Please clean up after your pets

There is a very nice, small and quiet park located between Fireweed and Binkley in Soldotna, essentially between the Post Office and the Senior Center. I don’t know if this park has a name but I know what it does have: several nice benches, slightly rolling and grassy terrain, and doggy waste bags available in dispensers at both ends of the park. On occasion, I have found those dispensers empty, but very rarely. I bring my own bags so I check more out of curiosity than need. The other day I was in the park and noticed that someone had tied a plastic grocery bag filled with empty grocery bags to the post holding the poop bag dispenser. (I know the issue many folks have with those plastic grocery bags, but they exist, and this is as good a way to use them as any.) With both items available, there is no excuse not to pick up after your pet.

However, despite the regular and sometime citizen-aided availability of these bags, there is still evidence of them not being utilized in this park. Not a huge amount of evidence, but you don’t have to look hard to see it.

Please avail yourself of these bags in this park! Since they are available for purchase online and in retail stores, you don’t have to limit this task just to this park. Heck, you could do so in all parks, or along the street on your walks with Fido. Folks whose yards work as great toilets would really appreciate your thoughtfulness!

I recently heard that the City of Seward will ban dogs from Seward during the 4th of July festivities. The dogs are simply doing what they need to do. If their owners would just pick up after their pooches, maybe this would not have happened.

Come on everyone! Get in the habit of picking up your dog’s leavings at this wonderful little Soldotna park. Make it part of your lifestyle if you choose to have a dog. Let’s prevent further restrictions in our own hometowns. But most importantly, let’s just keep our parks and roads and yards clean.