Pioneer Potluck: About what did you say?

  • By Sue Ade
  • Wednesday, October 22, 2014 10:02am
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Bob and I have had a hard time hearing each other for the past ten years and as the years go by it gets more interesting and funny. The topper about two years ago when we were traveling to Kenai in the fall of the year. I said to him – “Sure is pretty out” He whipped his head around and retorted with a surprised look on his face- “Why do you want to go there?” When I told him what I said – we both had a great laugh all the way to Kenai.

Another memorable time, we were visiting Susan and Porter when they lived in Fairbanks. One morning, Bob and Porters Dad, Bobby was setting on the couch in the front room. Eva was fixing coffee for Bobby. In her kind sweet voice she said “ Bobby, do you want sugar in your coffee?” With a startled look on his face he turned to Bob and said. “Spaghetti sauce! Why would I want spaghetti sauce in my coffee?” Good memories of two dear people.

Our Dad McClure was forever the tease and he used words to try and confuse you with his requests. Daughter,Gail remembers when Dad (Grandpa) was setting at the breakfast table teasing Mom (Grandma) ordered “2 lookin’ at ya – 2 slabs and a slice with redeye gravy and a cuppa’ java. Translation – 2 eggs sunny side up, 2 pieces of toast, a slice of ham with red pan gravy and a cup of coffee. Mom with a look of disgust, would not ask him to clear up his request.. He would smirk and wait to see what she put on his plate. He had many variations such as “2 hen fruit, a squeal, two bombs and a scoop of glue.” Translation. 2 eggs, sausage, 2 biscuits with gravy. Mom usually got it right. If she did not he ate it anyway! Oatmeal was oats or horse fodder, He called my dumplings, cannon balls – rightly so! Fun Memories.

When grandson Grey was about 5 yrs old, Bob was building him a long awaited tree house. Grey was right behind Bob at all times with his own nail apron full of nails, a small square and a hammer with a short handle that Bob sawed off for the little carpenter. Sometimes in the way and almost all the time saying “Why Bob?” “How come Bob?” Bob had climbed the little hill for the thousandth time from where he positioned the tree house – one side with a tree holding it. Grey was right at his heels. He was forever wanting to please Bob and trying to guess what Bob’s every move was. Bob stopped to “ponder” a very cool word around our place, Grey looked at Bob in total sincerity and said. “I was reading your mind Bob – but I lost it!” .

We use pondering and losing our minds a lot these days!

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