Task force seeks to map flood area

During the last two years many residences have been damaged by high ground water and surface flooding, even in previously dry areas. The K-Beach High Water Drainage Task Force is constructing a map of homes and businesses that have been affected. It is our intent to develop drainage improvements for the area affected to allow water to flow safely away.

We know that many areas on the peninsula were affected by flooding. We feel that our area, with cooperation of state and local government, can be a pilot project in effectively creating and maintaining drainage, while protecting the ecosystem and residential neighborhoods that have been affected.

There are also measures that can be taken to protect and mitigate mold and mildew as well as standing water issues. This type of project requires effort by those affected and/or friends and neighbors of those affected to identify homes and areas impacted by high water and/or damage. Please call 283-9611, 252-1891, or email redoubt@alaska.net if you have been impacted by high ground water and surface flooding so that we can add your location to our map for storm drainage design purposes.