Walker’s decisions a step in right direction

Governor Walker’s decisions to delay some oil tax credits to a later date and to look for new incentives for small businesses to produce more oil are moving in the right direction for Alaskans for a variety of reasons.

As a 41 year Alaskan I remember the Governors Jay Hammond and Wally Hickel, and their administrations and I remember them very favorably for their integrity and their competence. I also remember the recent Alaskan legislature-Veco oil tax scandal and the Alaska National Guard scandal which contributed to the recent placement of Alaska as the 7th most corrupt state in the US. That concerned me.

Governor Walker has made decisions that I believe are in our (Alaskans) interests and I am glad to see them. His most recent to cut the funding of Arctic Power because of their ineffectiveness and to look for new ways to increase oil production for Alaskans are more positive steps in the right direction.

I see all these changes as a result of Alaskans wanting to change our direction and electing Governor Walker- Lt. Governor Mallot as our leaders in Juneau. For that I am grateful to Alaskans. Thank you Alaskans.