Voter supports Thornton

A vote for Shauna Thornton is the smart vote!

Her campaign has been run in person, going from door to door, talking to people face to face about the issues that personally concern them. This hasn’t been an ambiguous distance campaign run from behind an expensive radio advertisement.

She’s run her campaign effectively on a limited amount of resources. She knows the value of money and manages it with precision. She hasn’t relied on a corporation to keep her afloat, so she can stay true to the convictions of the People.

Shauna is a working mom and knows how to balance the care-giving tasks with her family’s economy. On so many levels of life, she just “gets” it! Like most women, she’s a multi-tasker & can take home the bacon & fry it up in a pan with precision, skill, and style!

Shauna advocated for 34,000 students state-wide as the Speaker of the Coalition of student leaders. She’s already proven that she’s an effective leader by listening to her core. Let’s keep the momentum of progress going by sending her to Juneau!

That’s our Shauna! Working for you!