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As men and women become older, their digestive systems start to weaken, so much so that several studies released over the past decade have clearly shown that after the age of 40, problems like gas, bloating, flatulence start to become extremely common amongst adults. Furthermore, due to the sedentary nature of most jobs today, an increasing number of people are facing issues related to bowel movement because their bodies do not get adequate exercise.

In this regard, Peak Biome Bowel Guard is an all-new digestive health optimizer that is 100% plant-based. According to the official product website, each serving of the supplement comes laden with a whole host of potent health optimizers that are free of any artificial additives, chemicals, or preservatives.

Not only that, to help ensure optimal gut health, but the product has also been devised using specific doses of certain niche’ enzymes that have been closely studied and clinically found to make one’s excretion mechanisms smoother.

A Closer Look at Peak Biome Bowel Guard

Simply put, one can think of Bowel Guard as a digestive enzyme formula that comes replete with many natural active ingredients that are designed to promote faster digestion as well as alleviate a number of common stomach problems that people all over the world tend to face regularly (such as excess gas buildup, heartburn, etc.).

When taken regularly, the formula helps optimize one’s intestines’ operational capacity — both large and small — and allows the user’s stool to become firm, thus enabling users to enjoy a healthy level of bowel movement daily.

In addition to this, the enzymes contained in Peak Biome Bowel Guard have been scientifically shown to help speed up/optimize the user’s digestion processes, which allows them to enjoy their favorite foods.

Some of the core facets of Peak Biome Bowel Guard include:

(i) Prevents Digestive Issues: As mentioned earlier, the potent formula contained in Bowel Guard helps promote the digestion of complex carbs, fats in a totally streamlined manner. As a result, users can enjoy their favorite foods without having to worry about issues such as bloating, flatulence, etc.

(ii) Potent Formula: An underrated facet of this supplement is that it not only promotes regular bowel movement but also minimizes the production of unwanted bowel odor. If that wasn’t enough, the active ingredients in Peak Biome Bowel Guard have been found to promote lactose digestion — which means that users can enjoy a cappuccino or slice of cheese without any unwanted digestive problems.

(iii) Healthier Gluten Breakdown: Another aspect of Peak Biome Bowel Guard is that it helps fasten the breakdown and digestion of gluten. This means that users can enjoy eating carbs without worrying about any adverse gut effects later on.

What Benefits Can You Potentially Get by Using Bowel Guard?

(i) Sustained Energy Release: When taken regularly, Peak Biome Bowel Guard helps spur the breakdown of complex carbs, fats, proteins, thus allowing for a sustained release of energy. It is worth noting that when one’s body is energized, the intestines can work more efficiently.

(ii) Gas Elimination: The novel ingredient mix that has been added to the supplement prevents stinky gases that usually arise from fiber and veggies from being formed altogether. This enables users to feel healthy all day long and allows them to go about their day-to-day activities without the risk of inadvertent gas release, flatulence.

(iii) Increased Immunity: By helping maximize the efficiency of one’s gut microbiome, Bowel Guard can greatly enhance the user’s immune system’s operational and functional utility. As a result, individuals can gradually become less susceptible to everyday health problems like cough, cold, indigestion, flu, etc.

(iv) Bioavailability: Some of the ingredients that can be found in the supplement have been scientifically demonstrated in increasing the body’s ability to absorb nutrients more efficiently. This allows users to maximize their biome health and enables them to enjoy heightened mood states.

So What Exactly Does Peak Biome Bowel Guard Contain?


As some of our regular readers may be aware of, Amylase is a potent enzyme that has the potential to catalyze the hydrolysis of starch (Latin amylum) into various sugars that the human body can later use for the sustained release of energy. Not only that, but Amylase can also help in the breakdown of various complex carbohydrates that are traditionally difficult for the body to digest — thus allowing users to feel light, active, and clear-headed even after ingesting a heavy meal.


Much like the aforementioned enzyme, Invertase too has been studied closely and found to help charge one’s cells and tissues in a totally natural manner. As a result, it is able to help maximize the production of energy within one’s body as well as breakdown a whole host of raw sugar derivatives 9such as sucrose) into smaller, more digestible molecules. It is also worth mentioning that invertase is most commonly obtained from yeast — either from bread factories or beer breweries.


Lipase is a fat-melting enzyme that has been found to help in the synthesis of greasy food items in a highly straightforward manner. Furthermore, studies have shown that Lipase is a key ingredient that promotes the absorption of various vital nutrients such as vitamins D, K, E, and A.

Lastly, it should also be pointed out that an increasing amount of research now clearly shows us that regular intake of Lipase can reduce the buildup of gas and prevent bloating (while promoting the user’s overall wellness levels).

S. Boulardii

S. Boulardii is one of the most widely used probiotic agents in the world today. When taken on a daily basis, this active biological ingredient has been shown to deliver users with a number of physical and mental benefits such as:

  • Maximization of one’s microbiome health
  • Regulation of one’s bowel movement
  • Mitigation of problems such as travelers’ diarrhea, antibiotic-related diarrhea.

Lastly, it is worth noting that the FDA has even recommended S. Boulardii for improving one’s intestinal and gut health.

Where Can I Buy Peak Biome Bowel Guard?

The easiest and most hassle-free way of making a purchase is via the official Peak Biome website —

At press time, the supplement is being sold for a solid 60% discount. However, the offer will expire on Tuesday (15th Sept) at 12:00 am PDT. Purchase options include:

The latter two offers come with a free shipping option. Each unit also comes with a 12-month money-back guarantee in case users are not entirely satisfied with their purchase or the results delivered by Bowel Guard. Payments can be facilitated via a host of safe and secure options such as PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover.

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