Stance on education reason to vote for Begich

I had the privilege of attending the debate between our candidates for US Senate yesterday and one question stuck out. “What will you do for education in Alaska?” Senator Begich spoke of successes in adding over $1 billon in early and special education budgets, then went on to talk about pre-K education. Then Dan Sullivan began speaking about the importance of parents educating their children, which really was a great answer. It is critical for us parents to teach our children. Many of life’s lessons do not belong in a classroom.

But when you are running for public office you need to look at how you can use that power to improve the system and in that context the answer was clear. Begich will stand up for education and help us reach kids, Dan Sullivan will do nothing. I searched for Sullivan’s stand on education and couldn’t find a single mention of education on his website. had no information about what he would do for our students. It makes me wonder why it refuses to talk about his plan for or future, or does he have a plan?

Early voting has already opened and I encourage everyone to go vote. It’s quick and easy before Election Day. You can go to your local city hall or the Risk Management portable on Park Street across from the Borough Building.

There has been so much money and mud-slinging this election. We need to make sure Alaskans decide this election.