Think about Alaska’s PFD; where is it going?

This week as Alaskan’s begin to receive their PFD’s. Those who vote should also be considering who they are going to vote for. Every year our elected legislative leaders are asked to support projects in their communities. While on the other hand in today’s fiscal situation they are asked to cut the budget. Saying “NO” does not get one re-elected to public office and taking a stand on an issue will only seems to upset one side or the other. One thing is for certain under Alaska law AS 43.23.045 “unless specified otherwise in an (appropriation act by the legislature). All unexpended and un-obligated balance of the PFD funds not used “shall” be used in determining the amount of subsequent years dividends. Remembering (ONLY THE LEGISLATURE HAS APPROPRIATION AUTHORITY IN ALASKA). If Alaskan’s ask their legislators for ice rinks, seafood plants and roads to no where projects, without first dealing with our fiscal issues. How can one expect legislators to buck up and deal with the 1000 gorilla in the room? Remember most legislators once elected only desire to “stay elected” and having a backbone and standing up almost assures that will not happen.

So before pointing that finger at our elected legislature, first look in the mirror and question what “you” our asking for? A historical quote comes to mind (I took the liberty of deleting country and inserting Alaska) Ask not what your ALASKA can do for you? What can you do for your Alaska? It’s time we as Alaskan’s started looking upon ourselves to live with in our means.

Government can’t manage its self, why would one think that government could manage the business sector effectively?