Pioneer Potluck: About another bear

  • By Grannie Annie
  • Tuesday, September 9, 2014 4:45pm
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Another bear story!



In my “other life” ( BB – Before Bob) I had an old Green LTD that ran me up and down the road from Nikiski (North Kenai) to Anchorage-Eagle River, almost every weekend to visit with Susan who lived in Chugiak and Gail who lived in Eagle River and other friends I had made while I lived in Eagle River. After having a wonderful two days I was heading back to Nikiski on a beautiful warm fall Sunday afternoon.

This was the old road through Turnagain Arm and over the old Hurricane Bridge. The warm shining sun made everything spectacular. I had my arm out the open window, so I could feel the cool mountain air of the August day. The trip usually took me three to four hours. I was in no hurry, I wanted to take in all the autumn sights. The trees were just starting to turn golden yellow and the fireweed and wildflowers were in the last stages of brilliant bloom.

I came into the open stretch after Summit Lake and before the old cut-off to Kenai or going straight on to Seward. I slowed down, looking forward to the spans of open meadows, tall pines and yellow leaves on the birch and the blooming flowers. Not a sole on the road but me, I was thinking, what a beautiful day and the nice time I had seeing my kids and friends. I was half singing along with Hank Williams.

I slowly rounded the curve taking in the wonders of nature and seeing the big meadow of flowers and trees, on my left, when in the distance I spotted a “big something.” I glanced at the road and back at the “something.” I was looking at the biggest brownie (grizzly) I had ever seen. I could not take my eyes off him. He stood up and looked at me – well, more like a glare!

My first thought was “I have my window open!!” In my panic I rolled up the window and locked the doors and took off like a shot out of a cannon. Then I came to my senses, I started to laugh! That poor bear never knew what was going on. He was high up in the meadow, probably 100 yards away. The humor took over and I started laughing at my reactions. That big old bear probably thought, “Look at the crazy lady rolling up her windows and speeding off like I was gonna eat her! She didn’t look that tender! I sure scared her!”

I laughed all the way home at my thoughts of seeing a bear while driving all alone in my car. For the next 30 years we would slow down and look for the big grizzly in the meadow of flowers. We have never seen him again!! I guess I really scared him off.

Around our place in North Nikiski, one year after the second Swanson River fire, Gail, living next door, had a bear push open her trailer house door. She body slammed it shut, then the bear tried to get in the back door. We have had three little black bear and the same Mom, in our yard, trying to push the sliding glass door open. They would slide it open and then slide it shut – thank heavens!! They destroyed our green house and all the stuff we had stored in it. They tore out the flower beds that Bob made me out of slabs. They also scared Bob while he was picking up all the trash they scattered around the yard. The three little bears were in the tree, Mom stood up, looked at him, just as I spotted them all and yelled “Bears!” Poor Bob lifted his feet up and put them down about four times before he even moved, but what was funny was the sounds coming out of his mouth.

I cannot print it here!

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