Volunteers make a difference

This summer season 180-plus volunteers, everyday people like you and me, got together to make a difference on Kenai Peninsula rivers through the Stream Watch program. This year marks the 21st season for the volunteer driven program with people from across the state of Alaska and right here in our own communities, many spending weekends at a time while others spent weekday evenings when they could, to complete hands-on river protection projects and/or share information on and off of the river.

Managed jointly by the Chugach National Forest and the Kenai Watershed Forum, this season Stream Watch was able to share river protection information with 4,600-plus people, complete 150-plus feet of erosion control measures and remove 1,800 pounds of riverside litter in addition to 133 pounds of fishing line.

While out on the rivers we meet many people who are also unsung heroes of river protection — folks who leave no trace of their trip by packing out everything they pack in (including used toilet paper and trash), use designated trails and boardwalks to protect the plants that protect the rivers, share their river protection ethic with others, etc. We all have the ability to make a difference.

On behalf of the Kenai Peninsula rivers and the wildlife that thrive because of their health, thank you for your dedication! You truly make a difference.