‘Thank You Veterans’ flag stolen

Anyone that has been on the Kenai River from the Soldotna Bridge to the mouth of the river has seen the Red White and Blue “Thank You Veterans” banner that we have displayed on our river bank for at least the last ten years.

I am a Retired Army Non-Commissioned Officer, with both of our children serving in the Military since they graduated from college.

We have always had the banner up prior to Memorial Day as we knew there would be Veterans fishing during the Holiday Weekend. Well this year it will be missing as some miss guided and despicable people have torn down our banner and have stolen it.

It was attached to an alder tree that was broken and destroyed in the process.

Our faith in humanity is challenged daily when watching or listening to the news, but then thinking that we live here in Soldotna so we are insulated from those types of people.

Apparently there are dirt bags here as well.

To those who took our “Banner” just remember that it was displayed to thank the people who fought and died protecting this country to give you the freedom to become the model citizen that you are.