Who is the government keeping safe

William Dudley, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, spoke before the United States Senate on November 21, 2014. He expressed joy about a couple of banks that “pleaded guilty to criminal charges.” Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) asked how many people (of the 100s behind the corporation’s criminal activity) went to jail?

Dudley said he knew of none. After all, corporations cannot be placed in jail.

Meanwhile, a tax protestor in Soldotna by the name of James R. Back was convicted of “tax crimes” and placed in jail for such activities. People applaud the fine work from our federal Department of Justice. Perhaps, Mr. Back should have created a “Corporate Person” and had that person enter a guilty plea.

Our federal prosecutors are great catching criminals here in Alaska. United States Attorney Karen Loeffler and her predecessor have picked up a couple of great convictions of well publicized trials. Such criminals as Senator Ted Stevens and my militia friend Schaeffer Cox. They must have been guilty of something.

My friends on the so-called left jump up and down, with child like happiness, because the “massa” (old slave term acknowledging who has the power over us), called government, keeps us all safe.