Speaker’s comments on board process appreciated

Hello Mr. Speaker,

I appreciate your comments. A bad process is tantamount to bad government. It seemed odd that Mr. Cotten was interviewed after the list was reduced to one. This is not the first time the board of fish has gone rogue. In February the Board of Fish voted 7-0 on two board generated proposals, exclusive of the public process, no public comments allowed. In the October board work session the announcement was made that the 2017 Cook Inlet meeting, would again bypass the Kenai Peninsula and hold deliberations in Anchorage. Honestly what recourse do we have? Are the actions of the board legal? Maybe. Are they ethical? I don’t think so. Do the actions of the Board of Fish enhance the trust of the public in a once dynamic public process? Absolutely not. Not here. The judge had no right to judge Dr. Maw. Through his leadership he bent the board and broke the process. In my opinion the action of the Board of Fish was consistent with their Cook Inlet Re-allocation agenda. Once again I appreciate your comments on this matter.