Start early to keep kids out of jail

I watch the show “Beyond Scared Straight” and I’m amazed. This program has such a high, positive result, I’m curious why it hasn’t been discussed to become a mandatory ninth-grade requirement. This would prevent so much future crime. These jail tours impact the kids like nothing else can. Think of all the mothers’ hearts that would be saved by keeping these kids out of jail or prison. Think of all the kids whose mother/father is taken away and headed to the penitentiary. Our prison system is crowded enough, not to mention how high the recidivism rate is. Our jails don’t rehabilitate prisoners, they create bigger, worse, and smarter criminals. That’s what’s being let back into our communities. This is not rocket science. Aren’t our politicians supposed to be “for the people?” Well let our future people have the best chance of staying out of jail as possible. There are hundreds of packed jails and prisons. Do you want your kids or grandkids there? This is my opinion and I thought it should be heard. I think some people would agree.