Poet’s Corner: Alaskan Seasons

Alaskan Seasons

By Bonnie Marie Playle, Soldotna


When the naked trees begin to bud to produce the new fresh leaves,

the gentle sound blowing in the breeze.

All the birds and animals have their young,

if you’re in their way, you’d better run.

To hear the creeks and rivers running free,

ice is melting, water makes its way to the ocean or sea.

Grass turns green and wild flowers bloom

the sun is shining, gone is the dark gloom.


Darkness is short, light is long.

Days starting to get warm, the cold semi-gone.

Play at the beach or on a lake,

do some fishing or clamming get a rake.

Enjoy camping, be one with nature, peaceful, quiet what a mood to savor.

Walk or ride the trails, want to see more country use the rail.

So many things to see and do stay alert for all the gorgeous view.


Life’s slowing down, tourists are gone.

Hunters are gearing up, desire for meat is strong.

Red salmon have all but left, the silvers always fight the best.

The leaves are turning, showing colors galore,

the beauty just makes you want more.


Light is short, darkness is long, time to relax, bring it on.

Temperatures dropping, not much walking.

Tires are mounted with studs to handle ice instead of mud.

Then comes the cold and snow, driving will be slow.

Winter in Alaska is long, makes a person appreciate the weathers wrongs

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