State lawmakers should provide their own insurance

If Rep. Shelley Hughes, the Republican State House member from Palmer, really believes what she is saying that “a caring person wants to see someone get out of the bracket” of receiving Medicaid, and wasn’t just doing a partisan punkout, then what is she doing still accepting government health care? The people of Alaska should be paying her well enough where she doesn’t need a subsidy, and of anybody in this state, she should be able to afford paying for her policy on her own. We are caring people, too, and believe the generous salary the people provide to her improves her life enough where she is out of that embarrassing bracket and should be jumping to get off the gravy boat. It seems as though, like all the rest of the state lawmakers who voted against expanding Medicaid, this kind of responsibility only applies to everyone else. If you truly believe it’s a matter of “brackets,” prove it. The state could save tons of money if you all paid your own way.