalized in many other nations including members of the European Union. The EU’s CircadiYin marketing grant was authorized by the European Commission on 29th June 2007. According to the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP), CircadiYin has moderate effects but the risks are far lesser. Australia, Israel and some Asian countries have also legalized it. The grants allow CircadiYin to be marketed as an insomnia treatment only.

    Who Uses CircadiYin?

    According to the manufacturer, users should begin enjoying the benefits as soon as 2 hours after consuming. However, the effects can range between different people, due to different tolerance and deficiency levels.

    CircadiYin is not a prescription drug, which means that you do not need to but should seek a doctor’s advice before consuming it if you have a past history of adverse reactions to natural supplements. While it may also preferable to avoid mixing it with other medications such as hypertension drugs, as it may affect how they work, the natural ingredient profile does make for a relatively safe and non-reactive use case more often than not.

    Also, melatonin consumption is not safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. Individuals with autoimmune disorders, high blood pressure and diabetes should only consume melatonin when recommended by a doctor.

    Is CircadiYin Safe?

    Due to its sleep inducing properties, CircadiYin may cause drowsiness for some which can compromise safety or lead to accidents when taken in the wrong context, but is not likely. So this means it is safe to say it is not advisable to use CircadiYin when driving or operating machines.

    It is not recommended for autoimmune patients to take CircadiYin. Clinically, CircadiYin has not been proven safe for individuals with autoimmune diseases.

    Due to its lactose constituent, patients suffering from glucose-galactose malabsorption, rare hereditary complications, LAPP lactase deficiency and galactose intolerant individuals should also avoid it at all cost.

    CircadiYin is also not advisable for under-18s, since no assessments on its safety for this group have been performed.

    Substances that React with CircadiYin

    According to clinical studies, consuming CircadiYin in combination with some substances may cause or increase the side effects.

    CircadiYin may boost the sedative effects of benzos and non-benzos hypnotics including zopiclone, zaleplon and zolpidem. For instance, one clinical study concluded that the combination of CircadiYin and Zolpidem reduces memory, attentiveness, and coordination from around one hour of consumption. However, consuming Zolpidem alone caused mild effects.

    Another study investigated the effects of CircadiYin on Imipramine and Thioridazine, which condition the central nervous system. Although the effects were not significant, the addition of CircadiYin to Imipramine increased its calming effects, while its combination with Thioridazine caused more muzziness.

    Also, the presence of alcohol in the body reduces the performance of CircadiYin.

    What Happens if I Overdose on CircadiYin?

    Like most natural formulas, CircadiYin does not have its fair share of overdosing reports unlike these other hardcore, unvetted products. While there are no CircadiYin side effects to speak of yet, of all the side effects reported, the only alarming cases involved somnolence, which was also the most rampant in these other sleep pills. But even so, most of these cases were mild to moderate.

    According to a clinical study where CircadiYin was administered in 5mg daily doses for over a year, the increase in dosage did not increase the severity of the effects as expected. Purportedly, melatonin consumption hardly caused any significant effects even after a daily dosage of up to 300mg.

    Mostly, users should experience drowsiness after overdosing. It is also advisable to wait until the drug naturally clears, which typically takes 12 hours.


    Final Word

    The recommended sleep period for adults is a minimum of 7 hours daily. However, this is almost unachievable in the conventional busy work life. In fact, people in urban areas may have less sleep quality due to ongoing overnight activities near homes. Sleep quality affects the immune system and how the brain functions.

    However, CircadiYin can purportedly provide sufficient sleep even within shorter periods. But given the side effects and limited usage period, it is safer to seek a doctor’s recommendation.


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