Time to put Alaska first

Maybe living in Soldotna gives me a poorer understanding of the will of the people and its role in the conduct of Alaska’s business. I am not sure who is being represented when I see the legislature urging more cuts and not taxes. The current cuts have already stripped bare or greatly impacted some of our agencies. Yes, I think some cutting still needs to be done, but on fluff, not stuff that makes things in Alaska work.

I am an Alaskan since the early 50s and I have been an active participant of the Alaskan process of maintaining independence and a state pride that almost regards us as our own country. Part of my motivation is that I, as a constituent, have always felt an interaction that makes me part of the process.

When the legislators take a position, it is supposed to reflect the people.

Well, here are my reflections that I hope you all will take seriously.

As an Alaskan I am willing to give up part of the dividend fund and to be taxed in order to put Alaska back into the black by 2018! Do you not realize that it is unlikely that any other state in the Union will be in the black by that time! It is time to pitch in and bring Alaska back up to the state it should be.

To boot, I am beginning to think that this governor is spot-on in his proposals and if we have brains at all, we would do well to shut up, listen and reason, not for individual power gain.

If we can’t pull together as a state, then we deserve to wallow in the muck of power plays, ego trips and chaos.

Team Alaska is a great concept and we all need to be on this team with the same goals!