Students learn about medical field careers

Approximately 80 KPBSD students attended the 2014 Hospital Career Day (HCD) on Tuesday, February 25 at Central Peninsula Hospital. Students had the opportunity to learn about careers in the Diagnostics, Therapeutic, Medical Information and Environmental fields. Hospital employees shared their passion and commitment to their chosen occupations and provided students valuable tips on how to prepare for careers in a hospital setting. Over lunch, Peninsula Job Center personnel provided an overview of the Alaska Career Information System and outlined how the program can be used to locate information on occupations, financial aid, and post-secondary institutions.

Students were able to leave the event with information on potential scholarships, volunteer opportunities with the hospital, and suggestions for providing quality customer service. In addition, students gained real-world connections that can prove to be valuable in the development of student Personal Learning and Career Plans. Students were encouraged to follow-up with their school counselors or career/college guides for more information on pursuing a career in the Health Sciences.

The event was sponsored by Central Peninsula Hospital and the KPBSD Career and Technical Education department. Thank you to the HCD committee members and the hospital staff for their efforts! A special thanks to Debi Honer, Human Resources Director at the hospital, who was key to the success of the event.