What are we fighting for?

As a Vietnam vet who served at Da Nang AB, RVN, in 67-68, I have an opinion the leaders of our government might want to listen to. That opinion is based by the following facts.

The lives of over 50 thousand young Americans were lost in the Vietnam War. Why? What did our country gain from those sacrifices? In my opinion, nothing! North Vietnam, the enemy then, took over the entire country.

We invaded Iraq because we were told there were WMDs there, but none were found. Yet, the lives of over 4,000 of America’s young men and women were sacrificed. What did our country gain from those sacrifices? In my opinion, nothing! After we left, the internal war continued, and does through today. The Taliban is as strong as ever. We read, almost daily, about bombings in that country.

Since we joined in the war in Afghanistan, over 2,000 lives have been lost. This time our government used the excuse that we were after Al Qaeda. Yet, we are pulling out and the bad guys, the Taliban and Al Qaeda, continue to operate in that country. What did we gain? In my opinion, nothing!

Today, there was another mass shooting at Ft. Hood, Texas. A US soldier, who may or may not have had PTSD from serving in a war zone, killed himself after taking out his rage on fellow soldiers. Upon being told about the shooting our President’ comments were, “Many of the people there have been on multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

We, as former and current military members were taught the following: “Ours is not to question why, ours is but to do or die”.

Mr. President, I served this country, honorably for nearly 25 years. I would have given my life to protect it, as I have no doubt others who have served would have. I also would do it now if I thought my family and our way of life was threatened. But, put us in a battle we have a chance to win. In my mind, these recent wars are nothing more than an extension of political policy, with no victory in sight!