Treatment after accident went above and beyond

We know this letter is late in coming. After 31 days in the hospital at CPH we could finally bring our son home. Robert (Bob) Liuska and his family would like to thank each and every person who was involved in assisting after his accident on Bridge Access Road on Feb.13. A special thank you goes out to the two ladies who stopped to comfort him until the police and rescue units arrived on the scene. One wrong move during the rescue could have meant his life or paralysis.

We would also like to thank Drs. Ross, Humphreys, and Latin. All of the ER staff who had first contact with Bob. All of the nurses in the ICU. Especially to Joan, the traveling nurse who had him the first couple of nights. You were all great. We are so proud to belong to a community that has such caring people in it.

Then there is the Med/Surge Unit. They spent the most time with Bob, and what a great job they did. We can’t thank you enough. Bob suffered a blown out femur, a shattered tibia in his left leg, two breaks in his left arm and five fractured vertebra in his neck plus various cuts and bruises. Thanks to the care he received he is now on his way to a long recovery.

Last but not least, thank you to all of those who included us in their prayers, they were very helpful. I might add, one good thing did come out of 31 days of confinement in a non-smoking campus. He has quit smoking! We do not recommend this method.

We recommend our hospital to everyone.