Time for thinking outside the box

I had the privilege speaking with Governor Walker, at length, back in 2010. I did everything in my power to have him run on the Alaskan Independence Party ticket, for governor, after losing the Republican Primary to Sean Parnell. At the time, Walker demonstrated he was a statesman who thought outside the box.

He had the support of Wally Hickel. Much of what I have read about Hickel, he was also a statesman who could think outside the box.

It appears Walker has become the common politician. Listening to his handlers rather than continue thinking outside the box.

Alaska is at a loss of what to do about our $3.5 billion dollar deficit. Our governor’s current answer is to cut spending on infrastructure projects that will help individuals expand their productive power. We act like a third world nation. Taking our natural resources and money, moving them offshore to improve the productive powers of empires around the world.

Alaska has billions of dollars in our reserve account. We could do what those Wall Street banks do, create money from deposits. Unlike the Wall Street banks we could take created money, from our own public Bank of Alaska, and use this new money for infrastructure projects. Taking something having no intrinsic value and creating something of value, a tangible asset like the Susitna-Watana hydroelectric dam.

I wrote to all of our state and local representatives a year ago about the idea. Several commented back favorably. Mayor Navarre thought the idea was sound and told me, some creative ways he has saved the borough interest payments. Senator Peter Micciche even borrowed a book I have, to consider this outside the box thinking.

Few politicians are statesman today. They fear the powers that be will not like this sound economic process.

Will Governor Walker consider the idea? We shall see. Most politicians believe our savings can be better used by the Wall Street banks’ money making schemes, like derivatives, creating financial instruments having no intrinsic value but for starting fires.

Governor Walker will you once again start thinking outside the box?