We all need to make sacrifices

We need to vote. Alaska needs a clear mandate for success. We have spent years behaving like the Prodigal Son. We can have either a legislature that comes home to Alaskans or one that stays as spendthrifts donating our incomes to corporations, stealing our children’s futures by diminishing their education from early childhood through university.

These same legislators purchased $2,000 wastebaskets in an illegal building so that two to 300 people could work in luxury. They are spending our money and are not held accountable. I have lost track of the legal expenses they have put on our bill. They have incurred at least three major lawsuits over this building at this point adding up expenses even more.

3,800 seniors were penalized for two months by having their food stamps reduced to $8/month due to a clerical error. Health care has been cut by $3 million for poor, sick people. Low income seniors have seen their health benefits fall by 60 percent.

Our legislators required three extra sessions for which they received $600 per diem (per day) without completing their primary task of establishing a budget during regular session. It felt as though the first 90 days were spent deciding how people needed to use their bedroom time. These pieces of legislation are unenforceable as far as I can figure out.

Let’s send a new group of folks to Juneau – folks who will work for Alaskans! Vote and encourage others to do the same!