Support makes SoHi prom Gatsby-esque

On behalf of the Soldotna High School Class of 2015, we would like to thank the following people and businesses for their help and support in making our “Great Gatsby Gala” prom an enjoyable and memorable night.

Thanks to Columbia Paint, CBC Rental, The Duck Inn, Odom/Coca-Cola, Northern Sales Company, The Daily Buzz, Odies, Tammy’s Flowers, Trustworthy Hardware, The Boys and Girls Club, and Kaladi Brothers for financial and supply donations. It is wonderful to have so many local businesses help support our event.

We appreciate all of the community volunteers who helped at our promenade and prom. Thank you to Peggy Rogers, Rebecca Hilbrink, Teresa Felkhorn, Dana Hunter, Audra Faris, Terri Fiebelkorn, John and Shiela-Margaret Pothast, Laura Pillafont, Jeff Fox, Mary Heiman, George and Sue Stein, Guy Hayes, Sue Ashford, Sheri Reaves, Julie and Jesse Kincaid, and Jonas Perletti for chaperoning. We appreciate the snack donations from Brian Hawkins and Anne McCabe. Thank you to Bill Bos for driving items up to Alaska and helping to paint our many props. We appreciate the help from Mary Bos and John Marquez with our decorating.

A special thank you to Paul Wright, Beth McCabe, and Kelly Martin for our beautiful promenade. To Nathan Erfurth for the outstanding announcing of names.

Thank you to Lynn Dusek and other Junior Class parents for planning the after prom event. The activities and prizes were amazing.

Many hours were spent organizing, decorating, and fundraising to host this event by Ali Dusek, the junior class president; our junior class student council and prom committee members Heather Schaefer, Josie Harpole, Hunter Price, Kaitlynn Boyer, Tyann Reed, Courtney Barker, Bailey Rosin, Bradyn Holly, Haley Miller, Makayla Derkevorkian, Mandrin Wilcox, Paige Reed, Angel Elliott, Logan Parks, Courtney Vinzant, Paitton Reid, Kyra McCabe, Justin Dahlgren, Alex Weeks, Eli Graham, Claire Kincaid, Macayla Stedman, Megan English, Kami Cain, Rachel Henry, Emily Glaves, Anna Sayman, Lexi Smith, and Taryn McCubbins.

Additional thanks to our administrators Todd Syverson and Tony Graham; Doug Gordon for videography and building items; Bill Carlson for making the impossible, possible; Sarah Jones and Lana Syverson for answering so many questions and giving assistance; James Harris for running our royalty elections; Kay and Dean Gardner for organizing backstage promenade; Lance Roberts and the custodial staff for the extra help; Lori Marquardt for our financial organization, Stephanie Bohrnsen for the announcements and receipt processing, Vernel Schneider and Dan Harbison during work session.

Finally, we would like to thank the many Soldotna High School staff members who volunteered their time as chaperones: Eric Skjold, David Justice, Jill Ramponi, Renee Merkes, Heather Swanson, Bristol Whitmore, Sara Erfurth, James Knoebel, Matt Johnson, Megan Murphy, Margaret Griffin, Troy Minogue, Mikala Walkden, Cheryl Brown, Galen Brantley, Erin Neisinger, and Tracy Silta. Thank you to Stephanie Cox for organizing clean-up.

The efforts of all of these people and more helped to make a successful prom and memories that we will remember for years to come.