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Arthritis Strategy Reviews: Blue Heron Health Shelly Manning

Arthritis Strategy Reviews: Blue Heron Health Shelly Manning

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Do you feel like you’ve been stripped of your independence? Does the thought of possibly doing less than you are used to impacting your mental and emotional health? Living with arthritis is no simple task, as individuals are known to experience joint pain and stiffness, both of which only appear to worsen with age.

As explained by the Mayo Clinic, arthritis often leads to damage in cartilage, the component that protects bones. To date, several types have flourished, but in general, it is the immune system’s attack on the joints and its lining that causes such gruesome pain [1]. Given the unique types known to society, treatments also vary accordingly.

Despite it all, natural health practitioner Shelly Manning insists that she has the solution to reverse the effects of arthritis and the condition itself. Interestingly, her approach entails making little adjustments that go a long way. Without further ado, here’s everything there is to know on “the Arthritis Strategy”:

What is the Arthritis Strategy?

The Arthritis Strategy is a 21-day step-by-step, completely natural guide intended to treat all types of arthritis. It has been compiled in such a way that combines both scientific and traditionally followed health tricks. Precisely, Shelly Manning has considered 47 scientific studies’ findings and a hidden secret from Southeast Asia that is poised to bring utmost relief to consumers. As someone who developed and overcame rheumatoid arthritis, Shelly believes that her approaches are universal.

What type of support does the Arthritis Strategy aim to provide?

The Arthritis Strategy appears to be founded partly on a Chinese tea that is expected to loosen up the joints, free the body of pain and heighten energy levels. Based on Shelly’s claims, arthritis is “caused by lifestyle rather than genetic predisposition.” In speaking to Janerdquo, the Asian woman who presented Shelly with the Chinese tea, she then informed Shelly that Southeast Asians are highly unlikely to be diagnosed with arthritis because they relied on healing herbs, lifestyle choices, and eating habits. These are deemed factors that differ across most cultures and even the globe, for that matter.

In further researching the above statements, we stumbled upon a piece that included the viewpoints of rheumatologist Abrahim Syed, MD, who was referenced saying, “It’s very likely there is a genetic component to arthritis […] The exact role of genetics is still not well known [2].” In addition to his opinion, it was noted that “genetic factors are more strongly linked to arthritis cases” and that environmental factors may also play a role. As for occurrences of arthritis within the Southeast Asian community, 22% of men and 43% of women over 60 years of age are likely to experience osteoarthritis, as stated in this review [3].

How has the Arthritis Strategy been delivered?

The Arthritis Strategy is meant to deliver information based on Shelly’s three-step strategy, which includes relieving pain and stiffness, unmasking the underlying cause of arthritis and putting an end to it for good, and finally, helping consumers rebuild healthy joints by stimulating recovery. Regarding the learning opportunity presented by the Arthritis Strategy, emphasis will be placed on:

  • Alternative ingredients that are as potent as those found in the Chinese tea

  • How very few changes need to be made to one’s lifestyle and diet to promote healthy bones and joints health

  • Symptoms associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia, and gout and how they can be rectified

  • Shelly’s approaches and their ability to elicit weight loss results
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What do we know about Shelly Manning and Blue Heron Health News?

Besides writing the Arthritis Strategy, Shelly claims to have quit her job to open a health consultant practice through which she “guides hundreds of arthritis patients on how to heal themselves.” Eventually, she became a Blue Heron Health News member, a publishing company on a mission to educate consumers on natural health alternatives. Here are a couple of words from the CEO of Blue Heron Health News, Christian Goodman:

“In Native American tradition, the Blue Heron is a Totem Animal for self-knowledge […] Our goal is to eventually address every health issue under the sun and present natural solutions to deal with them. So, you too, may gain natural health and take off as the Blue Heron.”

In terms of her content, the Arthritis Strategy is one of several guides, as she also wrote “The End of Gout,” “The Bone Density Solution,” “The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution,” and “Iron Bound,” to name the least.

How much does the Arthritis Strategy cost?

A digital copy of the Arthritis Strategy can be purchased at USD$49 (or CAD$69.57). This is deemed inexpensive compared to the fees that Shelly would otherwise charge for hourly sessions at her consultant practice (i.e., USD$60 per hour). To add to the reduced rates, Blue Heron Health News and Shelly decided to offer a 60-day money-back guarantee that each individual is unique in their health and may/may not see results at similar rates. To learn more about the steps to getting refunded, a form can be submitted by clicking here.

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Final Verdict

Based on the analysis above, the Arthritis Strategy aims to promote recovery in people who’ve experienced symptoms linked to just about any type of arthritis. This guide was created by Shelly Manning, who insists that she based her solutions on science, traditional medicine, and her personal experiences involving rheumatoid arthritis.

As we read through the sales page, a lot of the disclosed information was reliable. However, we felt that it lacked professionalism. In two instances, words like “whore” and “asshole” were used, and this might be taken as a disadvantage, especially when such words are used by a possibly credible, natural health expert. In further looking into Shelly’s consultant practice, very little came up, which is concerning as she claims to have helped hundreds overcome their health situations.

It could be the case that she decided to close her practice. However, details on her past experiences should have been made available. Speaking of her claims, some of them appear to contradict what is known in the medical community. This might either be true or might reflect the lack of knowledge on Shelly’s part. Nonetheless, the root causes for some forms of arthritis over others are somewhat vague, and this is something to reflect upon as well.

In general, the guide can be of help, particularly regarding the supposed tea recipe included inside. For now, we know very little of the contents. Hence it is nearly impossible to cross-validate the claims until an order has been placed. All things considered, the one benefit of buying the Arthritis Strategy is that it can save people time that would otherwise be devoted to researching solutions.

That said, whether Shelly is truly a natural health expert or merely an individual who excels in research is unclear. Due to these reasons, individuals are asked to contact the Blue Heron Health News team before placing an order. To get in touch with the team regarding the Arthritis Strategy, visit here>>>

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