Sportfishing group drives wedge into community

Dwight (Kramer, Peninsula Clarion, April 24) got it right. Regarding Ricky Gease’s op-ed (Peninsula Clarion, April 27), equal and fair is very misunderstood in this context. Here are a few people that have been treated unfairly by KRSA: Mel Morris, Brent Johnson, Vince Webster, Roland Maw, and most recently, Robert Ruffner. KRSA eavesdropped on a UFA meeting to scuttle Vince Webster. They got the teleconference code and dialed in only to be found out after a review of UFA phone records listed an unknown 262 number. KRSA lobbied in Washington, D.C. to cut $100,000 from Ruffner’s water quality study. People need to know these things. The main reason Mr. Gease was not lobbying in Juneau for the last 3 weeks is because he has been in D.C. lobbying for the gulf red snapper allocations against current Magnuson-Stevens policy. To be clear, the Kenai Classic now targets coho salmon — and late run Kenai kings that are main stem spawners still in the river. Sure they are released, but do they spawn? Did you ever wonder, how can there be a Kenai Classic when there are no more classic kings? To be clear Mr. Gease, you and your fish initiative boss are driving a wedge into the heart of a community.