Results in Juneau leave reader dissatisfied

Are you satisfied with the budget our lawmakers have concocted in response to the precipitous drop in oil revenue?

Do you think that it was wise to add a $47 million line item for a bridge that will benefit real estate speculators and contractors while cutting about the same amount of money from our effort to prepare our children for their challenges as adults?

Are you comfortable with the fact that due to our toothless oil tax laws, we will be paying the oil companies to produce our oil, and not the other way around?

And why didn’t our lawmakers rescind the $150 million in tax credits to refineries owned by Tesoro and ASRC? Due to low oil prices, Tesoro’s stock prices have doubled in the last six months. Do we need to be subsidizing them?

And what do you think about lawmakers who are reluctant to expand Medicaid because it might hand a victory to an unpopular president? Their juvenile political games will cost lives, torpedo our budget and prevent the creation of 4,000 jobs.

How about the way our legislators are acting like a bunch of swaggering bullies … throwing every possible roadblock into the path of a governor who’s simply trying to get the job done for all of us?

Just who are our lawmakers serving?

You decide, and if you aren’t happy with the puppet show in Juneau, next time you get an opportunity, vote these guys out and elect people who’ll care more about you than their political fortunes and who won’t use the privilege of going to Juneau as an opportunity for a re-enactment of Lord of the Flies.