Sullivan has not shown himself to be accountable to Alaskans

There is something inherently wrong with Dan Sullivan running for a US Senate seat. Having never held an elected office before, he has no concept of being accountable to his constituents; instead his allegiance has been pledged to those that have paid his way.

Unqualified for both jobs, his actions during his brief tenure as Alaska’s AG and the commissioner of DNR proved that he is not interested in representing Alaskans. Most people recognize the fact that he was appointed to these jobs simply to fluff his resume and attempt to give him some Alaskan credentials. However, both times, Mr. Sullivan took actions that were harmful to real Alaskans and he was never held accountable.

Mr. Sullivan claims that if elected he won’t work for change in Washington instead he will demand change. Really Dan? How naïve can you be? People who hold extreme positions should never be elected to office, history has proved that many, many times.