Time for maturity in advertising

Maybe its just me, but it seems the mudslinging has gone to outrageous lengths this election year. I thought the point of a political ad, whether it be on TV or the radio, should be telling the public what they are doing if they are elected — rather than spend the entire spot basically name calling and misleading people with their opinons about their opponent.

All I’m saying is, can we get back to being respectable people again and stop this childish behavior? Can you imagine the mixed bad examples all of you are setting for the many kids who are out there studying journalism, or starting to read the news, and all they see and hear (on the radio and television) are people who are supposed to be adults, acting like children in grammar school? Don’t vote for this person because of this. Vote for me because I’m better. Why don’t the politicians in charge get that we really don’t need to hear their little complaints about the other guy? It’s ridiculous because the sad fact is, a lot of folks do use the radio and TV for their information. So how are they supposed to elect the right person when all sides are pointing fingers at the other guy? The ads don’t even serve a purpose anymore. It’s just 30 seconds of whining. Thank goodness this election is almost over.

I hope someone in charge of elections sees this. It’s one thing to do the “traditional” mudslinging, I get it. However, let’s grow up a little and show our kids we can act like the adults we constantly tell them we are. They learn by our example. Instead of being “that” community that just goes along because it’s easy, let’s be the trailblazers and do it a little different. Do you want your kids growing up thinking this is how people act? I don’t. Alaska is way better than that.