Residents should not hide in fear

Another honest question. It is government’s role to keep us safe from criminals? Why is it, the criminals, government bureaucrats (DA), police and politicians all seem to profit from the increasing fear in the people of Nikiski?

All those groups benefit from the “hide in fear” behavior by the people. Politicians tickle our ears to make us feel good and they get re-elected. Police see an opportunity to expand their presence and military armament to keep us all safe. And government bureaucrats (DA) love to keep control over the masses. Of course the criminals benefit when people reject active involvement in self protection and “hide in fear” from the perceived threat.

Reminds me of an old 1952 movie with Gary Cooper called “High Noon.”

The Marshall could not establish active support from the people in the community, to stand with him against the threat. Marshall Kane found himself alone as the towns people hid in fear. Today, the answer is to spend more money to buy our protection. We are just like those town folk, we too, “hide in fear.” And all the above groups benefit. And the people remain captives in our own homes. Government cannot keep us safe from criminals.

I respect the young police officers who risk their lives for my safety. But it is my action that demonstrates my support. Hiding in fear is not supportive.

But not all are police are good any more than politicians or government bureaucrats are. Nikiski’s safety will be accomplished through active participation of support and facing our fears.