Time for voters to ‘retire’ Young

Referencing the latest headlines concerning U.S. Representative Don Young’s behavior, let’s see if I have this timeline down correctly:

Tuesday: Don Young makes a comment to Wasilla High School students that “suicide shows a lack of support from friends and family.” In light of a WHS student’s recent suicide, students are visibly shaken and upset.

Wednesday(1): A statement is issued from Young’s office apologizing and says he “should have taken a much more sensitive approach.”

Wednesday (2): Young is asked at a Palmer senior center gathering about the “lack of support” comment to which he states that suicide in Alaska “didn’t exist before ‘government largesse’” (is he referring to himself?) gave residents an entitlement mentality. He goes on to say how disrespected he felt by WHS students, and he refuses to “coddle” them.

Thursday (1): A Peninsula Clarion headline says “Young apologizes for suicide remark.”

Thursday (2): Alaska Dispatch headline says “Young stands behind Wasilla suicide comments.”

Regardless of the confusion here, Don Young’s many exhibits of poor behavior in this past year is testament to the fact that he should no longer be avoice of Alaska in any public venue. While he has undisputedly given many years to the well-being of Alaska, he has now outlived his ability to be able to continue to function in this fashion. Rep. Young should be applauded for his commitment and dedication on behalf of his constituents in the great state of Alaska. Having said that, I urge voters to “retire” Rep. Young in the upcoming November election.