Pioneer Potluck: About Dad and his new camper

  • By Grannie Annie
  • Tuesday, June 16, 2015 5:25pm
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By Virginia McClure

1969 Poudre Canyon, Colorado

A fun Sunday Party in North Nikiski

By Grannie Annie and Bob

Ginger writes:

In 1969 Mom and Dad invited Robert and I (BC-before children) to their house in Fort Collins. Dad wanted to take his brand new camper trailer out for a trial run before they made a trip to Mexico. We went way up the Poudre Canyon and found a campground near the highway and a stream.

Dad, so very proud of his new trailer, when it came time to set up the trailer, took extra measures to make sure the jacks were set just right on all four corners and the whole trailer was level and study.

Come evening time, Dad noticed the full moon and he went out in the middle of the highway to “yahoo” at the astronauts who had just landed on the moon. Dad, so patriotic and proud, had to show his appreciation somehow.

The trailer was large and had room for plenty of people. Dad somehow maneuvered the dining table and transformed it into a bed for Mom and him. Robert and I had the “real” bed in the back. We were all sound asleep when we all heard a very loud CRACK and the sound of wood splintering. Dad’ s bed – aka dining table-split in two, dumping him and Mom on the floor. Dad started cursing, Mom and I got the giggles (we tried to giggle silently!) and Robert found the most out-of-the-way possible place and did not say a word.

Dad, in nothing but his boxer shorts, put on his cowboy boots, went outside, jerked the four jacks from under the trailer, brought them back in and jacked up his bed. He did not say a word, just remade the bed, laid down and turned out the lights….leaving Mom and I trying to stop laughing!!

Very early the next morning, Dad still in a horrible mood, announced that he was taking “this damn trailer” back to the dealer and getting all his money back! We silently rode down the canyon and drove to the trailer dealer in Fort Collins on North College Ave.

Dad stomped in, told the man what had happened and demanded a full refund! The dealer, a long time friend of Dad’s, listened to his story and then said “ Well, you know John, if you and Loretta hadn’t been messing around, the table would have never broken!” Dad froze!

The he slowly began to laugh – and laugh – and laugh! He let the dealer replace the table and as far as I know the table stayed strong for the many trips to Mexico.

Thank you so much Ginger! Makes me smile!


Fun out of the Sun in North Nikiski at the Ricks Ranch. June 14, 2015

What is a better sunny warm Sunday, than to have all my kids, Gail – her birthday, David and Susan come out for a get together, even though we had a hard time finding a cool spot. My two grandsons, Arleigh and Grey and my great-grandson Bralyn, his Mom Jewel, Shawnee and Kyianna, Gary, Porter and Bob were also seeking a cool spot.

To the brithday celebration, we added a baby shower for the yet-to-be-born-any-minute-little girl and congratulations to Arleigh and Jewel.

Great food was shared and lots of picture taking. Little one year old Bralyn is just learning to walk and he walked and walked and walked, barefoot. Because our house is on a hill and not “just learning to walk-kid, friendly” we all got a turn at watching and helping him explore, especially his Auntie Sue. So if you want to get lots exercise just find a learning to walk, one year old and follow him around!!


Happy Fathers Day to All!

You are very important to those little ones that call you DAD!

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