Walker the right choice for Alaska

During the debate last Sunday night between Governor Parnell and Bill Walker, I believe Mr. Walker showed himself to be a gentleman and true Statesman, not a politician. He possesses a high level of personal integrity, high energy and great workable ideas for the betterment of the state of Alaska and its people. He is not interested in his own private agenda but rather what is best for the greatest good.

I have personally known members of his family since the 1980’s and know his family to be honest, hard working, people of their word, whom you can count on in times of need. People who are not just there for the good times or personal gain.

I highly encourage everyone to exercise their great privilege of being able to vote. I voted early to be sure my vote was counted. If you vote for Bill Walker I believe you will be glad you did, when you see how he balances the budget, while creating more jobs for the people of Alaska and addresses many issues near and dear to the hearts of Alaskans.