Voters asked to consider Thornton

I am writing this letter to appeal to the voters of District 30 to cast their ballots, if they haven’t already, for Shauna Thornton for State House.

Shauna believes in the value of education — that human capital is our most valuable natural resource. It’s her belief that investing in education will pay sustained dividends.

Shauna is a strong supporter of traditional Alaskan values such as self-reliance, subsistence, jobs, and balanced budgets.

You may not know Shauna personally, as this is her first time running for public office. But she has been involved in many community groups over the years, donating her time and energy to help our residents. She may not have the big oil dollars behind her or the endorsements of specialty groups that usually focus on a single issue, but what voter casts his or her vote based on a single issue? We are not short term thinkers. I believe we vote based on the candidate as a whole.

Don’t believe it if you hear during these last few days that Shauna doesn’t support the right to bear arms or that she doesn’t believe in energy production, because she does! She is, after all, a product of this community. She is a real, down-to-earth person who is always ready to talk with people about the issues. She listens, she works hard, and best of all she is always accessible! You can call her anytime at 907-598-1171, and I know she would welcome the chance to let you know who she is and why we should send her to Juneau.